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The Ancestors Chant is a magick spell in song format. (You can download this magic song for free, by clicking the image to the left.)

What does it do? It heals and blesses your ancestors (which is why it's so good for Samhain).

But it also does a whole lot more...
  • It heals the Earth, and helps create a world based on kindness, love, and unity

  • It heals and releases stuck patterns and blocks so you can be happier, healthier, and more successful.

    (Much of your pain and failure is not actually yours but your ancestral patterns… and you can clear them more easily at the source.)

  • It frees your children of the burden of those same pains and failures.

    (Because whatever you don't heal is passed on to your children to heal, just as you received the ancestral patterns from your parents.)

    Bonus: You as a parent are spared the horror of seeing your children suffer and fail in the ancestral patterns

  • It improve your relationships, freeing all your loved ones from ancestral traumas and hungers.

    (The really awful stuck places in a relationship are generally the places where the ancestral patterns of two people are clashing and almost unresolvable.)

The best thing about it?...

It's so easy to do, and every time you sing it, the magick gets stronger!

This magic song and following article were created by Wicca Spirituality special correspondent and masterful magick-worker, Colombe.

Healing the World through Magick

Samhain is just around the corner, the time when we can communicate with our ancestors and loved ones who've passed to the Spirit World.

And at the same time, as I write this there are thousands of people all around the world awakening to their power, and changing the systems we live in before it’s too late.

Humanity has been riding a train headed straight for a concrete wall, and we need to change direction in time -- all of us, together. A key to this change, it has come to me, is global kindness.

It seems impossible -- until you bring magick into the picture.

The Magick So Far...

I have been doing intensive magick for years to awaken humanity to its common kindness. In June 2009 I did the major spell of my lifetime -- I spent twenty years learning and developing my craft so that I could make it. As part of the spell, I sent small stones with sacred friends all around the world, from China to South America to India to Africa to Europe to Japan. One stone went with a Mexican Shaman to rest with sacred objects given to him by spiritual leaders around the world.

I imagined and created magick for a grid of heart connection, a light network, growing around the world between all the people of kindness and action. My spell was to awaken humanity — seemingly a daunting and impossible task — to its common values of kindness and love.

It astonishes me to see it happening now in cities all over the world!

I know I am only one of many who have prayed and worked for humanity’s awakening. And I'm grateful for all the magick and actions that have contributed to this astonishing, thrilling moment in history…

People are awakening to the facts...
  • That most people are kind, that only a very few heartless ones hold the keys to power.

  • That compassion is a powerful force, which each of us can increase and wield.

  • That it is caring, connection, and community that will save the Earth, and all of us.
However, we can also see that a large portion of humanity is held back by the energy (mindset, training, beliefs, traumas, limitations, etc) of our ancestors.

This is the inertia that is resisting change.

As long as that energy keeps pulling us back, humanity will progress only slowly toward a compassionate, just, and sane world. The Ancestors Chant is a remedy that you can give to the Earth.

This Is A Potent Spell For Samhain

Samhain is approaching (Oct 31). This is the time when the veils between the worlds are thinnest. The time when we can reach our ancestors most readily!

I invite you to join in this magickal work. The time is now, and you are needed.

Fortunately, it’s easy!

I've created a magick spell that you can sing.

I am a composer, among other things, and often weave spells into songs, so that every time the song is sung, the spell is released into the world and magickally-charged with all the emotion and intention of each singer.

All you need to do is to sing this song, this Ancestors Chant, and dedicate it to the healing of all those who came before us. (Okay, you can also take to the streets and you can work for change, please do! But at the very least, sing this chant.)

Sing the Ancestors Chant at your Samhain rituals.

Sing not just to your own ancestors, but to the collective ancestors of humanity. After all, we need everyone to be freed of ancestral pains and hungers if we're to move the planet forward... and if you go far enough back, everyone is your ancestor.

Bonus: We Can Use The Ancestors Chant To Bless The Earth

Everything around us -- every bush, tree, plant, people, water, air -- is made from the molecules of all the beings that lived before.

