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A solitary is a Wiccan who practices on her own. Or rather, in the sole company of the Divine. For many Witches, that is all the company she needs.

As every Wiccan is the priestess of her own religion, it makes no difference whether she practices with others or solitary.

In Wicca, wherever one calls the name of the Divine, the Divine is present.

How Does A Solitary Learn To Practice Wicca?

A solitary often learns Wicca from a combination of instinct and written material.

It's also common for a solitary Wiccan to take workshops and sometimes participate in public rituals, both of which are great learning opportunities.

A solitary may be initiated at some time, or create a self-initiation. Some find that the Goddess has initiated her, spontaneously. wicca-spirituality-winking_witch You'll know it when it happens.

All Witches Are Solitaries

A Witch may also practice on her own, yet celebrate the High Holy Days or other occasions with other Witches. You don't lose your solitary standing by also celebrating with others.

In fact, most every Witch practices solitary Wicca, because we don’t save Wicca for Full Moon Circles and Sabbats or whenever our groups meet.

We are casting spells, invoking the Goddess, or communing with nature spirits all by ourselves, all the time. If we're living La Vida Wicca, it's guaranteed that we practice solitary Wicca.

The Benefits of Wicca Solitary Practice

The primary benefit of being a Wicca solitary is complete openness. You are serving only your Deities, so you are free to practice however you see fit. Your rituals can be completely spontaneous and utterly unorthodox.

Some people are better suited for solitary than group practice. People who are very introverted may prefer solitary practice.

Some Witches, especially those who are extremely sensitive, with limited ability to contain energies, can find being in any kind of group challenging. To these, doing magick in groups can be almost impossible.

Working solitary allows them to be as open to the Divine as they wish, without taking on others' energies.

The Limitations of Wicca Solitary Practice

When it's done well, working magick with others can raise much more energy than one Witch can raise working solitary. (But this is not always feasible, as noted above.)

Another limitation is the difficulty of following a spiritual practice on your own.

There are ways to learn from others - like open public rituals and Wicca workshops. But to advance past a certain point on your spiritual Path requires being fully visible to others who can serve as mentors and guides.

And it is harder to maintain spiritual practice without spiritual community. This is as true in Wicca as in Buddhism, Yoga, and Christianity. Spiritual community helps us move forward on our Path in a way true solitude can't.

These issues are more challenging for a solitary to resolve, than for a Witch who works in groups. But if she is dedicated, she can find other means to fill these needs.

Forums and email lists are one option. And solitary Wiccans may like to show their allegiance with obviously Wiccan jewelry, to be visible to the Wiccan community.

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Solitaries, Circles, And Covens - Oh My!

Which way is right? Which is True Wicca? None!

In case you haven't noticed yet, there really are no rules in Wicca spirituality, save one: Follow your heart, and do what you deem right for you.

Each way has its benefits and its limitations. Which way is best depends on the Witch involved.

Anyone who tells you there is One Right Way is a victim of their own dogma. You may empathise with their need for certainty, but don't let them convince you that any other way is less worthy or real.

Read that again . . .

There is no one right way to practice.

In a mystical religion such as Wicca, you are called upon to practice in whatever manner pleases you and your Gods. You and your Divine Source are the only ones who know what's best for you.

So listen to your own heart. And follow its advice. It's the only one you can be sure has only your best interests at heart.

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