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If you would like to do a link exchange, I am happy to do so! By exchanging links, we can benefit not only our visitors' surfing experience, but our websites' standing with the Search Engines too.

To those ends, my link exchange criteria are:

  • Your site must offer value to my visitors. That's the biggest thing. I will check this out, and only sites that offer something of interest or usefulness will be approved.

  • Your reciprocal link must be in place, on a first or second tier page. Please submit the link so I can see.

  • If you think your site is suitable to be mentioned within a content page, please let me know about it. Please be willing and able to reciprocate in the same manner.

  • Only text links can go here. If you are wanting to advertise with a banner or graphic, please see the advertise page.

  • Online stores are not eligible for value exchange. If you would like your store listed on this site, you can advertise or invite me to be an affiliate.

Here's the code you can insert on your page:

<A href="">Wicca Spirituality: Magick, Enlightenment, and the Sacred Dark</a>
A New Wicca for a New World! Wicca Spirituality is Earth-based enlightenment: connecting with the divine within us and all around. Wiccan info and spiritual practices including Mandala Meditation, Drawing Down the Moon, grounding, and dream work. A site for those who want a deeper experience of Wicca and spirituality.

(Please feel free to write your own description. I may need to edit a bit, though.)

Then, fill out this form to get a link back to your site.

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