Imbolc Chant: Bringing In the Light for Brigid's Day

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During Imbolc, or Brigid, we are emerging from the winter’s darkness into the first perceptible increase in light.

Such a relief -- the darkest time is over!

We begin to notice the lengthening days, but we've been sun-deprived for months, and it's still going to be a while before we enjoy those long days again.

At this time of year, we can often personally use some more light in our own spirits. This Witch song is to help invoke light into any inner darkness you may have.

You can sing this song anytime you feel a need for more light!

How Do I Use This Imbolc Spellsong?

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  • You can load it onto your mp3 player and set it to repeat – the song will play in a loop

  • Sing it during an Imbolc ritual

  • Sing it anytime, when you could use some more light in your life

  • Sing it in front of your altar daily as a prayer

  • You can imagine light descending into the crown of your head, and cascading down through your body as you sing (see the Divine Light Invocation )

  • You can focus on a candle flame, and imagine yourself aflame like a candle

You can read more about Wiccan music and Witch songs, why they work and how to use them.

May listening to and singing this Imbolc Spellsong gently nourish the changes you need to open your heart and spirit to the light within.

Imbolc Chant Lyrics

I open
Gently open
To the Divine inside me
I open
Gently open
To the sacred Light

Download this Wicca chant for free:

wicca-spirituality Imbolc Brigid Wiccan music Witch chants

Many blessings!

-- by special Wicca Spirituality correspondent, Colombe
Singer, songwriter, magickal chantress

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