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Here's what some of our happy customers have to say about the Personal Mandala Starter Kit...

"One Suggestion"

I wanted to praise your e-book about mandalas. I just bought it 15 minutes ago, and I'm already so excited to make my first mandala!

I was not sure if mandalas would be too difficult for to make (being artistically challenged and all! lol). However, your e-book is totally reassuring and easy-to-follow.

One suggestion I would like to make is that you may want to mention how many pages the e-books are, on the advertisement page. This way, potential customers will see how great it is that over 100 pages of info and templates are only 35 dollars!

I'm going to suggest your e-book to my friends who are artsy. I'm sure at least some of them would love to to learn to make mandalas, too.

Your e-book really is a awesome.

And, it's such a bargain!

~ Erica Durante, USA

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"The Mandala Kit Exceeds Expectations"

For a couple of years I’ve been working with mandalas. I started out coloring mandala coloring books which was fun, but after awhile I wanted to make my own designs.

Let me preface this in saying that I have absolutely no artistic ability whatsoever. I don’t know how to draw, paint, etc. I got a digital mandala creation program which is really fun, but I wanted to do it myself by hand. I considered sand mandalas but figured since I’m not adept at crafts that I’d make more of a mess than a visually pleasing mandala. I was at a loss on how to proceed until I found your mandala ebook program.

Okay, I was skeptical about it to be honest. However, this program is as simple or complicated as I personally determine to make it. You can simply print of some of the templates and start working with them.

You can also work with the ebooks step by step to learn techniques to create some really beautiful designs.

What I really like about the mandala program is that it is understandable and doable from the perspective of a NON-artist type.

For what I receive in the program, I feel that you have severely under priced the books. Quite seriously, you could easily be selling this kit for $100. To pick it up for $35 is a steal.

You describe what the kit contains and offers exceptionally well on the website, so there are no surprises or disappointments.

I’m careful about recommending products to people because money is tight in these economic times for a lot of people.

The very nature of this kit with it’s ability to be used over and over and over again for years and years is in and of itself a HUGE buying point.

My ONLY complaint is that right now the e-course isn’t ready. You can BET that I’ll be the first in line to order that the SECOND it becomes available, and I’ll write another review at that time.

When I recommend something my criteria are:
  • Did I get what I paid for?

  • Ease of use?

  • Fun factor and

  • Overall value.
In all of these areas the mandala kit EXCEEDS expectations. You get more than expected for your money, it’s not complicated, and it’s doggone FUN!

In fact, buyer beware, creating beautiful mandalas can be addictive. I blew off at least one day of work to stay home and just have FUN!


~ Dawn Moreno, Belen, New Mexico
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"Even As An Artist, I Found It Useful"

Marissa's Mandala

I made my first mandala ever and I'm really happy with it...I gave it to my sweetheart for a Valentines present.

Drawing mandalas is kind of limitless…. There's no rules so you can just kind of go with it.

It's something you can do over and over again and not get tired of, because there's so much you can do with it. I'm planning to make tattoos with it!

The detailed template is the best part. The templates really help! It was easy to make a mandala...This was my first one but it was still really good. Even though it's not perfectly symmetrical, it looks symmetrical…

Using a compass and rulers and stuff is too much work. Compasses are hard to use and they make a hole in the middle of the paper. I don't know that I'd want to put that much effort into it. Maybe if I didn't know there was something better, but now that I know about this mandala kit, I wouldn't want to draw mandalas without it.

The point of it for me was that it was easy to do, and fun, peaceful and it wouldn't have been that way if I'd tried to do it by myself without the kit.

I totally got into it, once I started I couldn't put it down until I finished.

Even as an artist, I found this system totally useful... it was a really good creativity outlet, for ideas and designs and stuff.

It's easier than a painting or full-on drawing but more substantial than a doodle .

What I especially like about it is stress-relief... this has the potential to be really calming and relaxing. I would love it if I could be relieved of stress because school is so high-stress.

Now I've got bragging rights ... Look what I can do that you can do, or that you can't! Look how good I am! I'm proud of it; I think it's awesome, I like it! ; D

I'd recommend this kit to my friends because I found it is good for self-improvement and it's an excellent hobby.

I love this kit -- it's the best ever, everyone should buy this!

I think it would make a really great gift, because it's an inexpensive price and you get a lot of stuff in there, and it's a craft and crafts are always fun to do. I like gifts that you can do something with. It's practical.

Drawing mandalas this way definitely helped me focus, it required thought and attention... is that meditative when I had to focus and shut out other things?

Drawing mandalas was also a fresh way to express meaning into another form... I was able to take my feelings and turn it into a mandala, and transform my feelings into something visual. I like that... it says a lot.

I tell people this is fun and you should try out even if you can't draw. If you're making marks on a paper, then you're drawing, and if it looks good, that's even better...that's a bonus! That's what the templates do for you. They make it easy to make it look good.
Amelia's Star Mandala

I say go for it!

