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Do you need to boost traffic to your website? Do you want to increase sales of Wiccan supplies or Pagan products?

Now you can advertise on, one of the World Wide Web's top Wiccan websites.

Why Advertise Here?

Simple mathematics:

  • a PageRank of 2 (only a rank of 1 is better)

  • an Alexa Rank of 245,993 in the USA (516,604 worldwide),

  • attracts around three to four thousand visits per day

  • Most Google searches for Wicca show one of our pages, in the first page of results.

Compare this with other Wiccan sites, and you can see the advantage to advertising here.

Why is our site one of the best sites to advertise on? We have a targeted audience, who is interested in Witchcraft and spirituality products and services.

Types of Ads

Advertisement possibilities include banner ads, graphic links, and paid text links.

Besides advertising on the website, you can advertise in our e-zine, The Silver Chalice.

You can also choose an option of having a review of your product or service.

A Word About Integrity

Before we go any further, though, I'd like you to know that I take my responsibility to my visitors seriously.

My purposes in putting up ads and links is . . .

  • first, to offer great services and information to my visitors,

  • second, to support the success of advertisers on this site,

  • and only third, to create financial support for this website (and myself).

So . . . If what you are offering is more for your benefit than for your customers', this is not the site for you. If I receive complaints that appear to be justified, your advertising account will be terminated.

But if you legitimately have benefit to offer, you are eligible to advertise on

Please contact me for more information on how to advertise on Wicca Spirituality:

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