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Co-authored with Nicole Bosserman

The Mercury Retrograde (Merc Rx) is fast approaching, which means a lot of us Witchy people are battening down the hatches!

Do you need to worry? Yes, and no!

There are challenges to any planetary retrograde, but there are also benefits.

As with most retrogrades, this astological energy field invites and impels us to slow down, turn inward, and evaluate the past, so we can make choices that are more aligned with our hopes for the future.

Here's what you need to know about Merc Rx to avoid the worst difficulties and to reap the best that this opportunity offers.

The Background

Mercury Retrograde is an astonomical event when the planet Mercury seems to (from our perspective here on Earth) travel backward for a while. Retrograde literally means "walking backward."

This happens on average weeks times a year.

Each Merc Rx lasts about three weeks, not to mention there’s also a "shadow" period on either end of the actual retrograde where the effects increase (the pre-retrograde-shadow) and then gradually diminish (the post-retrograde-shadow).

In this case, the pre-shadow period began around May 4th, 2015. The Retrograde hits its full stride on May 18th and ends on June 11th. From there, the effects will reduce over the course of two or three weeks.

Mercury Is...

In astrology, the planet Mercury rules over...

  • Communication
  • Information
  • Technology and equipment (particularly when used for communication and travel)
  • Transportation
  • Travel
  • Business
  • Legal affairs

It’s considered an active energy, a do-er: passionate and hard-working. Mercury is all about moving forward, getting things done, and keeping the lines of communication open.

Picture Mercury as the guy in the mail truck rolling through all of the big business areas, delivering technology and equipment, passports and plane tickets, info and contracts... keeping the world connected, informed, and moving forward.

When Mercury Goes Retrograde...

Now imagine this: the guy in the mail truck suddenly decides he doesn’t want to deliver the mail today, and so he goes back home and stays there for a few weeks (oh my!).

What happens to the world of information exchange and commerce then??

During a retrograde, Mercury appears as though it is traveling backwards through the heavens. But is it actually traveling backwards? Nope. It just looks like it. Even so, the energy it relates to on Earth definitely is! So it can still cause all kinds of disruptions in the energy fields it rules.

Instead of its continuing progress forward, all the energy that Mercury usually pushes ahead suddenly freezes, and even changes direction!

And, of course, in conjunction with Murphy's Law, it always seems to happen at the worst times.

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