The Effects of Black Magic

Black magic. What's the point? You can easily do as much damage to someone (and yourself) with conventional means.

And with much less risk!

The world is full of hostile magic. It wears disguises like government and CEO and military and ad agency… and you and I in our self-involved phases. wicca-spirituality-winking_witch

Join one of them, if you must hurt others. It's infinitely safer for you.

I make a distinction between hostile, harmful magick and the beneficial "undoing" magick, the composting-sort of magick. The first is what is here called "black magic," or "hostile magic." The second I refer to as Black Magick.

Hostile magick is a more appropriate term, and refreshingly free of the cultural prejudice against the Sacred Dark. But since the common term is black magic, I've used it for this article.


The Dangers of Black Magic

How is hostile magic dangerous? On three levels . . .

The Direct Danger

Witchcraft is not a game. If you think you can hurt someone without harming yourself . . . you don't really understand Witchcraft. Or reality for that matter.

When you open to the elemental or spirit realm, and attempt to command those forces in a negative cause, you open yourself first to all harm that will be caused.

The destructive force comes through you. It fills and becomes you, before it can go anywhere else!

How could you not be harmed by that?

The General Danger

A more widespread danger is that by doing hostile magic you are letting loose into the world another stream of violent abuse.

The world cannot survive much more… are you sure you want to add to it? If Gaia goes under, you and everything you care about will be ashes.

Is this really the kind of harm you have in mind?

The Long-Term, Ongoing Danger

And this is not even considering the impact on your soul, or the karmic debt you'd accumulate.

Or the fact that on a very real level you are the person you seek to harm.

You are not separate from anything. The people you want to hurt, or who just get in the way of you getting what you want - they are not "out there." They are part of you.

Even more so when you're working magick.


All Magick Unites You With All Beings

When you work magick, the "separation" between you and everything else becomes incredibly permeable.

You may seem to be getting away with it, but it's an illusion. Not only does all magick boomerang back on you eventually, but you are paying for it immediately in the causal realm.

Losing Your Power

Any negative use of Power drains you of power. Every time you practice hostile magic, you cut yourself off from the source of Power that enables your magick to work.

And you can't get it back by further negative actions. Contrary to what novels and myths would have you believe, you can't steal Power.

So to hurt someone else, you are weakening yourself.


How to Protect Yourself
from the Dangers of Black magic

Just like protecting yourself from the dangers of suicide attempts, there's a simple way to protect yourself from the repercussions of hostile magic . . .

Don't Do It!

Drinking Your Own Poison

Christiane Northrup says,

Refusing to forgive is like drinking poison,

and then waiting for the other person to die.

Because nothing they did to you can equal the harm you can do to yourself with hostile magic.

Black magic is grudge-poison, to an infinite degree.


The Other Options

There are easier, safer ways to hurt yourself than indulging in hostile magic.

. . . If hurting yourself is really what you must do. I sincerely urge you to seek another option. You are here as a gift to the world - please don't waste it! We need you.

Please consider another option . . .

Shift Your Consciousness

For your own well-being, look to a loving deity for the answers. Pray for forgiveness for those who hurt you.

If that's unimaginable, pray to be willing to forgive.

Create Real Safety

If you want to protect yourself from someone else's evil intentions, the Divine can do a much better job of it than you can. Pray and craft spells for protection as a first step.

But the greater protection is simply aligning yourself with the Divine.

Any shadow is powerless in full view of the Sun. To the degree you draw close to the Divine, worldly forces can not harm you.

The Golden Road

If it's worldly wealth, fame, or power that you're after, why bother with hostile magic?

The Power that's available to you as a spiritual devotee is infinitely greater, and can bring you the same rewards, if that's what you really want.

Plus joy and well-being along the way. And isn't that what it's all about?


Not Real Magick

Black magic isn't really magick. Not in the sense of spiritual Wicca - the practice of aligning with infinite Power.

Black magic is sorcery, manipulation, and force. It is more destructive to the practitioner than it can be to anyone else.

Do yourself a favour . . . Pursue true Power. While it may look like it's in the opposite direction from your goals, it really holds the keys to everything you want.

With Bright Blessings,

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