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Silver Chalice and Tosha Silver

by Mar-Garet
(Appalachian Hills)

Happy Transformations

Happy Transformations

I love this practice (Seeking the Resonance — Silver Chalice Wicca 'Zine, April 2014) and it meshes so well with teachings from another "Silver" Spiritual of my Teachers, Tosha Silver. Tosha has a practice called "Offering" or "Inviting Divine Order into my life."

Your story expanded the meaning for me, because I did try Tosha's method, but being a Goddess woman, I couldn't seem to connect with the concept of "Divine Order" and was trying to understand what that meant. Now that I've seen your article, I believe I can use it more naturally as I feel the Goddess dancing through me.

Yes, S/he (the God/dess) loves to "dance" through housework, gardening, even doing things like building shelves. And I find I'm much more relaxed (less tense) as "we" work/play/dance through each task ("offering").

The KEY to this practice, for me, is to OPEN UP A SPACE to receive the God/dess's Will. The SPACE is both within me and around me. It's a CLEAR SPACE where no expectations exist. It's a kind of womb for creativity to be born. Sometimes S/he surprises me and brings me a whole new way of seeing a task I've done a million times! Other times, the task is comforting, grounding me and connecting me more lovingly to All-That-Is.

I'm excited about taking this practice to a whole new level now that I've retired from my 9-to-5 job. I'm curious to see how the God/dess will weave my daily tasks, my creative efforts, and each special project together in new, beautiful ways, in a tapestry of life.

Some of these tasks may be dropped...and if they are, I know the God/dess really didn't need them anyway. And I can let them go.

So thanks, Erin, for your guidance and now I think I will pause and see what the God/dess has to say about the rest of my day!

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