I'm not really into the spiritual part of it, but I think I would like to be. Mandalas would be good for me, because as an artist I think that's a perfect way to get into spiritual stuff.

Thanks for this!

~ Marissa Brown, University Student, Vernon, BC

A Child's Eye View

I like drawing mandalas. They're fun to do, and they're pretty.

~ Amelia C., Age 6, BC, Canada
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" I'd Never Go Back To Drawing Mandalas Without The Kit"


The overall experience of using your mandala kit is really satisfying. I'm so pleased when I finish a mandala…. It's like accomplishment and it looks so cool, it's easy to do but when it's finished it looks really cool . It doesn't look like it should be that easy!

I'm all eager, I'm all excited when I'm about to draw a mandala, and afterward I'm accomplished and calm and relaxed.

It's like eating a really big meal, and then you're just so full and happy, that's the same thing with mandalas, you feel so're relaxed and you feel good. It's like a big feast.

I've done mandalas before I got this kit and it was just a pain. Doing mandalas without the kit sucks because you have to use protractors and stuff... they come out oval and they're gross and they're no fun. It shouldn't be about protractors and rulers because that's just no fun, it ruins it for me because you have to get into that thinking mode and work too hard at it and that defeats the purpose. The purpose is relaxation!

Before I had the kit, I didn't know there were any options, so I just made really bad, angry mandalas. I mean I still did them, but I kinda hated it. I used to try to do half and then photocopy and flip it. But it totally didn't work!

And now, it's indescribable. It's just so much better, I can't even explain it. There's no reason NOT to do it now, it's just like YEAH it's mandala time!

And I LOVE it, I loved the idea of mandalas before, I didn't even love the results, but I hated the process! Good in theory but not in practice. But now I love everything the whole process, the result, everything.

I'd never go back to drawing mandalas without the Personal Mandala Starter Kit.

I can't think of anything to compare it to, it's so unique.

There's so much more I can do with my mandalas now, because of the examples in the kit, there's so much you can do, I didn't know before.

I can make them with more detail, and more symmetrical, and more organized. It makes my mandalas the best they can be, to their full potential. Before, I had all these ideas, but I couldn't manifest it, because I didn't have the resources or the tools, but now what's in my head can go directly on the paper, without protractors and stuff.

And they're really pretty!

I get in the zone when I'm drawing mandalas, I get really focused and that's all I'm paying attention to. And usually I won't leave it until I'm done...

And with mandalas you can SEE spiritual progress, it's visual. You can see it. I think about them as spiritual, and I use them as spiritual tools. I've done one as a mantra, that was really fun.

When I don't think about anything else, it's kind of an escape, I don't have to deal with other things.

If I'm stressed I'll draw a mandala because it calms me right down. I don't have a lot of time on my hands, but I still do them.

One of the things I do is if I'm angry I do an angry mandala and then once I'm done you can tell it's an angry mandala and then it's gone, and I'm not angry anymore. It's like I kinda work it out while I'm doing the mandala. It helps me work things out, figure out why I'm angry, and then it takes the energy out of it and then I can do something with it.

And everyone loves them. And everyone thinks when I say I did them, that I just coloured them. People ask me where did you get those pictures to colour? but no, I drew them! Then they're like, oh wow! Are you sure? They kinda disbelieve that I could do that.

We have them on the freezer and everyone wants to come look at them.

I tell people if I can do it , you can do it, and I think that's true. It's not as hard as it looks!

It's easier to make beautiful mandalas than you think!

I'm super excited about it and it's fun and relaxing and I think anyone would enjoy this. It doesn't have to be spiritual, it can just be fun.

One of the reasons I do it is for self-care, because I know if I'm feeling bad, drawing a mandala will make me feel better. I know this for a fact!

Even thinking about drawing mandalas makes me feel good. Or looking at the ones I've already done, I go back into the feeling I had when I was drawing them.

It's definitely worth the money. What else could I buy for $35 - not much! What else could I buy that would give me such a great feeling?

Me and my mom have mandala colouring parties sometimes, we just sit and draw mandalas. I remember colouring as a little kid, that's the funnest thing ever.

This is like a sophisticated colouring books. We colour ones that I drew. We bonded, it was fun. We didn't really talk or anything, but we got to sit and colour together and we haven't done that since I was 2 or something.

~ Alanna DeRousie, Student, Winfield, BC

"Extremely Therapeutic"

I have been painting spiritual mandalas from a coloring book like a mad woman. Can't get enough. Now I want to create and paint a giant mandala on canvass. Your ebook will help immensely.

I would love to take your course.

I do find this process EXTREMELY therapeutic and as I advance and become more comfortable with the creative process, I might want to assist others.....cancer patients, little kids, etc. Thank you, again.

Most sincerely,

~ Linda Cole, USA

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With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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