Wicca -- A Guilt-Free Morality

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What is the role of morality in Wicca?

There is no jealous, vindictive god in Wicca, no judgemental and punishing Father. In Wicca the Mother Goddess is primary: loving, nurturing, generous, wise. And the Gods are protective, playful, and strong without violence.

No guilt, no shame, no violence, no judgement… Wicca is a religion of life, freedom, celebration, responsibility, and growth.

Oddly enough, this worries people! wicca-spirituality-winking_witch

Some people fret that, if we don't have to beat ourselves before God in order to earn forgiveness, if we don't suffer from guilt, won't we run rampant and not care who we hurt?

This makes me laugh.

There are much better reasons to be conscientious and kind, than trying to avoid guilt!

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A Guilt-Free Religion

Guilt and shame have nothing to do with remorse, morality, or virtuous behaviour.

Real virtue does not come from self-flagellation, but from the desire and intent to choose right action.

To associate guilt and shame with virtue is to confuse the whip with the walking. One can walk even better without being flogged! One can live a truly virtuous life only when the motivation comes from within, not from without.

That's one difference between religion and spirituality. Religion imposes virtue on others, as parents insist that children "play nice." Spirituality leads people to find virtue within themselves, and then aspire to live up to it.

Wicca is a spiritual path, not a religion per se. It isn't concerned with moral rules, but with ethics -- the guidance that comes from the Divine, right into each person's Heart.

That's the real difference.

  • Morals are cultural or religious rules, that are imposed upon you. You are expected to live up to them, "Because we say so!" They are like laws, enforced by peer pressure and authority figures.

  • Guilt and shame are learned behaviours/emotions designed to keep people under control. They are the enforcers of cultural morality.

  • Ethics come from within, and shine out into the world through your actions. They are the innate awareness of right-action and wrong-action.

in a way, the current cultural struggle between morals and ethics is the struggle between Power and Integrity -- a core paradigm shift that's part of the 2012 Transition.

Morals give people power-over others.

Ethics gives people power-within themselves.

Where Does Wiccan Morality Come From?

There are no morality rules in Wicca. But there are inescapable Spiritual Truths...

These fundamentals of Wicca are the source of our morality. They create a respect for all life, and responsibility for our actions to a degree that is rarely found in some of the most prominent religions.

Wicca avoids making laws, because laws become distractions from Truth, and from ethics.

Not to mention, there are always ways around rules and laws.

Instead, we become aware of Divine Law. We find a more binding, effective, and eternal law within ourselves.

And so, by avoiding morality, Wiccans often end up more ethical than those who accuse them of lacking morals.

How's that for irony? wicca-spirituality-winking_witch

With Bright Blessings,

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Wicca -- A Guilt-Free Morality

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