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How Do Divination Tools Work?

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No matter what kind of divination tools you use, the basic function is the same.

All divination methods works by allowing your conscious mind to become aware of what you know, in deeper levels of your Self.

The Cosmic Mind

At deeper levels of the universe, everything that can be known — everything that has ever happened, or will happen — exists like a library of information. This has been called the Akashik Records, the Mind of God, the Cosmic Computer, the Universal Consciousness, and many other names.

And here's the really great bit...

Your mind is part of this Cosmic Mind.

That means that all the knowledge in the universe is available to you, and everyone else, at all times.

We block off most of this knowledge, so that we can play in our 3-dimensional playground. But when we want it, it's there.

Accessing the Akashik Records

The human brain comes built-in with walls around it, though. So it's necessarily to sidestep the brain, to access deeper wisdom.

That's what the divination tools are for. You don't consciously know what is going on, but some level of your Being does know, and it speaks to you through the symbols that you choose: cards, leaves, palms, etc.

The Magick of Synchronicity

Synchronicity is also involved.

How can one explain picking up the one card that perfectly explains the situation, time after time? Logically, this is impossible. Yet it happens!

When you get the brain out of the way, miracles are everyday occurrences!

There are no accidents, remember. Everything is linked to everything else.

The Secret Insight Into How Divination Tools Work

Okay, you might have noticed that I'm not really explaining how divining works.

Sidestepping the brain and synchronicity are two of the elements that are involved. But how can divination do what it does?

No one really knows.

Even more significant... no one CAN know. Because that kind of knowledge won't fit into these 3-dimensional minds of ours. We can't know what exists beyond the mind, except by going beyond the mind.

Which is not really helpful, when it comes to explaining the secret workings of the Universe.

But all that matters, in the end, is that it does work, right?

If you doubt it, that's fine. Try it for yourself and see for yourself. Personal experience is the only way to really know anything.

Read the following articles to find out how divination benefits your spiritual growth, and how to use divination tools.

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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