Is Your Subconscious Mind
Blocking Your Magick??

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Why does magick — or healing or even everyday goals (like finding love, increasing abundance, etc.) — too often fail to succeed?

There are a few reasons, but the biggest reason is this...

In our subconscious mind,
we harbour DOUBTS.

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When we truly BELIEVE, to the depths of our bones and being, that something will happen, it will happen. That's why we do magick and why we pray for miracles the way we do — so they will help us believe that what we wish for is not only possible but is actually REAL.

The problem is, on a subconscious level, we have a lot of doubt.

Doubt about magick in general, and doubt about our own magickal ability in particular.

If you want to work miracles, you have to believe deep in your subconscious that miracles are possible!

The Subconscious Mind Is The Boss Of You

This is vital to understand, because the subconscious can believe the complete opposite from what your conscious mind believes. Your conscious mind may believe that you can create miracles, yet your subconscious mind may disagree.

And in any such conflict of beliefs, your subconscious automatically wins.

Why is that? 3 reasons...

  • Because the subconscious mind is in charge of 90% of your mental and physical activity
  • Because the subconscious runs non-stop, day and night, for your whole life (whereas your conscious thoughts on any one subject are probably very fleeting)
  • Because the subconscious operates on a deeper brainwave frequency than the conscious mind — a frequency that is in direct contact with Source Energy

Think of the subconscious mind like a smartphone that's connected directly to the Cloud (the Source). All the apps and information on the phone automatically upload to the Cloud, where it's stored and can be shared. That goes on 24 / 7 / 365.

In contrast, the conscious mind is like a landline. If you want to share information, you need to find the right number, make the call, and vocally input information. AND... try to upload an app that way!

The subconscious holds the "apps" — the patterns, programmes, and beliefs — that run the software of your mind and the hardware of your life experiences.

Parental & Societal Programming of Disbelief

Your subconscious beliefs are programmed mostly by the age of seven.

Until that age, you absorbed everything you experienced, felt, understood, and were told as absolute truth. It became your operating system for living in this world.

Unfortunately, this means that you took on all of your parents doubts, misbeliefs, fears, and so on.

The critical point is that you took these in as FACT, regardless of how accurate or misguided they may be.

Think back for a minute. Do you remember all the ways your parents, siblings, teachers, friends, and others squelched your belief in magick, or your magickal ability?

Probably not, but you probably remember some of them. You probably heard things like...

  • "That's not real life; that's just fantasy"
  • "You can't do that! It's impossible!"
  • "You're imagining it"
  • "Magick only happens in fairy tales"
  • "There is no Santa Claus"
  • "You're too old to believe in such things"
  • (or even the incredible) "Magick is evil and miracles come from the devil"

We need to reprogramme these beliefs, if we want to overcome the shackles they place on our lives.

We have to believe it with more than just the surface of our minds, though. Reprogramming such core beliefs akes certain skills and specific techniques. (I can help you with this, by the way... see below.)

What's The Foolproof Way To Know
What Your Subconscious Believes?

Look at your life experiences.

Whatever beliefs are programmed into your subconscious are playing out in your daily life as health or illness/incapacity, love or loneliness, prosperity or scarcity, success or struggle....

So in order to change your experiences, you must change the beliefs held in your subconscious — beliefs that you may not even be aware are in there!

How To Change Your Subconscious Mind

If you want to work miracles, you have to believe deep in your subconscious that miracles are possible!

The problem is, the subconscious mind is notoriously tricky to change.

How do you make that change?

I can help you with a special technique I've discovered that is super-effective at reprogramming the subconscious mind and clear away the subconscious blocks that are keeping you stuck. I'm starting a group class to teach this, or you can also get private sessions, so email me if you want to know more.

There are things you can do on your own, though. For instance, start to really notice when something magickal or miraculous happens!

That's where the Miracles Archive comes in. That's the next page in this series...

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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