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Welcome to A Year & A Day:
53 Weeks to Becoming a Wiccan

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What You’ll See In This Lesson

Wiccan Chant for Beginning Your Journey in Wicca:
She's Been Waiting

Welcome to A Year & A Day: 53 Weeks to Becoming A Wiccan!
Wiccans and Rules
What Is A-Year-And-A-Day All About?
Why A Year And A Day?
You're Lucky You're A Solitary


What You’ll Find In Each Lesson
The Wiccan Chants
The Readings
The Action Part: Wiccan Adventures of the Week
Wiccan Knowledge Self-Review: A Wiccan Initiate Needs To Know
The Sequence Of Wicca: What Comes First, Second, Third...

Wiccan Prayer

Wiccan Adventure of the Week
Beginning With Devotion
Seeking Your Book of Shadows (and Book of Mirrors if desired)

A Wiccan Initiate Needs To Know…


Coming Up . . .

Wiccan Chant for Beginning Your Journey In Wicca

She's Been Waiting…


(Chorus) She's been waiting, waiting
She's been waiting so long
She's been waiting for Her children
To remember, to return

Blesséd Be

Blesséd Be is a common Wiccan phrase, similar in a way to saying "Amen."

It’s pronounced as two syllables: “BLESS-ed,” not “blest.”

It means many things, but most generally it’s a blessing on whatever work we’re doing or Deity we’re invoking, etc.

Please Note: It’s usually spelt without the accent mark above the middle “e”, but sometimes I'll include that just to make the pronunciation clear.

Blesséd be and blesséd are
Those who love the Lady
Blesséd be and blesséd are
Mother, Maiden, Crone

Blesséd be and blesséd are
Those who dance together
Blesséd be and blesséd are
Those who dance alone


Blesséd be and blesséd are
The ones who work in silence
Blesséd be and blesséd are
The ones who laugh and scream

Blesséd be and blesséd are
The movers and the shakers
Blesséd be and blesséd are
The dreamers and the dream


(Paula Walowitz)

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Welcome to the World of Wicca!

 Sunrise over Cosmic Earth  © Wicca-Spirituality.com
Merry Meet, Wiccan-To-Be!

You're about to start on your journey to becoming a Wiccan. How exciting!! Wicca-School Smilie Witch © Wicca-Spirituality.com

I'm sure you are here because in some way you have heard the Call of your spirit, the Call of the Divine... in particular (I'd guess) the Goddess, the Moon, or the Earth/Nature. And that you really mean it, when you say you want to be a Wiccan. I imagine it means something real and powerful and infinitely alluring to you. (Because if you were just interested in being a "weekend Witch" or dabbler, you'd have chosen one of those sketchy Insta-Wicca books / courses instead. Wicca-School Winking Witch © Wicca-Spirituality.com

The Earth — the Goddess — is Calling to many of us, these days. She is rising; She who was "killed" thousands of years ago... She is being reborn!

As She awakens, She calls to those of us who can hear Her. You are one of those who have, on some level, heard this Call.

So welcome to the journey to meet Her, and usher Her back into the world!!

And the beauty of this is, you receive the benefits!

Something To Look Forward To!


If you have doubts about whether you can be a Wiccan, you might want to check out the Wicca FAQs article online.

It’ll answer questions about Who Can Be A Wiccan: can you be a wiccan even if you're young, or male, or live in a city, or not initiated, or can’t afford a lot o' fancy shmancy tools, etc.

The short answer is, yes you can! The only thing you need is the desire.

A Year and a Day! Together, you and I are embarking on a wondrous journey.

I can promise you that if you apply yourself to this course, it will change your life. You will find yourself relating to Nature, animals, the world around you, other people, and even yourself in a new and satisfying way.

You will gain the power to be the kind of person you want to be, and to make your dreams come true.

You will find yourself living as a Wiccan, perceiving all of life through this spiritual awareness, and you will know without a doubt what people mean when they talk about being "a real Wiccan."

In this time, you are going to discover an immense amount about Wicca, spirituality, magick, and yourself. Some (perhaps most) will be entirely new to you, making this an exhilarating voyage of discovery into a whole new realm of existence. It'll teach you how to...

wicca-spirituality Star Button   Gain new skills,
wicca-spirituality Star Button   Develop exciting powers,
wicca-spirituality Star Button   Peer into deep Mysteries,
wicca-spirituality Star Button   Experience the real presence of the Divine around you,
wicca-spirituality Star Button   Understand how to create a more successful and happy life, and
wicca-spirituality Star Button   Discover new levels of confidence in yourself.

Still, a year of study may seem like a lot to take on. And, to be honest, it is. But I believe you will find it absolutely worth your efforts. After all, you are in training here to be a Priest/ess of Wicca!

While Wicca is one of the fastest growing religions today, many people stop at the most basic, shallow level and miss out on the best stuff Wicca has to offer.

You're not going to miss out, though!

You already have the enthusiasm, and here you’ll get the guidance, and between the two of us you're going to experience something truly miraculous!

What This Course Is

Presumably you've done some research and discovered that Wicca speaks to something deep in your heart. You may have already experienced Wiccan rituals (or not), and you're ready to really experience what Wicca is all about.

Well, you've definitely come to the right place! Wicca-School Winking Witch © Wicca-Spirituality.com

Coven Work

If you are part of a Coven, you can do this course on your own to get up to speed, or your whole Coven could go through the course together — everything in this course can easily be adapted for groups.

