Learning to Endure the Intolerable

How do you endure the intolerable?

This may not seem like it, but it's an essential spiritual question.

Support for Endurance... and Hope

We are challenged in mortal life, in many ways. We experience uncertainty, illness, incapacity, loss, death of loved ones.... And that's just on the personal level. On the world level, especially when the whole planet is going through (or resisting) a Shift of Ages, there's chaos and calamity all around!

Have you been feeling this?

It's okay... we all have these times.

They bring up the vital questions:

How does an empath survive these times?!
Or should one? And if so, why?

You can endure, survive them, and come through the other side.

Helpful Tips For Surviving the Apocalypse

Some days, it's hard to find your legs. It seems impossible to endure, let alone keep going with an ordinary life... even ludicrous! It often feels like going on with daily life, these days, is as insane as Nero fiddling while Rome burned ... and burned Nero along with it.

What can you do when life takes you down?

Here's what helped me get back on my (metaphorical) feet — more or less in chronological order ...

  • Crying myself out (until the strong emotions can move through, nothing better has room to come in)
  • Deciding that i can't afford to indulge in these emotions, when those around me and the Earth herself need the highest vibrations i can conjure up — even more so, when the weight of the world grows so heavy!
  • Hugging a cat (or dog, or baby)
  • Hanging out with Mother Nature, with my feet on the Earth
  • Reaching out to friends who i know will give me higher perspectives and positive viewpoints
  • Putting the brakes on taking in any more news
  • Tapping into positive, uplifting sources of information — 'cs there ARE lots of great things happening out there
  • Reading spiritual books that remind me the truth of being alive here, now
  • Smile practice
  • Truth questions
  • My Mission
  • Gratitude Journal
  • Eating some chocolate (Dark chocolate removes stress hormones, doncha know!)

Some of these you might not be familiar with... i'll explain in other articles. For now, the key to endure the intolerable is to use whatever tools you have to shift your focus.

Anything that can help shift focus from the fear and frustration (that muggle-consciousness thrives on)... to the hope and possibility (that spiritual-consciousness activates)!

Honestly, just sticking to hope like a burr in my cat's thick fur is a heroic task when the world is in chaos all around you!

It's worth the effort, though.

Not only does this plant beneficial seeds for your future in this life, it prepares the way for a more beautiful experience in your next lives.

(That's a topic for another day. )

So... what works for you ?

As For Question #2...

This article deals with the first question. And it's the first, because until you deal with that, you're not ready for the rest.

In the next article — coming soon — we'll look at WHY this matters... to you, and to the world.

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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