Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives

by Dr Michael Newton
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Journey of Souls answers the ageless questions ...
  • Where do we come from?

  • Why do certain things happen to us?

  • What do we experience when we die?
This discovery is on par with another Newton's insights into the laws of physics and gravity... and ultimately even more important for all humanity. But I didn't realise that when I first found it.

I stumbled across Journey of Souls one day and took it home, dumped it on a shelf and ignored for a month.

But when I finally picked it up, I couldn't put it down!

A Sceptic Discovers More Than He Bargains For

Michael Newton is a psychologist who was using hypnosis to help certain clients. He didn't believe in past lives, souls, or "God," and had no intention of ever doing past-life regressions.

But one day, under hypnosis, a client spontaneously brought forth an event from a previous life that explained a lifetime of pain in his side, and relieved it.

Dr. Newton still wasn't convinced about past lives, but he did recognise that this was a very beneficial technique.

Newton became more open to requests from his clients for past-life regressions.

Then came the case that changed his career, and the world's understanding of life after death.

When a patient had "slipped into the highest state of consciousness almost by herself," Newton inadvertently triggered a between-lives recollection. He asked if she had "a specific group of friends" that she felt lonely for. She immediately slipped to an awareness of her life between lives, and the soul-group that she belonged to, and began to provide Newton with insight into this most mysterious of realms.

This insight into a possible after-life experience intrigued Michael Newton enough that he began to research this "permanent home" with many of his clients.

The results are in Journey of Souls, and his sequel: Destiny of Souls , and his latest Memories of the Afterlife. Each book explores the mystery of life between lives in great detail, from the first-hand experiences of those who've been there.

Answering The Biggest Questions

What astonished Newton was that everyone had the same between-lives story to tell — regardless of education, gender, culture, language, religion, beliefs, etc. The words may be different — some may call it passing through a veil, others call it a fog, and such — but the basic experiences were all the same.

It is a fascinating, exciting, fast-paced, easy read. It's difficult, in fact, to put it down.

Other valuable insights are given into questions such as...
  • Do we choose our parents, our circumstances, the events in our lives before we are born?

  • When does a baby first get a soul?

  • Why and how do we recognise our soulmates, and other key figures in our lives?

  • Is there Heaven, Hell, Judgement, etc?

  • What is the afterlife really like?

  • What is the connection between Light, darkness, and the colours of evolving and advanced souls?

  • What part we are meant to play as co-creators of reality?

  • What really ARE guides and guardian angels?

  • Why there is suffering, if God is pure Love, Peace, and Bliss?

  • Why do bad things happen to good people?

  • Why do some good people die so young?

  • Is there is life on other planets?

  • Do we keep our personality after death; are we still ourselves?

  • Will we really see our loved ones again?

  • What is the ultimate purpose of existence?
One revelation of Journey of Souls I find most intriguing is the description of the Source as "dark light." The subjects in the book explain the system of colouration that goes with the development of a soul, and interestingly the darker, more intense colours demonstrate greater advancement.

Journey of Souls Shows You The Big Picture

Journey of Souls makes sense of so many bits and pieces. One thing that had always confused me about the afterlife is that everyone who'd "seen" it had different stories...
  • A stunningly beautiful version of Earth

  • Angels and clouds and harps

  • Judgement

  • Suffering and terror in Hell

  • A dangerous and terrifying passage to the afterlife

  • Losing oneself in God

  • Living in God's house for eternity

  • Being a soul without a body

  • Being a being of Light

  • Living in a realm where whatever you think, happens immediately

  • Working with others, almost like having a job

  • A place where all the worldly desires are fulfilled

  • And other ideas
None of these fully explained what happens after death, in my view.

Now after reading Journey of Souls, I can see how all these things fit together... like the pieces of a puzzle that no one had put together before. Now the whole picture can be seen!

And a beautiful picture it is.

Two Minds, One Body

One of the most provocative ideas that the book brings up is the notion of two separate minds living within the human body: the soul-mind and the body-mind. Each has somewhat independent thought processes.

When you talk to yourself, ever wonder who is listening? Michael Newton's clients explain what it's like when the soul and the body first get together, and how they cooperate in choosing which path their life will take.

This explains how we can sometimes argue with ourselves — we have two competing goals and perspectives within us.

We ordinarily call one of these "ego" and one "higher self," or similar terms. They may in fact be another way of saying the body/animal desires, and the soul's plan.

In which case, it makes it easier to decide which voice to follow, doesn't it?

What Journey of Souls Means To Me

Journey of Souls lifted me to a new appreciation of life and why we are here, and instantly boosted my compassion for those who, in this lifetime, are struggling and suffering, or hurting themselves and others.

I recommend Journey of Souls to anyone who is wondering what life is about, or why things happen the way they do. And it is invaluable for anyone grieving about what seems to be the end of life.

Insight For Healers, Mystics, and Modern Shamans

For anyone on a committed spiritual path, Michael Newton's latest book, Memories of the Afterlife, is incredible.

To be honest, after reading his first two books I didn't think I needed another one. But flipping through it in the store, I realised that Memories of the Afterlife is a different thing altogether.

Instead of merely relating more between-life regression stories, it went one step further — exploring the soul's purpose in different incarnations.

It's hard to express the difference, but what it meant was that Memories of the Afterlife gave me guidance and rare insight into my own journey as an Earth Healer. I learnt spiritual lessons from it that I really needed.

If you are a highly sensitive person or spiritual seeker, I think you will find Memories of the Afterlife to be the most important book of the series for you.

Excerpts from Journey of Souls

P — I'm hearing sounds…. An … echo … of music … musical tingling … wind chimes … vibrating with my movements … so relaxing.
MN — Other people have defined these sounds as vibrational in nature, similar to riding on the resonance from the twang of a tuning fork. …
P — Yes, that's what this is … and I have a memory of scent and taste too.
MN — Does this mean our physical senses stay with us after death?
P — Yes, the memory of them … the waves of musical notes here are so beautiful … bells … strings … such tranquility. P 21-2

Noise sensations start quite early after death. Some subjects tell me they hear humming or buzzing sounds right after leaving their physical bodies. …
These flat, ringing sounds become more musical when we leave the tunnel [into the light]. This music has been appropriately called energy of the universe because it revitalizes the soul. P 22

Souls are created in a positive matrix of such love and wisdom that when a soul starts to come to a planet like Earth and join the physical beings who have evolved from a primitive state, the violence is a shock. P 69

The test of reincarnation for a soul coming to Earth is the conquering of fear in a human body. P 69

National surveys by psychologists indicate one person in ten admits to hearing voices which are frequently positive and instructional in nature. P 121

Rather than something to be worried about, an inner voice is like having your own resident counselor on call. More often than not, these voices are those of our guides. P 121

During troublesome times in our lives, we have the tendency to ask for guidance to immediately set things right. When they are in trance, my clients see that their guides don't help them solve all their problems at once, rather that they illuminate pathways by use of clues.

A concerned teacher may not want all aspects of a problem uncovered at a given point in time for his or her student. We vary in our ability to handle revelations.

When asking for help from your higher spiritual power, I think it is best not to demand immediate change. … When seeking guidance, I suggest requesting help with just the next step in your life. When you do this, be prepared for unexpected possibilities. Have the faith and humility to open yourself up to a variety of paths toward solutions. P 121

Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives by Dr Michael Newton. Llewellyn 1994. ISBN 13: 978-1-56718-485-3; 10: 1-56718-485-5 (pbk). (All bold text, my emphasis.)

Rating for Journey of Souls: 5 Stars

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With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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