Our ancestors became dust which became the Earth which grew into new forms. The Earth continually recycles all the molecules that make up our planet into new forms -- new plants, bushes, trees, rivers, people -- and has since time immemorial.

So our ancestors are all around us, in the molecules of everything that we see.

And we are made of the Earth -- from the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe.

Every time you sing the Ancestors Chant, you will bless them and all beings on Earth.

Yes, you will also bless yourself!

Ancestors Chant

Wicca Spirituality: Wicca Chants: Samhain Song - Download Witch Song Free

Oh Ancestors, oh
May you be blessed, may you be blessed (x2)

Oh Grandmothers, oh
May you be blessed, may you be blessed (x2)

Oh Grandfathers, oh
May you be blessed, may you be blessed (x2)

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How To Sing The Ancestors Chant

When you sing this, imagine you are singing to the spirits of your ancestors on both sides, known and unknown. Sing it even to all the spirits who've ever lived.

Sing the Ancestors Chant for their healing.
  • Ask them for help in the survival of their descendants, all their children alive today.

  • Ask them to free us from history that we can change our course in time to survive.

  • As much as you can, feel the blessing and send it to the ancestors, with love, gratitude, and forgiveness.

  • Put your passion into it! Like all magick, it is your passion and intention that gives it the power to remake the world.

Let’s sing solace to our ancestors — as they live within us, their pains and unmet needs live on in the world. Sing this Ancestors Chant that our ancestors may be freed from pain.

The Ancestors Within You

Or you can imagine singing to your very cells -- to your ancestral DNA. Recent science indicates that DNA actually learns and changes according to the thoughts and emotions it is exposed to!

You can literally reprogram your own DNA. Since that is where your ancestors' patterns are stored, literally, this can be extremely powerful.

When To Sing It

The best times to sing the Ancestors Chant are...
  • Around the Samhain season

  • At times of special importance to your family or ancestors, like holidays or anniversaries of painful traumas

  • Any time you feel stuck or blocked, or trapped in old patterns

  • When your family is fighting or distanced from each other

  • When you feel sad, helpless, insecure, angry, or other emotions that you'd like to be free of

  • When you want to empower the positive transformation of the planet

The most important thing...

Sing the Ancestors Chant often, so that we can transform our world quickly and gently and without violence.

Remember -- The more often it is sung, the stronger the spell.

How The Ancestors Chant
Can Improve Your Relationships

The Ancestors Chant helps you in very practical ways as well. It loosens old family patterns, and releases resentments.

The neatest thing is that it's not only for yourself -- it works on all of your family members (past and present), including those related to you by marriage, adoption, etc..

Here's how I came up with the Ancestors Chant, and how it transformed some awful, unresolvable issues in my own life.

One day I was really frustrated with how things were progressing between my husband and I (or, in our case, were not progressing at that particular moment).

I could tell that the issues we were fighting over had more to do with patterns we’d learned from our parents, than from anything really going on. I have a quick temper, which I got from my mom, and he shuts down, which he got from his family.

So because we each got these things from our families of origin, I started to think that maybe our families were in fact arguing through us.

Or, looked at another way...

I wondered if our ancestors needed a little honouring, so that we ourselves could make our way through this.

How The Ancestors Chant Helped Me & My Family

I began to sing the Ancestors Chant, and soon afterward, my husband and I were both letting go of deeply entrenched patterns — behaviours and emotions that most therapists would think can never be changed!

I released my deep and disabling abandonment issues, which I know my grandmothers also had.

He let go of some of his secrecy and guilt, which came from his ancestors’ religion (Christianity).

How It Works

Unhealthy family patterns are, in fact, wounds that have been passed down through the generations... to us.

If we look backwards in time to our ancestors, and offer them love, forgiveness, compassion and blessings, then their wounds and hungers will heal— and we ourselves will no longer be tormented by those old patterns.

The Ancestors Chant is created and charged to do exactly that, every time you sing it!

Blessed be.


With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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