Dice Divination -- Throwing The Bones

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Dice divination is perhaps the oldest of the divination tools. It can be dated long before recorded history. It is still much used in Tibet, even by the Dalai Lama when important decisions are to be made.

A form of cleromancy, it is thought that the Gods influence the outcome of this random toss.

The original dice were knuckle bones or vertebrae of animals -- usually sheep -- which is why it was called throwing the bones. Today we have a lot more options for dice divination...

  • Ordinary dice,

  • Roleplay gaming dice,

  • Astragalomancy dice (special divination dice with numbers and letters marked on them).

"Dice" is actually the plural form of the singular word "die."

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How to Do Dice Divination

There are various ways to use dice for divination.

Improved Coin Toss

The easiest is to throw the dice as you would toss a coin, for a yes-or-no answer. If an uneven number lands on top, this counts as "heads." An even number of pips on top counts as "tails."

Why not just flip a coin?

It's harder to be sure it's getting shaken properly, for one thing. For another, it can be challenging to flip and catch.

Using a die is much easier.

Using a Field with Dice

Another common way to cast the dice onto a field. Nowadays this is often a piece of paper, with a circle drawn on it.

You can do anything you want with this field to suit your needs, but the standard is to divide it into twelve pie-sections, like a clock. Number each of the sections.

Shaking two or three dice, toss them onto the field.

If one die lands outside the field, don't count it. If both go outside, then shake again. (If both land outside the field twice in a row, it is considered a sign to stop.)

Count up the number of pips in each field, and use the list below to determine what the outcome is.

Dice Divination Answers

Here is one version of a list of answers for each field the dice can fall in:

1. Yes
2. No
3. A pleasant surprise will unfold, if you listen and watch carefully.
4. Luck will fall upon you, when you least expect it.
5. You wish may come true.
6. Your answer will be revealed.
7. Naturally you will win.
8. You know the truth.
9. Maybe in a twist of fate.
10. Success will be yours.
11. Fate is on your side.
12. You will enjoy tranquility.

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