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Lesson #50

Magickal Self-Protection:

The Energy Shield

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What Really Is A Magickal Shield?

An Energy Shield, or magickal Shield, is an Energy boundary that you build around yourself. Its purpose is to keep negative Energy from entering and infecting your Energy Field (that is to say, your body/mind and thus your life).

Shields are usually seen as oval or round, like a bubble that completely surrounds you and travels with you wherever you go.

They can be made as thin or as thick, as permeable or impenetrable as you desire.

They can be just outside your skin or beyond your reach, but more usual is at the distance of a normal aura... at roughly arm’s length all around you.

There are probably dozens if not hundreds of ways to do Shielding, so the methods given here aren't meant to be The Best And True Ways, but they're easy to do and suitable for most needs.

Here we’ll cover a few simple but effective protective Shielding spells you can do, and when to use them. But first, let's look at why Energy Shields are important to Wiccans.

What Do Magickal Shields Do?

The more we work in magick and spirituality, the more important it is to Shield ourselves in one way or another.

As a Wiccan, you engage with the Energetic (magickal) plane and consciously open yourself to greater sensitivity (sensing Energies, opening to the Divine and psychic information, etc.), right?

The very sensitivity that serves you so well in seeking these positive Energies doesn’t automatically stop you from accessing negative Energy... in fact, unless you take action, it's liable to make you even more vulnerable to the negative Energies that are in your environment.

An Energy Shield makes sure that not much beyond those positive influences are getting in.

A good magickal Shield is the second line of defense against the "infection" of negative Energies, thoughts, emotions, and such from affecting your body (or mind or Energy). A Shield protects you physically and psychically from things like...

  • Negative Energy Fields
  • Energetic "pollution"
  • harmful magick
  • people's ill-wishes or curses
  • emotional contagion (taking on others' negative emotions)
  • negative Beings, etc.

The practical benefits of this, beyond the obvious, is that a Shield promotes an inner environment that creates your good health, emotional well-being, psychological balance, and a more pleasant and successful life.

Think about it — this is a simple, workable tool to improve your life... using skills you've already developed (from all your hard work during this course)! How awesome is that! Wicca-School Smilie Witch © Wicca-Spirituality.com

How Does Magickal Protection Work?

By creating a barrier of Energy and Intention, enhanced by Divine Energy and Love, you can very effectively block negative Energies from reaching you.

The key is not to use your personal Energy, but start with a Divine Shield (like Casting a Circle or a Pentacle, or doing an LBRP or Divine Light Invocation), then build on that as you wish: reflective (reflecting either outward or inward), permeability, size, etc.

Don't worry... all of this is explained in this lesson. Wicca-School Winking Witch © Wicca-Spirituality.com

When Do You Need an Energy Shield?

There are lots of reasons. Here are the most common...

wicca-spirituality Light Blue Bullet Button   People around you can be (sometimes inadvertently) sucking your Energy or feeding off your higher resonance, and Energy Shields will block that
wicca-spirituality Light Blue Bullet Button   An Energy Shield prevents you from taking on other people’s bad moods and negative emotions, whether they're aimed at you or not
wicca-spirituality Light Blue Bullet Button   To block contamination from random Energy Fields, like you might pick up in crowds or during catastrophic world events
wicca-spirituality Light Blue Bullet Button   To protect you from coming in contact with or being bothered by Lower Realm entities (this is extremely rare,1 but can happen if astral travelling without proper precautions)
wicca-spirituality Light Blue Bullet Button   Whenever you feel like your Energy is being drained somehow, magickal Shields will plug up the Energy leak (unless the leak is within yourself, for instance, as worry)
wicca-spirituality Light Blue Bullet Button   For protection if you ever feel like you are in danger (an Energy Shield won’t necessarily protect you from every kind of harm, but it’s usually enough to reduce the level of harm. It can be quite effective at diverting people who might be thinking of doing you harm, as well.)
wicca-spirituality Light Blue Bullet Button   To block or even rebound negative intentions cast on you (hate, judgement, envy, everyday curses like "go to hell," and magickal curses)

1   999 times out of a thousand, at least, what people fear are negative entities (or curses) bothering them are actually their own negative subconscious Energies playing out.

If this is happening with you, refer back to Lesson #49 on how to clear and reprogram subconscious patterns.

How Others React To
Your Energy Shield

When you start shielding yourself, you may notice that some people change in their responses to you.

Some will seem more comfortable with you — people who have clear Energy boundaries of their own find it easier to be around others with the same.

Other people may become angry or confused or even hurt, as they sense that their Energy connection with you is threatened. They may complain that you are cold or distant or inaccessible.

This is a sign that they’ve been feeding off your Energy in some way (very often without their awareness), and now that source of Energy is cut off.

They'll interpret this as a break in the closeness, but that’s not really what’s going on. It wasn’t true intimacy if this threatens them; they were simply Energy vampires.

And if they've been very dependent on the Energy they've been getting from you, they may get very angry — or very devastated — when the well goes dry. They are likely to either drift away to find another Energy source to feed on, or break off the friendship in anger.

I know it hurts when friendships end, but keep in mind that if you lose someone because you won’t let them suck your Energy any more, you are much better off without them! Energy vampires can cause great unwellness, even disease, in the long term.

If they're truly interested in being your friend, they'll weather this change and find a balance in being a friend without feeding off your Energy. Wicca-School Smilie Witch © Wicca-Spirituality.com

You might also find that other people are more attracted to you than ever. People who are in command of their Energy are much more appealing in general. In mundane terms, people with confidence, who seem in command of themselves, are attractive to others. This is the Energetic equivalent.

This attraction can be because you're vibrating in a clearer way, once you have magickal Shields functioning, and people operating in that way are naturally drawn together.

Be aware, though, that not everyone who's attracted to your higher/clearer Energy is good for you. People who are operating at lower/denser vibrations are also attracted by higher-frequency vibrations.

This is another form of Energy vampire — they want to enjoy the kind of vibrations you have, and so they try to absorb some of it off you.

Those lower Energies can drag on you, but keep your Energy Shield strong and it'll protect you. Eventually, those people, too, usually drift away — and if not, you might have to be the one to break off the connection.

I mention this only as a caution...

wicca-spirituality Star Button   Don't get attached without discernment to everyone who starts to come to you.
wicca-spirituality Star Button   And try not to fret when some wander away. Wicca-School Winking Witch © Wicca-Spirituality.com

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Continue with Magickal Self-Protection, part 4:

How to Build an Effective Energy Shield


Boosting Your Magickal Shield's Power

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