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I've got a great technique to share with you! It's called MAP Coning and it's a very powerful way to enlist Divine Aid for any issue, problem, or goal you have.


  • you're in need of healing of any kind,
  • you feel stuck or have something in your life that's not working,
  • you want to shift negative patterns or reduce ego
  • you want a boost up to a higher frequency vibration (level of consciousness)...

Try a MAP Coning!

What Is A MAP Coning?

MAP stands for Medical Assistance Program. Coning refers to an energy vortex that extends through various levels of existence.

So a MAP Coning assists you in healing in all levels of your being simultaneously. And who is assisting you? Higher energy beings - angels, saints, deities... whomever you wish to invite.

This is profoundly effective for problems and blocks that you've found hard to shift on your own.

You can download an introduction to the idea here (but I'll warn you it's really long, and it's not at all necessary to the process).

The technique I'm about to share with you is not much like the original. It's been fine-tuned for what seems to be maximum effectiveness.

It's really simple (once you write out the words on a card so you can follow along). Here's what you do:

How To Do A MAP Coning

Begin by connecting with and expanding your personal light / energy field —

Grounded, Connected, & Expansive

  1. Reaching high up above you, connect with the Source of Divine Light you will find there
  2. Allow a stream of that Light to flow down, all around you and within you, filling all your cells and atoms with Light
  3. When you are filled to overflowing, allow the Light to flow down through the soles of your feet, deep into the Earth, where it connects with the Heart of the Earth Mother, a place of Love and Joy
  4. The Light mixes with this Earth Mother Love energy, blending into a stream of silver and gold sparkling Light
  5. The Light bounces back up as if off a trampoline, with this energy blended in, flowing up, filling your body (including arms and hands) up to your heart
  6. From your spiritual heart-centre, the Light overflows you and expands outward in a blossoming of light all around you, like you've become a miniature sun
  7. Let this ball of Light keep expanding outward: bigger than the room, bigger than the building, your city, your country, and even bigger than the Earth
  8. Maintain this expansion during the whole process, returning to refresh and re-expand the Light if necessary

Invoking the MAP Coning

Then from this expanded state, declare with firm commitment and command...

"I'm calling a MAP Coning!

I invoke:

  • The overlighting Deva of healing
  • Gaia, Pan, Apollo, and Selena
  • The community of divine ascended masters and mistresses, buddhas, and Circles of Lightworkers
  • Brighid, Tara, Quan Yin, Lakshmi, Archangel Michael, Divine Mother (and/or anyone else you like to work with)
  • My Highest Self
  • ONLY beings of the purest, highest light, who are only love and here to serve!"

Ask/command them to

"Please remove any and all interference, and/or attachment to interference.

And where the interference and attachment have been, I ask that you fill any empty spaces with Divine Love and Divine Light. I set this intention for this session in my mind and in my heart.

I ask this for myself and for all beings, and for the benefit of my genetic and energetic lines in all directions."

I welcome and receive this transformation on all levels and consciousnesses, across all time, space, dimensions, and realities."

Then lie down for 30-40 minutes and relax while they do psychic surgery on you.

It helps to pay attention to whatever you may notice — images, sensations, sounds, thoughts, emotions, etc. (You might not notice much, or anything... be assured that even if you can't sense it, it's still happening! )


While resting, you may (optionally) continue to open to the healing by affirming to yourself:

"I allow and receive this Love.

I allow and receive this harmony.

I allow and receive this healing.

I allow and receive this wholeness.

I allow and receive this energy.

I allow and receive this Light.

I allow and receive the fullness of this, with heart-full gratitude."

*   *   *  

Another thing I like to do is to gently check my body while I rest, relaxing any tension I discover. I feel this helps them make the changes in me.

*   *   *  

When asking to remove interference and attachment to interference, you can specify if you wish:

"especially in regard to _________________".

In the blank, fill in any area of your life you want help with. Eg,

  • increasing positivity
  • healing of pain or injury
  • healthy vision
  • clarity of mind
  • clearing away scarcity mentality and coming into alignment with abundance
  • success in your career
  • shifting into the New Paradigm
  • releasing ego traps
  • better self-care
  • etc

This part is totally optional; you can just ask for the interference removed and sooner or later it'll all get dealt with.

MAP Coning Tips

You can do as many MAP Conings as you like... even all day long. There's no such thing as too many energetic healings!

  • Feel free to adapt the invoking deities/angels as desired. I suggest that you keep the Overlighting Deva, the grounding deities (Gaia, Pan, Apollo, and Selena), and Archangel Michael. You must also be sure to invoke your Highest Self, and the caveat that only beings of purest light and love be Called.
  • If you do this before sleeping, be sure to put a time limit on it or you may find you don't get a good night's sleep. Say something like "I ask for only an hour, maximum, for the Coning, leaving me in a relaxing, deep sleep, to awaken refreshed, energised, and enthusiastic at the appropriate time in the morning."
  • You can even do this all during the day, while you're out and about. However, sometimes the healing can be a little intense and distracting, so tell your MAP Team you'd like a "Mobile MAP Coning," so they know you also have to function in the world.
  • If you're able to sense answers, you can ask your Team when they're finished, or if it's okay to turn over or move around while they work. They'll tell you. You can use kinesiology (muscle testing) to get answers: prep with "Only my MAP Team respond."

  • *   *   *  

    Enjoy the many blessings and freedoms this practice will bring you!

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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