Taking this course together is a valuable process that'll bond and develop your Coven, especially if you're all just starting out, or if members have been self-taught and might have gaps in knowledge.

This course was specifically designed to give you all you need to become a practicing, capable Wiccan. It will show you, step-by-step, exactly how to start and what to do, as well as leading you to make your own spiritual discoveries.

I'd like to let you know that I feel deeply honoured that you have come to this course to learn how to be a Wiccan. And I don't take your trust lightly! I've done my very best to make this the very best guide to being a Wiccan possible.

I know that, together, we can discover the mysteries and wonders of Wicca — and of life, and of yourself as well.

This decision will guide your steps throughout your life — even if you eventually decide not to be Wiccan, what you learn here will continue to serve you well in many ways.

This Lesson Explains...

This preparatory lesson explains what A Year And A Day will give you, how the course works, how to get the greatest benefit out of it, and what you need to get started.

It concludes with a beautiful Wiccan prayer that you can use throughout your practice as a Wiccan, and it’s a wonderful way to begin any Wiccan practice or meditation.

But let’s begin with the Big Picture — the balance between following “rules” and finding your own Wicca.

The Balance Between Your Authority & Your Studentship

As you go through this course, I’ll be telling you what things are and what they mean and how to do them. This is necessary, since as a beginner you may not know even where to start. But there’s a very important thing that needs to be said:

All the “rules” I give you are only starting points for your own understanding. They aren't meant to bind you forever.

In a spiritual, mystical path like Wicca Spirituality, you are assumed to be aware enough to make good choices for yourself, and not be a spiritual-child who needs simple rules to follow — the religious equivalent to being admonished to “never run with scissors.”

You may not have all the information to make those choices yet (that's what this course is for! Wicca-School Winking Witch © Wicca-Spirituality.com) but Wicca Spirituality maintains that only you can know what is right for you.

"Goddess" Is Generic

Note: I tend to use the word "Goddess" as a generic word for the Divine more than the word "God," to help keep us in the best Wiccan mindset.

(Also, the way we've been raised, "God" tends to evoke ideas of the Old Guy In The Sky, which is very much not what we're talking about! Wicca-School Winking Witch © Wicca-Spirituality.com)

In this instance, however, I mean the Feminine Face of Divinity in particular.

You are your own final authority on your spiritual path. So although I will share with you how I perceive Wicca to be, my beliefs about Wicca Spirituality, and my spiritual experience, it's helpful to remember that this is only one way of seeing things. Others have different opinions.

Wiccans and Rules

Some things in Wicca are immutable. The Wiccan Rede, the Sacred Balance, the Three-Fold Law, and honouring both Goddess and the Earth leap immediately to mind. Wicca-School Winking Witch © Wicca-Spirituality.com

Some things are so firmly fixed in Wicca that if you change enough of them you can’t really call yourself a Wiccan. The Wheel of the Year, the associations of the Elements, shifting consciousness, and working with non-human allies such as stones or herbs or animals, for example.

Most things, however, are very flexible and can be adapted by each individual Witch, such as the use of magick, how the seasons and moons are celebrated, how you worship the deities, and especially the spiritual beliefs you develop.

In Wicca Spirituality, there is no dogma or belief system that you must accept.

There are no rules you must follow, except the Wiccan Rede — the one indispensable procedure for spiritual growth.

What’s With Everybody Saying What Wiccans MUST Do?

Wicca can start to sound just like any other religion. People will tell you there are all these rules — you have to do this and that, and say such and so, on a certain day, facing a particular direction, etc.

Stay Tuned:

We'll introduce the Wiccan Rede in the next lesson.

Of course, teachers need to do that to get a student started when it's all so new that you don't have any idea yet. But no Wiccan is supposed to be imposing rules on anyone. (It goes against the very Law of Wicca: the Wiccan Rede.)

Eventually, you will understand for yourself WHY we do things in a certain way... and you’ll get a sense of when you don't need to do them that way (and when you do!).

And eventually, you can do away with all the rules and let the Divine guide you directly.

That’s what the goal is. So always, always, keep in mind that these rules are starting points.

You will one day have the experience to sort out for yourself what works for you and what doesn’t. And you're not only free to adapt things to your own needs, you must to do so to be an effective Wiccan.

One day. Not quite yet though.

For now, as a beginner, please follow the guidelines as I lay them out. They are proven and safe. And where there’s room for you to begin to stretch your creative wings, I’ll let you know it’s okay to adapt things. If the waiting chafes at you, consider:

You need to understand
what these rules accomplish,
before you can know when & how
to break them effectively

So two things to keep in mind as you go through this course:

  1. It’s important to start out by doing things as they're explained, without alteration.
  2. Keep in mind that as we go along, you should always be thinking:

  • I wonder why it’s done this way.
  • Does it work well?
  • Could it be improved on?
  • Does this feel right to me?
  • How would I do it differently, if I had free rein?
  • Is there a reason it’s not done the way I would?
  • What might the results be, if I did it that way?

This kind of contemplation, exploration, and imagination will prepare you well for spreading your wings and flying free of the rules one day.

Real Wiccans think — and act! — for themselves. We don’t passively absorb and accept whatever others tell us. You can begin practicing this all-important life skill right now! Wicca-School Smilie Witch © Wicca-Spirituality.com

Your mind is your most important tool
as a Wiccan.

Continue with Welcome, part 2:
What This Course Is About,
Why a Year & a Day,
Being a Solitary Wiccan

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