Energy Scientist

I will begin this course this year because I recognize the spiritual strength Erin is offering. This is not a start in this science for me but a continuation. I see (am messaged) Erin as a great teacher and I will continue the study of my science with great confidence in her ability. But remember, we are all students, and teachers!

I have been a 'Wicca' spirit from birth. You may not be aware of this, but we all are. But as children, we are not well versed in the practice. I am an energy scientist. I am an energy scientist not because I wanted to be, but because it is what I have been called to do.

I have forever seen the Spiritual strengths offered by women in the strengths shown by my mother, Ruth. She was not aware of these tendencies herself, but they were clear as day to me. The strength and Love she gave me are part of my soul. My spirit is free because of her!

A secret to share with you. Women are much more important than modern men know. A travesty on humankind.

I will suggest to you as one looking for answers to many difficult questions, find a tranquil time to meditate. Not the smoke and mirror meditation you might have heard of. Simply find a quiet time where your mind becomes relaxed without distraction. For me this happens when I wake at 3 AM in a quiet place, with my lovely wife sleeping peacefully next to me. Then ask God for light. Do not demand light, simply... ask. It may not manifest on your first try, usually because your mind has been knotted for so long, but if you relax and persist, I can guarantee it will become. And you have taken your first step to understanding your personal Wicca, which we all have, we just lost touch with it. Do not demand anything. God already knows your demands before you do. Just ask for peace and Love. He will grant it. Then the other side of the Holy Trinity, Truth which will open your eyes to the universe of God! No incense required! (But I love sandalwood myself!) Give it a shot. You have nothing to lose, and eternal Love and Peace to gain!

With the Love and Light of God! Peace be with you!

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