Merc Rx: The 5 Main Opportunities

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Here's 5 of the better things about Merc Rx...

(Then after this we'll get to the best part!)

A Chance To Reflect

Yes, Mercury Retrograde messes up communication, computers, and schemes. But it's more than that. It's a chance to bring to consciousness things we skipped over the first time!

It gives us the opportunity to really reflect on what we have been doing. Look back on the past few months and examine how your life has unfolded. What worked... and what didn’t. Where you're headed, and whether you actually want to get there.

While we spend most of the year skim-reading, half-listening, multi-tasking, and only going skin-deep into matters, during Merc Rx, we are being Called to slow down, turn inward, evaluate the past so we can make new choices in the future.

During Merc Rx, you may find that your deep self is trying to deliver important messages to you. One way to receive these messages is by paying attention to your dreams, however silly or bizarre they may seem to be.

Your dreams may bring up issues and snags in your life you had previously ignored or simply not noticed. You can use them as guide posts and pointers that show you where to turn your attention during this time of deep thinking and healing.

A Chance To Refine

After reflecting, you can begin to refine.

Sometimes, during the process of reflection, we realize our life isn’t going quite where we want it to.

The energy of Mercury Retrograde is much like an arrow notched to the bow string and being drawn back, the tension increasing as you build momentum for when Mercury goes direct again.

That tension, along with a nagging sense of guilt, anxiety, or emptiness is often a good sign we need to change something!

This is also the time when you as the archer refine your life's aim... focusing on your true intentions and goals.

(This insightful analogy, which I've shared with you before, was first created by my friend Colombe, though it's been taken and used elsewhere since. Remember, you saw it here first!

If you find, while reflecting on your life, that what you really want is falling by the wayside, you can take this opportunity to change what you're aiming for.

It’s never too late to change the course you’re on. If you’re feeling lost or confused, use this chance to "go back to basics" in your life.

The retrograde actually builds a great deal of energy you can use to shoot straight towards your goals, without as many distractions or misdirections. And you can use this energy to benefit your whole life from this point on.

A Chance To Relate

Another good way to take advantage of the Merc Rx is by doing meditations on communication.

We are Called during the retrograde to speak with deeper honesty and real clarity. We are Called to listen with greater patience and gentleness.

Communication becomes more like dancing than tossing arrows of thoughts at each other.

We need to truly listen to what people say, without adding our own internal monologue over it. (The "Oh, they got another cat? How typical. One is never enough for them. Why can’t they..." thoughts. We all have them.

Pay particular attention to how you communicate around emotional issues — aim for clarity, honesty, and openness about your vulnerabilities and desires... all with gentleness, respect, and patience.

And when we misunderstand each other, as we will with Mercury walking backwards, we need to forego the indulgence of taking offence.

Instead, we aim to move lightly back and forth, maintaining contact, shifting our mind's positions until understanding is reached.

As we become aware of what went wrong with our communications in the past, we can use that awareness to start improving the way we communicate now.

A Chance To Release

Another common Mercury Retrograde tendency is to bring up things from your past, like emotional “unfinished business” that you may need to address to grow and heal.

This is an opportunity to do some deep soul-cleansing in the ways of forgiveness and acceptance.

Specifically, look for the patterns, beliefs, intentions, and words that may have brought your particular troubles to life. You can take this cosmic slow down and treat it like a spiritual vacation, using its energy to transform yourself and any blocks you may still carry with you.

The energy of Merc Rx helps you to let go of old bitterness, face your inner shadow, do a reality check, and allow yourself to move on!! It allows us to let go of what harms us and attract more of what helps.

This change in the energy fields helps us ground ourselves in the loving energy of the Earth, return to the Goddess energy, and truly Heal.

But how can you do all of this refining/reflecting/releasing stuff??

A Chance To Relax

This brings us to the last, and possibly the best way you can accept the gift of the Mercury Retrograde... by Relaxing!

While the retrograde can definitely be frustrating, it helps if you're willing to let go of the annoyances and allow the energy to move through and over you. If you fight it, it feels like it fights back harder.

The Mercury Retrograde can even make you physically fatigued, just like your mind (and emotions, and…), but you don’t have to just keep pushing against it.

Trying to push a whole planet... not gonna win!

So here's what you can do instead.

Cut yourself a lot of slack. The loss of concentration and memory, loss of interest in old ways and goals, loss of intensity and forward movement is exactly what's supposed to be happening.

Rather than trying to fight it by forcing projects to completion (which will often need to be redone once Mercury goes direct again!) or making important decisions you may regret later, let your body, mind, and spirit rest.

Analyze things, but do not act on them. Take notes, make simple plans, re-think, realign, but for Goddess’s sake, relax, breathe, and relax some more!

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