Grandmother Moon: Grandmother of Life

The Native Americans call her Grandmother Moon, and they obviously knew what they were about when they give her that title.

Page copy protected against web site content infringement by CopyscapeAs Earth is the mother of life, the Moon is our grandmother. It seems that on an Earth without the Moon, there would be no life at all.

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The Earth Without Grandmother Moon

Without the Moon to draw the four tides around the planet, only the Sun would exert gravitational influence.

There is a theory that this would create a thick atmospheric tide on the Sun side, within which the Earth would rotate.

In this case, the Sun would evaporate moisture into a huge cloud that would always be between the Earth and the Sun's light. That means that the Earth wouldn't see much sunlight, although the Sun would still be warming it. Not all of the Sun's rays are blocked by clouds.

This massive cloud would contain much of the water from the surface, leaving shallow seas probably covering the whole landmass more or less evenly. Remember, without the lunar tides, we may not have the tectonic activity that creates mountains and deep underwater crevasses, so the ocean might be only a kilometer deep all over the planet.

The overall effect would be days that are always clouded, freezing cold nights, and strong winds. There would be little air, because plant life couldn't exist without access to sunlight. And without the plants, animals would not exist.

Another factor is that without its atmosphere, our planet wouldn't be protected from the full effect of the Sun's heat in the daytime, nor the extreme cold of space at night.

And we can only wonder what affect the absence of Grandmother Moon might have on the 5th tide, the tide of biology and reproduction.

It makes you wonder whether any planet, Earth or other, without a moon could give rise to life at all.

In many ancient cultures, the Moon was the symbol of life itself. All over the world, The Moon was honoured as the source of fertility and growth.

This belief has a lot more basis in fact than ancient people were given credit for!

Grandmother Moon may indeed be responsible for bringing life to our planet, and then to us, one generation removed from Her.

Grandmother Moon is indeed like a mandala of life.

With Bright Blessings,

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