~ Year of the Ox ~
Predictions for the Lunar New Year 2021

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2021 is the Year of the Ox. It's the year of the Metal Ox, to be specific.

The core prediction for 2021 is that the Ox should be a better year, by all accounts.

What i love about the Asian New Year (besides it recognising the Moon's influence as well as the Sun's) is that each year is correlated with an animal representing the main astrological influence for the year.

In other words, it clearly shows the energy of the coming year!

Year of the Ox: Happy Lunar New Year 2021 from erin Dragonsong © Wicca-Spirituality.com

2021: Year of the Ox (Metal Ox)

The Year of the Ox should be a better year, for most of us.

Not a hugely transformative year, but the energy is of diligently, persistently moving forward. There is stability and greater security in an Ox year, and struggles should ease for most. (Depending on your personal Chinese horoscope sign, which influences how the year's energy will play out on the individual level.)

The Year of the Ox is about building in a steady way. Hard work, discipline, resolution, and service to a greater cause are the best qualities you can bring to this year.

However, don't assume this means to work work work! Taking lots of breaks, getting outside with your feet on the Earth, breathing in the calm energizing air will get you further than working nonstop.

Resilience and patience are also key.

And FOCUS — keep your attention on what's in front of you... in other words, turn off the news and live your life in the circle of reality that is your immediate environment and community... and your own body, mind, emotions, and spiritual connection.

Aim to keep things simple and stable.

The motto for 2021 could well be: Keep Calm & Carry On.

Finances and career, and most aspects of life, should improve this year.


The one caution is to take very good care of your physical well-being and immune system.

  • Get all the rest your body needs!
  • Drink lots of pure, structured — or blessed — water
  • Eat foods with the maximum life force: organic, local, seasonal, outdoor-raised, with some raw or juicing
  • Eat the rainbow of foods every day, primarily vegetables
  • Take the key supplements: Vit C, Vit D, zinc, selenium, B-complex, etc.
  • Reduce sugar intake!!!
  • Drink herbal teas, mushroom coffees (if not fighting off infection), etc. You don't need to buy most of these teas: tea from local plants is often best (do your research first, though, to make sure they're safe for your specific situation). These help get more nutrients into your body.

Lungs are associated with the Metal element so support your lungs— deep breathing practices and breath-holding practices, like Wim Hof breathing, for example, are very beneficial. (You can learn the basic method in this video — it's the one i still use.)

Be as present in your body as you can, this year. Move with deliberation, act with awareness. Accidents can increase in an Ox year, but if you are careful and attentive, you will balance that tendency... and increase your Presence at the same time. :-)


The Year of the Ox is not a good year for making major changes or moves, so postpone those if you can.

And in a metal year, pared down, simplified, polished, and clean is ideal.

With a metal year, it's a perfect time to clean house, declutter, and wash everything down... especially in the bedroom. And keep it clean throughout the year.

This will also help you sleep better, and Ox works best with solid rest.

This is particularly important when you've been through a tough time. Clearing away the old reminders of unhappiness, illness, struggle, and loss opens up the energy to bring in better times.

The Ox thrives in calm and peace, so we should see more of that this year. The more calm and peace you can bring to your life and environment, the better.

Same with your mental and emotional inner-space: your thoughts and emotions determine your fortune, to a great degree. So clear out negative thoughts, heal old traumas, and generate as much positive feeling as you can.

The Big Three, i've found, are...
  1. Love
  2. Joy
  3. Thanks

Do What You Can To Attract Good Fortune

Everything in here so far will help bring wellbeing and good fortune to you. There are also specific associations for the Metal Ox year that may also be useful...

  • Best colors for 2021: White, grey, silver and silvery-metallics (also good may be: yellow, dark blue, and purple)
  • Accent colours: Red and green, to help bring balance
  • Metal accessories increase luck in a metal year
  • Lucky numbers for this year: 6, 12, 23, 41
  • Stones for 2021 : Jade, Emerald, and Coral
  • Plants for 2021: Roses and green, vibrant potted plants
  • Dancing, especially in structured ways and in community, will call in good fortune in the Year of the Ox. (Ox doesn't like disharmony, though, so music that's disruptive to the cells is best avoided — eg, heavy metal and rap)

There's a whole lot more that could be said, but this is a good quick overview.

May your year be overflowing with blessings and joy Erin!

May Love-Light smile on you & yours

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

Witch Love Smilie  ©  Wicca Spirituality

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