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Here's a handy new energy shield technique to add to your magickal protection repetoire. It's a way of uplifting and transforming hurtful energy into Divine energy, like transmuting knives into flowers.

I call this the Elevator Energy Shield.

If someone is spewing a lot of negative energy your way, this is a beautiful way to deal with it.

It not only protects you from absorbing and being influenced by that energy, it helps heal and transmute the sender's negative emotion/energy.

In other words, this shield is beneficial for everyone... including the Earth.

Protection without Harm

This is especially appropriate when the person isn't aware that they're dumping negativity on someone else.

Sound strange? That actually happens frequently!

In fact, every time you get angry or resentful, for instance, and think that someone else has caused that, you are actually sending negative energy out to them.

In other words, negative energy may not be coming from an intention to hurt, or maybe it is, but either way it's just a way of expelling a distressing feeling of disruptive energy... because we don't know a better way of dealing with it at the time.

This is like the metaphor the Buddha taught: Anger is like grasping a hot coal to throw at someone else — you are the one who gets burned.

Imagine how you'd feel if someone bounced your own anger back to you! (We actually do this, whenever we get angry because someone is angry at us.) Doesn't feel good, right? Also... it makes it a lot harder to let go of that disruptive emotion.

So you wouldn't want to do that to another person, would you?

Okay, if someone is sending you negative energy and you don't want to increase their suffering by sending it back to them, what can you do?

How can you protect yourself without hurting them more... or increasing the Earth's burden of destructive energy?

That's what this energy shielding technique is perfect for! I'm excited about this, because it's ideal for what's going on in the world today!

Magickal Shield to Transmute Harmful Energy

Here's how to create this energy shield.

  • It has more staying power and strength if you create it in Circle, with Divine aid.

    So begin by Casting a Circle and invoking your allies.

    (Do the Basic Spiritual Preparation, if you've learned it in A Year & A Day: 53 Weeks to Becoming a Wiccan.)
  • See yourself standing within a hollow column of Light, at least 4-6 feet across, 6-12 inches thick — brilliant, sparkling golden Divine Light, shining all the way from Heaven (the Divine) around you and deep down into the Earth.
  • This Light is like a vacuum-tube — any negativity around it gets sucked into the Light and drawn up the Light into the Divine's realm of pure, incandescent LOVE.

    It's transmuted by contact with the Divine, becoming flawless Divine Energy.
  • When any negative energy comes toward you, or even near you, it gets caught and whisked up to Light for transformation.

    It doesn't stand a chance of touching you, let alone infecting or affecting you.

    It can't drain any of your energy, because you aren't having to deal with it — the Divine deals with it for you!
  • Same with any negative energy coming out from you. It too is captured by the Light and carried to the Divine for healing.

    So you don't have to worry or feel guilty for having less-than-harmonious emotions/energies/thoughts — the Divine protects the world around you from any damage they might do.

You can call up this energy shield in an instant, with practice, just by imagining the column of Divine Light around you. 

And you can practice keeping it with you all the time, for chronic situations.

When to Use the Elevator Energy Shield

  • When someone is spewing unpleasant emotions or negative words around you

  • When someone is angry at you

  • When you're the target of blame, judgement, shaming, etc.

  • When someone around you or close to you is lost in despair, depression, grief, etc.

  • When you've been the victim of hatred or violence

  • When you're dealing with stressful situations. This can help conserve your energy and give you

    more balance in the storms.  

  • When you are feeling negative emotions, particularly intense ones because these will be

    emanating from you (causing harm to those around you, contaminating the Earth's Energy Field,

    and leaking into the future to create more havoc in your life).

  • Other (you'll know when you feel it happening!

Blocking & Removing the Energy Virus of Violence

When you're the victim of violence — verbal, physical, or any form — there's an energetic contamination that takes place. The attacker dumps some of their negative energy onto you. This makes them feel better, and makes you feel worse.

Think of it like being bit by a dog that's just eaten invisible poo. You've got the bite, but you've also got this invisible poop smeared onto you.

It's very helpful to recovery from the trauma to realise this! Because it's not solely you that you're healing: it's the residual energy splattered on you from the attacker.

If you know this...

A) you'll understand that you're not doing as poorly as it may seem, since part of your horrible feelings are energy contamination from outside you, and

B) you'll realise that you need to clean that energy out, 1 as well as dealing with your own emotional wounds.

1   It may feel aggravating to have to heal the attacker's energetic stuff — and rightly so — however, since you'll have to deal with it anyway to feel better, knowing about it at least gives you power over the situation.

Also, as long as you don't realise that it's not actually yours, but just stuck onto you, there's a tendency for it to grow and multiply.

This is energy contagion, where you "catch" the negativity like a virus. It's easier to cleanse if you realise it's not actually yours.

If you've suffered a violent attack, something like the Divine Light Invocation has a much stronger cleansing power after the fact. But if you're in the middle of some kind of low-grade attack, quickly calling on this energy shield will help deflect the energy virus, protecting you.

Garlic to Energy Vampires

Try this with energy vampires as well!

Energy vampires are people who suck the life force out of others, to support themselves.

Often it's not malicious; people commonly aren't even aware that they're being energy vampires. From their point of view, they're just trying to survive and get the support they need from others.

Whether they realise they're doing it or not, being constantly drained by others is damaging to not only your mental/emotional well-being but eventually even your physical health! And energy vampires can be hard to get rid of — especially if you have a tendency towards rescuing. (New e-book on the way to help with that, by the way.)

The Elevator Energy Shield is like garlic to mythological vampires: a non-confrontational way to get them to avoid you. It keeps them from being able to drain energy from you.

When they find that they can't get their hooks into you, they'll gradually drift away. Just like a leech hooked into a piece of styrofoam, if there's no meal there, they'll drop off and try somewhere else.

When You Need Something Stronger...

Granted, it's levels of magnitude more difficult to do this when your "attacker" is actually in your physical space.

The negative energy is stronger, for one thing, and actively coming into our Energy Field. You might need to get some space before you're ready to do the Elevator Shield — at least before it becomes natural and quick for you.

And, to avoid misunderstanding, I'm not recommending this for staying in a harmful situation or not keeping yourself safe or anything other than a way to deal with the negative-energy component of aggression, psychological strikes, or any other kind of "attack."

Get safe, first, and then when all you need to do is deal with the energy-bombardment, this can help.

If you're feeling particularly vulnerable or if the attack is especially vindictive, you might still prefer a mirror-type shield (if you're in the Wicca School course, A Year & A Day: 53 Weeks to Becoming a Wiccan, that's covered in the lesson on Magickal Protection.)

But if you can, this new energy shield offers the benefit of removing that negativity from the other person as well... good not only for the other person and the Earth (lightening Her load of harmful energy), but for you too — they'll be less inclined to aim yuckiness at you in future!

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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