Professional Affirmation CDs — Are They Worth It?

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Professional affirmation CDs can really make the difference, when you want to improve some aspect of your life. They're like a power boost to your positive affirmations.

Think about it — there are several reasons why saying self affirmations can be slow-working. The old "inner tapes" ...
  • play in your mind almost 24 / 7, and most people only do affirmations for a few minutes a day.

  • were programmed in by other people — voices of authority — which makes them more difficult to overcome.

  • are tricky to word properly, since our mental blind-spots tend to keep us right where we've been all along.

  • describe what you already subconsciously believe, so replacing them has to get really deeply into your mind.
I recently bought some professional affirmation CDs for the first time. I wasn't sure I'd like them, or that they'd really make much difference (so I made sure there was an excellent easy return policy wicca-spirituality-winking_witch).

I found that they actually made a lot more improvement than I'd expected.

Benefits of Affirmation CDs

Here's what I think made the difference. Well-done positive affirmation CDs give several advantages ...
  1. Music that shifts your mind into alpha or other states of consciousness, so the positive message imprints deeply into your subconscious, not just paints over the surface of your beliefs.
  2. You can listen to the affirmation CDs continually in the background, giving them as much or more "run-time" as the old inner tapes get.
  3. You are reminded to listen to them once or twice a day with full attention, which gives the best results. (Otherwise, most of us don't give full attention to our affirmations, but do them while we wash dishes or whatever.)
  4. Professional affirmations are, ideally, worded in the most effective way possible —something that can be hard to do on our own
  5. Hearing the affirmations from a third person facilitator subconsciously gives you permission to believe this new programming.
  6. The voices that affirmation CDs use can lend the affirmations more credibility and believability.
  7. They make it easy to do the affirmations, so you're more likely to actually do them regularly.

You can't do too many affirmations! The more you do them or listen to them, the better your results.

My Experience With Professional Affirmation CDs

I found that some were more effective than others. I bought the bonus set of 2 CDs and got a third one free from Think Right Now.

The first one I used was on confidence — something I'd been working on for a while. With this affirmation CD, I noticed by Day 10 that I was beginning to hear myself automatically using the positive affirmations. When something would happen during the course of the day, triggering an automatic response, my inner voice was responding with these new positive messages!

As you might imagine, I was really impressed with this!

Another of the affirmation CDs was on exercising — something I haven't been working with, and a major challenge in my life.

With this one I found it took longer for the effects to filter into my life. But I did notice changes happening there too.

How Did I Get Such Good Results?

I think why these Think Right Now affirmation CDs work so well is partly in the way I used them.

How you practice positive affirmations is, as you probably know, just as important as the affirmations themselves. So I made sure I was doing everything possible to get the best possible benefits. Even though I have a lot of experience and training in using affirmations, I even wrote to the Think Right Now company to make sure I was using their CDs in the way they'd found most effective.

(These aren't subliminal affirmations that you can't hear, but statements of more positive beliefs and thoughts that you are using to replace the old nonfunctional belief habits.)

So here's my method for getting excellent results...

My Method

  • As I listened to the affirmation CDs, I sat with eyes closed in a comfortable position, at a time when I could relax and not be disturbed.

    According to the Think Right Now people, just before bed is the best time because you're "in the optimal state for absorbing and accepting" the new belief programmes.

  • I turned the volume loud enough to hear easily, but not so loud that it felt pushy or invasive, which would make me resist the messages.

  • Hearing each affirmation, I intended to be open to it and let these new beliefs in.

  • After each, I repeated the positive affirmation to myself in the quiet space.

  • I smiled a little, and nodded slightly to myself the entire time, saying to myself things like "yes, that's true..." and feeling that it is true.

    (The physical acts of smiling, and nodding or looking up and down rhythmically, have been proven to influence your mind to accept something as true. Watch how often it is used in commercials — the bouncing ball technique, and happily nodding salespeople.)

I think this made a big difference in how quickly and deeply the affirmation CDs shifted my mental patterns and became my new habitual thoughts.

Their Method

It may also be due to the specific work that the Think Right Now team has done. They researched what successful people say to themselves and how they act in the world.

Then they filter this information down to affirmations that seem to be the most critical to their success in whatever area: eating for good health, time management, confidence, public speaking, better sleep, etc.

That's what you are imprinting when you listen to these.


So I'm now a convert to using professional affirmation CDs.

The Think Right Now affirmation CDs are very effective. I haven't tried other brands, so I can't do a comparison — I probably won't shop around now that I found something that works.

And the best part about using this company, I think, is that you have a full 6 months to try them out for yourself, and you simply return them if you don't want to keep them. I think that's crucial when trying out something new, especially on the internet.

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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