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Woman with Chakra Vortices © Wicca-Spirituality.com Okay, so we're talking about chakras in a Wiccan website. You're going to want a practice you can do for your chakras, right?

I have some lovely practices that i'll be sharing in upcoming courses.

Meanwhile, though, here's a handy, quick chakra clearing and charging practice you can do, whether you are Wiccan or not.

FYI, This is taken from my upcoming book on Wicca in the modern world.

(If you'd like to be notified when the courses are available and/or the book is published, you can write to me... or — the best way — join the eLOVEation community... you'll get a lot of great stuff in the meantime. This article, for instance, originated in eLOVEation emails.)

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Quick Wiccan Chakra Clearing & Charging

  • Prepare by charging your hands with energy: rub them vigorously together for a minute or so.
  • Start at your first chakra — for the purpose of this exercise, let's call it in front of your pubic bone.
  • Clap your hands together once, brightly, to "enter" the energy field, in front of your pubic bone, and then rub them vigorously as you did in the preparation.

    Think of it like trying to start a fire with 2 sticks, and you're twirling the drill stick between your palms.
  • It doesn't usually take long for the chakra to feel like it's perked up.

    When you feel it's complete, clap your hands again, once, to exit the energy field.
  • Move through the chakras one by one, repeating this sequence:

    • 1st: Root chakra (pubic bone)
    • 2nd: Sacral chakra (low abdomen)
    • 3rd: Solar plexus chakra (lower ribs)
    • Wishing Tree chakra (zyphoid process: where the last ribs join) (optional)
    • 4th: Heart chakra (chest)
    • 5th: Throat chakra (throat, of course)
    • 6th: Third eye chakra (forehead)
    • 7th: Crown chakra (above the head)
  • If you find one chakra more sluggish than the others, give it some extra revving-up.

    The goal isn't to keep the amount of time the same for each chakra — the goal is to bring the energy of each chakra up somewhat, and for each to be at a similar level as the others.
  • To conclude: place your dominant (probably right) hand on top of your head, and your non-dominant (probably left) hand on either your pubic bone or your perineum.

    Feel the flow of energy through each chakra, one after the other, from your crown to your root.

    Don't rush this part. Enjoy the feeling! And give your body time to settle into this new energy level and balance.
  • Seal and end by placing both hands over your heart, taking a deep breath of gratitude, and letting it go.
  • Blessed Be!
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With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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