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There are some Wiccan Covens and traditions that are specifically created for gay Wicca. We'll go over these in a moment.

First, I'd like to remind you that it's not a necessity to join a Wiccan coven or Circle. A lot of Wiccans celebrate on their own. See this article on Covens, Circles, & Solitary Wicca Practice to find out more.

And a lot of gay Wiccans join "regular" covens, integrating naturally into the mix.

But if you want to join a gay Wicca group, you'll want to know what's available.

These are the ones I'm aware of.

Wicca For Gay Women

There is a long-standing branch known as Dianic Wicca. Dianic Wiccans can be found all over North America, and many other places.

While not practiced exclusively by lesbians, Dianic Wicca Circles are women-only. These Circles are almost always welcoming of various sexual orientations.

The main difference in Dianic Wicca is the lack of gender polarities, striving for a balance of power equality, and often only the Goddess - in Her many forms - is worshipped.

Dianic Wicca is particularly appealing to queer women because of its feminist, ecological perspective.

And many, if not most, Dianic Wicca Covens are lesbian-only.

The Minoan Sisterhood is another group for lesbian Wiccans, that I've heard about. I don't know anything about them, though.

Wicca For Gay Men

Men have more options for groups dedicated to Gay Wicca...

  • The Minoan Brotherhood
  • Feri Tradition
  • Brotherhood of the Phoenix
  • Radical Faeries
  • the Triad Brotherhood (Hectite Tradition)
  • the Green Man Tradition

Wicca For Transgender Folk

As far as I know, there are no traditions or groups of Wicca specifically for transgender people. Generally, you would join an ordinary coven if you want to Circle with others.

Trans women can sometimes join the Dianic Circles. However, this is dependent on the social wisdom and personal feelings of the individual Circles.

Unfortunately, in our culture many women have been so hurt by men that they can't trust someone who was born "male." This bars trans women from many women-only events.

Trans men may find the same issues with the male-only groups.

Wicca For Queer Folk

You may be tempted to pass, in your coven, and keep your sexual orientation or gender history a secret.

While this is your choice to make, such secrecy can be extremely detrimental to magickal work. Openness is preferable, if you feel safe enough.

One of the basic tenets of working in a coven is that we meet in "Perfect Love and Perfect Trust." Neither of these can be fulfilled, when we are keeping such fundamental secrets. That sort of inner barricade will come between us and the Divine as well, and inhibit our access to energy for magick.

There's always the risk that a Circle may not feel comfortable with your situation. Whether they bar you or try unsuccessfully to "ignore" it, it may not work out.

Compassion is helpful in these situations. Sometimes, education and experience can overcome this bias.

Other times, it's better just to seek a Circle that is more welcoming. After all, in Circle we work toward perfect love and perfect trust. These are the conditions that allow spirituality and magick to flourish.

So keep looking until you find a group where you can feel safe and comfortable.

When you find a Circle that accepts you unconditionally, you'll think the search was well worth the effort.

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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