Tiamat's Story

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I am Tiamat, Dragon-Goddess of the Primordial Cosmos. You may have heard My name, and even some of My story, however distorted it may have been.

Now the time is ripe for the world to hear the full tale, as only I can tell it.

Way back when the universe was young, almost before time itself, and there was no Earth nor anything living on the Earth, before names were named, before destinies were devised... there was only I: the Goddess Tiamat: the Glistening One, the winged lion, the Feathered Dragon.

I, Tiamat, ruled all that is, and I ruled alone... revelling in Power and Life and the Great Cosmic Dance...

But I grew tired of dancing alone.

Tiamat Gives Birth to the Gods

So I allowed the Power of My Joy and Love to overflow and take on a life of its own... and become Apsu: my beloved Consort, my first and most cherished child.

And in the course of time, I gave birth to the rest of the Gods and Goddesses: They are all My children... everything that is, is from Me and is part of Me.

It's impossible to describe the life of the Gods to you mortals, but I can tell you that all was well for countless aeons. We learnt and interacted and played and grew like any beings must.

Until that dark day that the young Gods grew up, as youngsters do, and chafed under the leadership of Us, Their Divine parents.

Discord Amongst the Gods

The restless young Gods decided that They should reign supreme, and not have to listen to Their Mother and Father... ultimately they wanted to break away from Me, Their Mother (because even after the Consort was born, the Source-of-All still rules by natural right).

I was the Source, the eldest, the wise one. I have the longest view and the widest perspective of any. My love is as infinite as my reach. And I am the fabric that all the others are made of.

But the younger generation of Gods generated constant discord.

They challenged Their Father first, because They knew deep down that They couldn't the erase the Origin... because They could not leave Their Mother; I am the fabric of Their (and all) existence. They are made of Me, so it was impossible to truly get rid of Me.

However, They continuously provoked and opposed their Father, harassing Him until He was worn to His wits end, unable to sleep or rest or think or do anything that a God may wish to do. So Apsu came to Me, insisting that We must kill these disruptive, destructive children.

But I refused this, because of course a Mother loves all Her children beyond knowing, beyond dispute.

So the bitter rivalry continued.

The Rage of the Dragon

Tiamat Dragon Goddess stone carving, close-up © Wicca-Spirituality.com
In the end, the other Gods killed Their Father, My sacred consort, and I must admit that I, Tiamat, Mother of All, in the rages of My grief I burned to revenge Him.

So the Gods and the Source, the Children and the Mother were truly at war.

Naturally I am a most fearsome opponent, and the battle was not going well for the younger Gods. So They chose a champion to lead Them to victory: a hotheaded young bull of a storm-God named Marduk.

And the battle went on for aeons in mortal time, though fairly quickly for Us. The cataclysm raged like a wildfire through the Cosmos, and the dread of that battle persists in the mind of the Gods ever since.

But in the end, My son Marduk was victorious and he slew Me, His Mother, flesh of His flesh, Source of His life.

They call Me ferocious and merciless, but I was crazed with grief for My love, and later I was fighting for My very life.

Marduk's Ascendancy

Flushed with victory, Marduk made a new place for the Gods to live. From My slain body, from the body of His Mother, eternal Tiamat, Marduk fashioned the Earth and all the things of the Earth, and He fashioned the Heavens and all the things of the Heavens.

He takes the credit and the glory, but it is still all of Me... there is no Source but Tiamat.

For all these achievements, Marduk became ruler of the gods.

Yet the story doesn't end there. Of course Marduk's peace — bought with blood and betrayal, feeding greed and self-glorification — would end, because the junior Gods, the next generation, the Anunnaki would also revolt in Their turn.

Creation of Humankind

The Anunnaki, as junior Gods, were the servants of the higher Gods, but in time They rebelled — no longer willing to be the servants. They wanted slaves of Their own, those who could take over all the labour foisted on the Anunnaki.

To quell this rebellion, Marduk fashioned humankind. He created humans to be the servants of all the Gods including the Anunnaki, so that the Gods were free of labour and strife.

And for this Marduk became confirmed as the King of the Gods for all of time, and was worshiped as the King of the Gods and of the world and of humanity.

But all was standing on the foundation of the Mother, Tiamat, I who continue to sustain all of existence and the Gods, even in My death.

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The Return of Tiamat!

This tale, so far, you may have heard before.

Of course, in this tale no one questions the fact that Gods are immortal... and who more than Tiamat: the Origin, the Generatrix?

I was gravely wounded it's true, but one cannot kill a Goddess... especially one cannot kill this Goddess. I was here before existence; I will be here when all returns to dust and less than dust.

Over the aeons, while the Gods and men thought Me safely dead and buried, I have naturally been healing and regenerating.

And My time is come... My return is at hand.

In this holy era (praise be), I have been reborn!

Tiamat Rising, Everywhere Arising

Look closely... you can see Me. You see My roots; you see My sprouts in all of things, in all of you — in the Gods, in humankind, in the Earth and Heavens themselves. You see My seedlings reaching deep, reaching to the light, everywhere in the world.

I am coming back: the Mother reborn to take Her rightful place as nurturer, caregiver, healer, re-Generatrix, beneficent leader and munificent ruler once more.

I am the antidote to all those painful ages of being ruled by the father-warrior, the taker of life. I am the giver of life.

The Dragon's Essence

I am called Dragon because I am the Elemental Force: chaos, darkness, Cosmos — pure Power, absolute Mystery. I am the underlying truth of all reality. I am the serpent holding My own tail in My mouth: the alpha and omega; infinity... and wholeness.

I am called Dragon because smaller beings look on Me with awe and fear and hope and worship.

But there is no need to fear your Mother: no matter how omnipotent I may be, My essence is Love and Creation. Turn to Me when you yearn for rebirth, renewal. I am always here for you.

Especially now, when you need Me the most.

Blessed be!