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Quick Trick to Save Birds! 🦜

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Plate glass windows in homes are a great risk to the bird population, but here's a way you can help protect the birds.

According to, which seems to have the most specific numbers, every year, between 365 million and 988 million birds die from crashing into windows in the United States alone. That’s about a BILLION birds, folks!

And it’s not skyscrapers, as you might assume. It’s a pretty even split between low-rise apartment buildings and homes.

So, i’m sure that you, as a Nature lover, care about this and want to do your part to protect the birds.

My house is one of the worst! Having windows on both sides of the house, the birds think they can fly straight through at high speeds. 😢

So i’ve experimented with many different ways to warn the birds. This is definitely the most low-tech, which everyone can do, so i thought i’d share it with you.

How to Make Bird-Safe Windows
In 3 Minutes Or Less


  • a bar of soap
  • maybe a stepladder or a ladder, depending on the height of your windows
  • (that’s it!)


Bird-Friendly Windows - flowers   ©
This couldn't be easier! Simply take the bar of soap and draw on the outside of your windows.

You can draw absolutely anything.

I like to draw things that are like magick spells for my windows (well, i am a Witch after all!).

So i draw symbols to bring in luck, happiness, success, abundance, and so on. And since i’m not an artist at all, these tend to be very simplistic symbols, like flowers, stars, happy faces....

Here’s The Key Trick To Make It Bird-Friendly

You need to make sure that ...
  1. the horizontal spaces are less than 4” (10 cm) wide
  2. the vertical spaces less are than 6” (15 cm) high

The spaces need to look small enough that the birds look at it and say to themselves, “there’s NO WAY i’d fit through there!”

Have Fun! Get Creative!

Bird-Safe Window Trick  ©
You could draw anything at all... a landscape, a birthday card, a tarot image, runes or sigils. You could draw squares or diamond-shapes like old-fashioned window panes. You could write inspirational quotes. Or you could keep it simple and just doodle some swoopy lines all over the window.

(I think the birds avoid loose, looping lines even more than geometric ones... they look like they could flap around and snag an unsuspecting wing.)

One nice thing about this is that the lines are pretty faint from the inside... and even subtle from the outside, except when the sun is shining right on them. Since that sunlight poses the greatest risk — causing your windows to look reflective, mirroring sky and trees that trick the birds into thinking they can fly straight through — this is perfect!

One downside (maybe) is that it will wash off in heavy rains, but it’s quick to reapply... and you get to try out new window designs if you want!

So now you know... there’s no time to waste — grab a soap and make your home safe for all the lovely birds!

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

Witch Love Smilie  ©  Wicca Spirituality

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