The Dragonsong Dictionary of Spirit

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What exactly is a Dictionary of Spirit? And why would you want one?

You are on the leading edge of the spiritual transformation now occurring on planet Earth. (You wouldn't be reading this otherwise.)

But our spiritual vocabulary is sadly still stuck back in the Dark Ages.

Spiritual seekers today are inventing and reinventing the words to describe new concepts, piecemeal, and not everyone is using them in the same ways. Plus many are so vague and nebulous — seeming never to be clearly defined — that it's hard to know what they mean.

We Need a Dictionary For Our Times

As the Earth evolves into the New Paradigm (the rebirth of the Goddess), our vocabulary is evolving too. We are using words in novel ways, to reflect our deepening understanding of the spiritual nature of life. And new words are being coined for concepts we've never needed before!

That's why I've collected for you, in one volume,
new words and concepts being used today,
with penetrating insight into their
deepest spiritual meanings,
to be your guide to the new spiritual communications.

The Dragonsong Dictionary of Spirit contains revolutionary definitions and explorations of common (and not-so-common) spiritual and Wiccan terms — explanations that are aligned with the New Paradigm, the Divine Feminine, and the spiritually-reborn Earth.

When you want a quick guide to what a spiritual term means, and what to do with it, this is where you can come.

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