New Years Magick!

Clear Away the Past &
Power Up Your Best Possible Future!


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"The best way to predict the future is to create it."
~ Abraham Lincoln

New Years Magick with erin Dragonsong -- Clear Away the Past &
Power Up Your Best Possible Future!
This is a powerful magickal event where you can give a magickal boost to the future you want to create. 
  • Clear the traumas that you don't want to carry into the future (where they can create similar problems)
  • Work in small groups to tap into and call forth the best POSSIBILITIES for 2021
  • Align your energy with positive experiences & emotions
  • Reprogramme stubborn subconscious beliefs that are keeping you from wholeness, connection, health, wealth, joy, peace, and fulfillment
  • Supercharge your intentions for the coming year

Enter 2021 with

for what you want for the coming year &
into your life!

New Years Magick!
Thursday December 31

10am (Pacific Time)

We're all still reeling from the past year, aren't we. 

We need to clear that energy so that we're not carrying it forward into the next year, weighing down the Earth and our own energy fields... and in fact calling to us more of the same!

For this New Years Magick event, we'll use 3-4 magickal techniques in this event created especially for New Years 2021 and led by me (erin Dragonsong, founder and Chief Esoteric Scientist of Wicca Spirituality).  

Together, we start by...

  1. Connecting with the Divine and your Higher Self
  2. Clearing trauma, troubles, grief, and anxiety from this year
  3. Reprogramming subconscious blocks that may have been created in 2020

Then we go on to...

  1. Claim the greatest possibilities for the new year
  2. SUPERCHARGE your possibilities 
  3. Empower your new intentions that you have for the next year, so that you can accomplish them with Divine aid and Grace
  4. Shift your vibrational frequency into an energy that's aligned with what you want to Call in (which is how it can come to you)

And the results go WAY beyond the magick!  You will come away feeling...

  • more grounded
  • more empowered
  • more secure
  • more on-purpose
  • more whole
  • more connected
  • more hopeful
  • living with more intentionality
  • more aligned with positive possibilities for the next year

You'll also have the opportunity to connect with other Wiccans and share the magick as you help empower each other's intentions & possibilities & visions for the coming year!

We'll meet to do this magick together on Zoom: Thursday December 31st at 10am (Pacific Time). 

Please join us!

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New Years Magick - Programme

New Years' Eve Morning  (Thursday December 31, 2020)

   10 am - 10:05  Welcoming, Doors close at 10:05 *

   10:05 - 10:15  Introduction to the event

   10:15 - 10:45  Clearing away the energy collected in 2020 (anxiety, grief, pain, suffering, etc) through the superpower of erin's Soulular Activation™ technique

   10:45- 11:15 Claiming the greatest possibilities for 2021 and supercharging those visions (in smaller groups)

   11:15 - 11:40  Guided Visualization: Stepping Into Your New Reality

   11:40 - 12:00  Wrap-Up

I hope to see you there!

* These times may vary depending on the flow of the group.
All times in Pacific timezone -
check your timezone here

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With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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