5 Kinds of Earth Healers

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Earth Healers are born to help elevate — and save — planet Earth and humanity. There are different ways we can participate in this fantastic, literally world-changing enterprise.

There's one thing we’re ALL here to do: to elevate our own consciousness and energy, and live the Love-Light. That’s the key to the whole Shift of Ages and transition to the Spiritual Golden Age.

Beyond that, there are different ways that we participate in this process, which means there are several different kinds of Earth Healers. Here's a list of the key ones...

Different Kinds of Earth Healers

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We all come with different abilities, and thus different purposes. Changing a whole planet to 5-Dimensional, Universal Consciousnesses is a big job!

It takes a whole team, with diverse talents...

  • Some anchor the Light-Love, being very powerful channels or lanterns of Divine energy into the planet.
  • Some hold the vision of where we’re headed, showing others a way forward into a more beautiful world.
  • Some are heart-warriors who will be called to step up and challenge the old system, making the changes in society.
  • Some are home-place activists who do what they can to bring health to the Earth: planting flowers and allowing the dandelions that feed the bees, guerilla planting of food trees in public areas, setting up community gardens, buying wild lands to protect them, supporting conservation efforts, signing petitions, and generally acting in ways that benefit others as much as they can.
  • Some are actual healers, having the ability to return beings to wholeness and balance (people, animals, plants, systems like rivers or forests, the Earth itself…).
  • I have a feeling there are 1 or 2 more groups whose purpose may not quite be defined yet, or maybe i’m just not aware of them yet.

There can be a lot of overlap, by the way: you might feel like you fit into a few of these categories.

What Activates an Earth Healer?

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In part 1 of this article, i said that some Earth Healers are not yet activated.

What does it mean to be not activated as an Earth Healer?

It means not realising yet why you've come to this planet. Being still unawakened, living in ego / 3-D consciousness, you don't yet realise the bigger picture, or your role in it.

So an unactivated Earth Healer isn't healing the Earth... probably isn't healing much of anything, except — hopefully — themselves.

And that's the first step.

What keeps people unactivated is, ironically, a good life. When things are easy, we tend not to look too closely at anything, including ourselves... and especially anything that might upset our lives. Like, for example, WHO we really are and why we are here.

What activates an Earth Healer (more often than not) is a challenge so big, so painful, that all the old egoic fixes break down.

  • You're forced to look deeper and ask questions about life, society, and your place in it.
  • You're impelled to do things you thought weren't possible, gaining power, self-knowledge, and self-confidence.
  • You begin to discover the truth about yourself as a spiritual being so much greater than the little mortal you used to think you were.

Any latent Earth Healers who've managed to avoid awakening so far, are being called up pretty fast. Nothing like a world full of chaos, drama, disasters, loss, fear, and pain to awaken us!

Yes, awakening is a process rather than a one-time event. The important thing is being on the road, becoming more aware with every step.

Coming into your power,
and into your Purpose,
more with every step.

So just one last thing i'd like to leave you with: honour the blessing of the pain. Believe it or not, it's serving you — and Mother Earth — well!

With Brightest Blessings,

Witch Love Smilie  ©  Wicca Spirituality

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