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Here are some Brigid invocations you can use to invoke Her blessing and power.

The first two I have written, and the third (Brigid's Song) I've created using mostly imagery from Winged Destiny by Fiona MacLeod (aka William Sharp: 1855 –1905).

The fourth is an Imbolc chant by Colombe.

There are also a few ancient invocations below.

Brigid Invocation for Art or Magick

Fair Brigid, garbed in white and gold
Maiden reborn of the old

Thy sacred well, all health restore
From Thee all blessings sweetly pour

As blooms and shamrocks sprout behind Thee
Let Thy inspiration find me

Mother Brigid, midwife of Earth
Bring your wisdom, vision, mirth

Victorious one of shining spear
Come, dear Brigid, come, be here!

Inspire all I say and do
To shine with beauty, ring with truth

By blesséd swan and sacred bee
Creation's power lend to me

Bless my craft, oh glorious muse
With Thy powerful light infuse

With Thy fire upon Thy brow,
Oh Lady of ewe and corn and cow
Come, Bright Brigid, be here now!

The third line in the final stanza is not a mistake: This invocation to Brigid is comprised of 19 lines, since 19 is a sacred number to Her.

Brigid Invocation for Healing and Solace

Brigid, Maiden, Goddess of Sun's warm touch
And waters' healing balm
Bring Thy peace in this place of suffering
Lend us strength and calm

Lady of love and sorrow, Spring-bearer,
Mother of Earth and life
Bless us with compassion and renewal
In these dark trials of strife

Light-wielder, victorious Brigantia
Of the straight shining spear
Spread Thy verdant mantle of protection
Over all of us here

Spread Thy verdant mantle of protection
Over all of us here

Brigid's Song

Bride the beautiful am I, strewing signs of hope and joy for you everywhere you go. I am the herald of Spring; flowers and shamrocks blossom in My footsteps.

Star-eyed, Dawn-crowned, I am the torch bearer of eternal light, Daughter of the Morning, holding sunrise in one hand and the hearth fire in the other — offering life and civilisation. It is I who carry the torch of the Sun above the darkened hills; I who thrust the quenchless flame above the horizons of the sea.

I am the guardian of the future, watcher over destinies. In the hallowed gardens of the soul, I appear white-robed and radiant.

I walk in sorrow among the pains of the world and let them bathe My heart, then suddenly beholding the radiance of the Earth, break into songs of joy and laughter. In coloured tones of beauty, I call your heart to grief, exultation, and serenity.

In My dark pools of flame-kissed wells, those with eyes may see all things.

Honey-mouthed inspiration of song and story, sweeter My voice than the sweetest lute, to those who can hear Me. My breath is a flame and the flame is music.

My secret name is fire;
My inmost soul is radiant air;
My cloak is the verdant mysterious Earth;
the sacred waters are My star-dressed womb.

I am the Shepherdess, whistling to call you home; the Promise made that will be kept.

I have put songs and music on the wind before ever the bells of the chapels were rung in the West or heard in the East.

And I have been a breath in your heart.

And the day has its feet to it that will see Me coming into the hearts of men and women like a flame upon dry grass, like a flame of wind in a great wood.

Open the eyes and ears of your heart, and meet Me at the eternal flame!

I Open To The Sacred Light

This chant is great for Imbolc — or any time when you want to increase the Light within you or your connection with the Divine Within. It was created by Colombe.

Listen to the mp3 of this chant here: Imbolc Chant.

I open

Gently open

To the Divine inside me

I open

Gently open

To the sacred Light

Ancient Brigid Invocations

These are some ancient prayers / invocations to the Goddess Brigid.

Brigid, Sudden Flame

This ancient invocation was sung to Her even into the 18th Century:

Brigid, excellent woman, sudden flame,

May the bright fiery sun take us to the lasting kingdom

The Genealogy of Brigid

This prayer was said to make one safe from harm, if said every morning and/or evening or when danger threatened:

This is the geneology of the holy maiden Bride,

Radiant flame of gold, noble foster mother of the Sun Child,

Bride, daughter of Dagda the Earth Father.

Every day and every night

That I say the genealogy of Brigid

I shall not be killed nor wounded

I shall not be harried nor put into a cell

Neither shall the Divine leave me

No fire, no sun, no moon shall burn me

No water, no lake, no sea shall drown me

No arrow of fairy nor dart of fey shall wound me

And I dwell under the mantle of protection of my Holy Bride

For I am the child of Poetry

Poetry, child of Reflection

Reflection, child of Meditation

Meditation, child of Lore

Lore, child of Research

Research, child of Great Knowledge

Great Knowledge, child of Intelligence

Intelligence, child of Comprehension

Comprehension, child of Wisdom

Wisdom, child of Brigid.

Brigid and the Serpent

This is one reference that inspires the idea that Brigid was once an Earth Goddess. This invocation is still spoken even today in the Western Highlands of Ireland:

Early on Bride's morn:

The serpent shall come from the hole,

I will not molest the serpent,

Nor will the serpent molest me

(Consider this in context that there were never any "snakes" in Ireland!)

If you would like to offer another Brigid Invocation, please write to me here.

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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