The Secret of Effective Magick

Want Your Life to Take a New Direction?

Sometimes the Secret to Magick is More Worldly than Otherworldly

Seems like everyone I've talked to in the last few months is coming to a place in their lives where they're ready to move forward in some way.

Some part of their lives where they've felt stuck or been held back is ready to shift. They feel so DONE with the past, and eager to kick off in a new direction.

How exciting!

It seems that something in the Energy Field of the world has shifted... things that we wanted to do, but couldn't, have now become possible!

And not a moment too soon! is the general consensus. Wicca-School Winking Witch ©

Sometimes, though, such a shift can get stuck.

Being Congruent: Your Desires & Your Actions

If you're in a situation that seems stuck — wanting to move forward with your life goals, but somehow not being able to — then there's a little trick you should know.

To start, let's set the stage with a little background info...

Whatever you are doing, wherever your choices and actions lead you... what you're essentially doing is showing yourself how much you're worth, and how important (or not) you are to yourself.

Not only that, but even more crucially, you're telling the Universe that's all that you're worth, and that's the most you deserve.

Not Under Your Control?

This is the same whether it's a situation that put yourself into consciously, or one that you just find yourself in without conscious volition.

It makes no difference if it seems like it "just happened to you" — if it's happening in your life, there's a reason.

Your mission, then, should you choose to accept it, is simple: When that happens, figure out what that situation is telling you about your self-worth. Let me be clear — This is not about how the world, the Universe, or the Divine perceives your self-worth... only about how you do.

If you're not getting to where you want to be, you can be sure there's a disconnect, an incongruency between what you think and say you want and what you're actually doing.

So your real-life actions are belying your words… as well as your thoughts and feelings. And the Universe will believe what your actions show, because what we really believe, deep down inside, is what we act on.

This is not just you, by the way: everyone does this to some degree, at some point in their lives.

Happily, there's an alternative that's more beneficial to your life.

Tell the Universe You Want Something Better
— Here's How

If you want something more from your life, you need to know this secret:

It's a requirement of the manifestation process
to actually act on your desires
and live them out in your daily choices.

2   I define "true desires" this way in the Dragonsong Dictionary of Spirit...

"The Call of your soul or deepest heart toward some goal.

Your soul leads you to your Life Mission through your aptitudes and desires. So if you follow your true desires closely, you will be following your Life Mission.

True desires have lasting benefit and satisfaction... something that fulfills your needs in the long-term... where the results are as desired as the action, that is, the end and the means are both beneficial."

In other words, with indulgences you often pay an unpleasant price for it afterwards, though you may have enjoyed it in the moment. True desires create results as lovely as the moments.

Obviously we're not talking about craziness or violating another's rights. You can desire a rock star all you want, but you can't start stalking one! You can desire to learn to fly, but you don't jump off a building!

This is most effective with true desires, as opposed to fleeting indulgences. 2

Your actions are the part where prove to the Universe what you truly want, and believe you deserve.

Of course, there's also the part where you affirm your choices

wicca-spirituality Star Button   When something good happens, you tell yourself — and your body, and the Universe — "Yes!!! I love this; this is what I want more of... thank you thank you thank you!"
wicca-spirituality Star Button   And when something not so good happens, you use that as an opportunity to refocus and say "What I really want, Universe, is _______" ... and then find a way to enact that in some way in your real life

The affirmation can be a big thing, like leaving a relationship or a job that's soul-destroying or making you ill. It can also be just a small action… like walking away from someone who is unpleasant.

And of course there's the option of doing symbolic action, as Wiccans do in the form of sympathetic magick and spell-casting... but the magick has to be in addition to your actions, not contrary to them. That's where magick gets really powerful!

A Real Magick "Trick"

The trick here is this: The first part of magick is that you have to live out what you want more of... in whatever way you can, as much as possible.

Essentially, to have more of your desires come true, start living your your desires — start affirming your worth to yourself and the Universe!

That's what it means when I say look at the choices that you're making and the situations that you find yourself in, to discover what that reflects about your self-valuing, and what you're telling the Universe that you want.

And this is how it increases the effectiveness of your magick spells, or visualisations or prayers or whatever you do to Call your desired future to you.

If You Want to Make a Change...
You Need to Actually Do Something Different

I'm reminded of a very apt quote by P Aaron:

If you want something you've never had,
you must be willing to do
something you've never done.

Without that, no affirmations or visualizations or magick is going to change your life. It won't have the necessary power to change your life, in contradiction to the power of your actions.

If you undermine your manifestation Intentions on a constant basis, telling the Universe one thing and then essentially saying, with your body, "No no no, that's not really truly what I want; don't listen to me; just give me more of the same old mess"... what else can a loving Universe do??

Now you know a big secret for effective manifestation!

You might try putting it into action right now... as I'm doing, with my toes in the ocean. Wicca-School Smilie Witch ©

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

Witch Love Smilie  ©  Wicca Spirituality

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