Want To Summer on a Beautiful Gulf Island?

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Use all your skills, bring your passion, and make real change in the world! Bring the best of yourself and make a difference in the world, in an environment that supports and appreciates your contribution Creative, enthusiastic, dedicated to bringing something meaningful to the world

baby-buck-deer Sunny ocean beaches, rainforest, lakes, wildlife galore....

Quiet, peaceful, few people yet close to amenities.

This is life on the Canadian Gulf Islands.

You could be here this summer!

Summer Karma Yoga Position Available


Karma Yoga is the yoga of action. It's an opportunity to explore work as a spiritual practice, and practice selfless service. Through Karma Yoga you will learn about yourself and about the Divine, in very practical, hands-on ways.

You will also gain skills, confidence, and self-esteem.

You will learn Who you are, discover skills and learn to work with weaknesses. It is a spiritual journey that can change your life... if you are willing.

A Personal Assistant is wanted for some or all of the summer months (Apr - Oct). So many things need doing, and not enough hands to go around! There are 3 basic areas in which you might help:
  • Website and online business development,

  • Developing our new organic farm and homestead,

  • Everyday household support.

The ideal applicant will be able to assist in at least 2 of these areas. apply-for-internship

You Get . . .

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Summer mornings or evening at secluded beaches and forest trails, or socializing with an array of fascinating people


wicca-spirituality-blue_star All-important work and rental experience

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Written reference for employment applications

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Written reference for rental applications (and insight into what landlords are looking for)

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Room and board

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Coaching in life skills, job skills, spirituality, and personal growth (if desired)

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Experience, confidence, self-esteem, self-knowledge, and clear objectives

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Skills that will help you be successful in anything you do

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Participation in offering something valuable to the world

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Opportunities to learn fascinating skills, including
wicca-spirituality-blue_star  Wicca & Spirituality

wicca-spirituality-blue_star  Tarot

wicca-spirituality-blue_star  Palmistry

wicca-spirituality-blue_star  Mantra technique

wicca-spirituality-blue_star  Drawing Mandalas

wicca-spirituality-blue_star  Playing the harmonium

wicca-spirituality-blue_star  Non-Violent Communication

wicca-spirituality-blue_star  Meditation

wicca-spirituality-blue_star  Yoga

wicca-spirituality-blue_star  Somatics

wicca-spirituality-blue_star  Bellydance

wicca-spirituality-blue_star  Archery

wicca-spirituality-blue_star  Homesteading & Self-Sufficiency

wicca-spirituality-blue_star  Building a house

wicca-spirituality-blue_star  Green construction

wicca-spirituality-blue_star  Alternative Energy

wicca-spirituality-blue_star  Organic Gardening

wicca-spirituality-blue_star  Livestock Management

wicca-spirituality-blue_star  Running a home business

wicca-spirituality-blue_star  Creating passive income

wicca-spirituality-blue_star  Real estate investing

wicca-spirituality-blue_star  Making a successful online business

wicca-spirituality-blue_star  Quantum physics

wicca-spirituality-blue_star  Life purpose and life mission

Your Skills

You will need to have some of the following skills. You do not need all of them, by any means! You'd be some kind of superbeing! But a handful or more would be helpful.

The work that you will be doing will be variable: some of this and some of that, depending on what needs doing and what your abilities are.

(So on the application form, be sure to only mark those that you not only know how to do, but would be willing and happy to do.)
wicca-spirituality-blue_star Writing

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Editing

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Submitting for publication

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Copy-writing

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Typing (MS Word)

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Website creation

wicca-spirituality-blue_star HTML

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Javascript

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Web video (You-tube etc)

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Web audio (podcasting)

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Audio production

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Online marketing

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Affiliate programs

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Photography (digital)

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Videography (digital)

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Illustration, design, or art

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Bookkeeping

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Carpentry

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Welding or other trades

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Gardening

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Organic gardening

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Orchard design and care

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Dog training

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Dog care

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Landscaping

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Yardwork

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Cooking

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Cleaning

Qualities of a Successful Applicant

You will enjoy this position if you have most of these qualities. (Note: not all are required.)
wicca-spirituality-blue_star Motivated self-starter

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Work well unsupervised

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Hard worker

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Take joy in doing a job well

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Willing to follow directions

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Good communication skills

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Enjoy being in nature

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Enjoy quiet, peaceful surroundings

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Enjoy solitude

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Gay-friendly

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Polite

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Honourable

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Computer literate - PC

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Computer literate - Mac

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Interested in spiritual matters

The Deal

forest-walk wicca-spirituality-blue_star The work is 6 hours per weekday (the exact schedule is negotiable and the work may vary according to need)

wicca-spirituality-blue_star You have a private trailer to yourself (plenty of tenting space is available, if you prefer)

wicca-spirituality-blue_star Food is included (sometimes we cook; sometimes you cook; sometimes we all fend for ourselves)

wicca-spirituality-blue_star You get summer on a gorgeous, friendly island; work experience; and a bunch of fun new skills.

wicca-spirituality-blue_star When you leave, you will take away valuable written references for employment and rental applications


Don't Apply If . . .

If you are ANY of these, don't bother applying. You won't like it, and you won't be here long.
  • Smoker

  • Drinker

  • Partier

  • Drug-user

  • Homophobic

  • Dishonest

  • Inflexible

  • Religiously intolerant

  • Unmotivated

  • Looking for a free ride

Apply for Karma Yoga Now

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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