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The Slingshot Effect

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Any astrological retrograde is like drawing back a bow-string.

It may feel like you're going nowhere
or even losing ground,

but in fact you're gaining momentum and taking aim,
so when the moment of release comes,
you can fly out like an arrow to your true goals.

Imagine Mercury Rx as a slingshot: we are pulled backwards by Mercury in the slingshot, where we can clear our old patterns and let go of old stuff.

Then, before we shoot forward again, we can decide where we want Mercury to take us this time when it goes direct: where should the slingshot shoot us towards?

For yourself, for your community, and for the planet, imagine yourself resetting your trajectory, and the trajectory of the world, towards joy, peace, flow, connection, love, abundance, integration, love.

Let go of the Old Paradigm of either/or, of rich/poor, of male/female, etc. etc. and welcome the New Paradigm of multiplicity, interconnectedness, and wellbeing for all beings.

The Gift of Mercury Rx

Mercury Rx brings challenges, it's true, but it also offers you a truly valuable opportunity. Accept the energy as a gift, not a curse.

Use the gift of the Mercury Retrograde to...

  • centre yourself, realign, and refocus
  • get back in touch with yourself and what you truly value
  • get in touch on a deeper level with each other... and with life
  • observe your communication skills and upgrade them
  • polish your intentions and goals so that they realign with what truly matters to you
  • reflect on the past
  • finish up old projects
  • clear away emotional baggage
  • and other things that involve looking to the past rather than the future

It allows us to let go of the reins for a while, since the world’s at a near stand-still anyway. :-)

Living things can’t just keep running forever. Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves is pause, think, and let go.

Let yourself take this gift and use it for all of the healing, cleansing, and centering energy it has to give. It's in the pauses of life that we can perceive what's really important.

At some point, everyone needs to have a reality check, stepping outside of the headlong rush of life to gain some perspective and reconnect.

This is the wonderful gift of Mercury Retrograde.

And you have about 3 more weeks to enjoy it.

Before we go, let's take a quick look at what happens when the energy of Mercury Rx turns around...

Moving Out Of Merc Rx

As Mercury prepares to move forward, multiple paths may appear before you. For help finding the best path for yourself, try invoking Hecate, Goddess of the Crossroads. Again, thanks to Colombe for this tip. : )

Hecate helps because She is the Goddess with the Athame, the knife of decision and choice. She can help you cut away the other alternatives so they don't distract you. Hecate will help you focus on what's really important, so you know which way to go.

After all, if you don't know where you're headed, it doesn't matter which way you go!

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

Witch Love Smilie  ©  Wicca Spirituality

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