Dream Divination

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Dream divination -- can it really work?

In fact, that is the nature of dreams. They are messages from the Divine, offering you guidance and insight into many areas of your life.

Dreams come in code, though, and deciphering them takes a little practice.

But it's definitely worth it!

Dreams can be the ultimate way to communicate with the Divine.

  • For one thing, all you need is your brain and someplace to lie down.

  • For another, the Divine doesn't need to wait for you to ask, but can initiate the communication.

  • Plus She can talk to you about anything She thinks is important, not limited to what you think to ask or what your divination tool can say.

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How to Practice Dream Divination

Dreaming as a divination tool consciously is very simple. As you're falling asleep, talk to the Divine or your guides or your dream-self. Ask them to send you an answer in whatever issue is up for you at the moment.

Then take steps to remember, record, and interpret your dream.

Instructions on these can be found in the articles on dream work.

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