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Astrology divination is one of the most complex divination methods. Don't be fooled by the gross oversimplifications that show up in your daily newspaper. Those are like a child's first clay ashtray compared to the Faberge Egg!

The intricacies of astrology done by a master are incredibly precise and penetrating.

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Astrology Divination for Beginners

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This, however, makes it one of the more daunting divination tools for beginners.

On the plus side, it's one of the divination methods that are the least dependent on psychic abilities.

Since reading a horoscope is such a complex science, beginners often find themselves coming to false conclusions. A Taurus is not always pushy, for instance, nor a Virgo always well-organized.

Still, it's fun to play with, and fairly easy to begin -- if you're willing to laugh at yourself and take it lightly.

To really use this tool well, you must be committed to a long process of study and practice before the Zodiac will yield up her rich harvest to your seeking mind.

A Non-Psychic Friendly Divination Method

Horoscopes, as divination tools, are geared more to the overall picture than answering specific questions.

But they show the big picture in such exquisite detail that it satisfies most needs.

This is also a non-psychic divination method, utilizing scientific calculation and information charts that have been developed over millennia in place of intuition -- for the most part.

(With all divination methods, there is room for intuition and psychic abilities to improve the reading.)

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