Do You Need To Be Psychic
To Do Divination?

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There is a common belief that you need to be psychic to do divination. And that psychic ability is rare -- a gift of only a select few.

But in fact it is a basic human ability, like speech and art and music. Everyone has the potential. Some have more innate skill, just as some people are born artists or musicians or mechanics. But everyone can learn these skills, at least to some degree.

And just like any other skill, divination takes practice!

And the real gift is ...

You WILL develop psychic ability, as you practice divination.

It's just like intuition. Everyone has it. It's only a matter of learning to listen and follow it. It's a matter of learning to trust it.

Non-Psychic Divination

There are a lot of different divination methods.

For some of them, you don't need to be at all psychic and still do divination.

These are always a good place for beginners to start. Tarot cards, palmistry, runes, pendulums, astrology... these are available even to those without psychic ability.

You may even prefer prayer or meditation as your method of communicating with the Divine.

It doesn't matter what divination methods you use. Communicating with the Divine is entirely personal.

After all, it doesn't matter which phone you pick up, you can still dial the One you want to talk to!

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