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For Earth Day:
3 Things You Can Do Mother Earth Today

Note: This Earth Day information was originally sent only to members of the Wicca Spirituality Virtual Coven, but i realized it's so important... everyone needs to hear this!
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Happy Earth Day!

For this special day when we recognise the irreplaceable beauty and necessity of our planetary home, the Goddess has asked me to invite you to do 3 vital things for yourself and Mother Earth...


First, go outside and hug the Earth!

I like to lie on the rocks at the beach with my arms as wide as they'll reach, and imagine i'm hugging Mother's belly. This gives the added benefit of Earthing / physical wellness — if you're wearing natural fabrics and/or skin-to-nature.

You could also hug a tree or a boulder.

But don't hug a wild bunny or a bear or anything... not unless they're made out of chocolate!

It's so important to really TOUCH Nature. It's important for us, and it's helpful to the Earth as well (which i'll talk about some other time in the eLOVEation emails).


Second, consider what you can do to help save the Earth! Always a good idea, and especially on Earth Day!

Basics like composting, reducing waste, and such are a given — especially with all the additional mask-and-glove waste going on these days. There's are other simple shifts too... which i hope to get to soon.

Here's the big thing, though — Ask yourself what kind of world you want to live in! And start living that life now!

Right now, humanity is building a world that's not survivable, by its fear and panic for survival! It's time to consider whether we want the entire future to be an ever-more-restrictive prison in the vain hope that we can outwit Mother Nature... giving up everything that makes life worth living?

Or whether it's time to find a better way forward... one that truly gives life, longevity, and well-being — not to mention joy, peace, and harmony — to us all?

One thing the Goddess has told me, is that living out of fear is the path to a quick and total destruction.

Living out of LOVE is the only true path to a future on this planet.

Commit to Consciousness

Third, for this Earth Day, decide today that your spiritual evolution is your highest priority.

Yes, this is a big one... not the (relatively) easy, quick kind of solution that the other 2 can be. But it's the most essential one.

Your awakening to greater and greater levels of consciousness is what will truly save you, your loved ones, and all the Earth.

A bold claim?

Maybe, but it's true nonetheless. I've said this for decades... and in the last several years it's been easily apparent that it's true and it's working! Can't go into that right now, but other emails cover this, and more are coming.

Meanwhile, the important thing is to think about what helps you to continue your spiritual development... and commit to doing more of that. Honestly, these days, my motto is:

Whatever It Takes!

Because literally everything else we think is important — survival, income, work, physical well-being, even loved ones — everything is lost without the planet's survival.

And your spiritual awakening is the key to that survival.

Choose today just 1 thing you can do to boost your spiritual awareness a little more each day.

  • More meditation
  • Listening to guided visualisations that uplift you
  • Focusing on feeling and radiating love, joy, peace, and freedom
  • Taking spiritual classes
  • Clearing old patterns and traumas, especially ancestral ones
  • Connecting with Nature daily
  • (Your fave elevating practice)

Spiritual Community Can Help

One thing to consider is being part of a spiritual community. This benefits your spiritual development in many ways... and one of the best benefits is that it supports you in maintaining daily spiritual practice.

Having community, accountability, and regular spiritual gatherings makes it so much easier to keep your spirituality active in your daily life.

Have you ever taken a class, like yoga or painting or something that you wanted to do every day... just to keep you active in it? That's what spiritual community does for your spiritual life!

That's why i started the Wicca Spirituality Virtual Coven!

You might want to check it out and join us, while membership is still open.

The Very Best Earth Day Gift!

And know that in doing these 3 things, you are giving Mother Earth the best Earth-Day gift you possibly could — and the only thing She wants and needs in this moment...


With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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