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Drop Out of the
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Are you sure you want to stop your Wiccan training??

There are so many rewarding practices and intriguing insights coming up!
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  • Practical Wiccan skills like Circle Casting, Invocations, setting up an altar, doing ritual, purifications, etc.,
  • Magickal Protection,
  • The Foundations of Magick,
  • Meditation for Witches,
  • Shifting consciousness, breathwork, and visualisation,
  • Engaging with each Element individually,
  • Divination,
  • Meeting the Divine and many Pagan Deities,
  • Energy Sensing and Energy-Crafting
  • Beltaine, Mabon, Samhain, Yule, and more Wiccan Sabbats,
  • The Wiccan Cone of Power
  • Raising Power for Ritual & Magick,
  • Wiccan Scriptures,
  • Not to mention your Initiation as a full-fledged Wiccan!
  • And so much more....

The best parts are toward the end, when all the Wiccan practices and spiritual techniques you're learning come together in wonderful ways.

And you'd miss getting your graduation certificate, as well.

You've come so far; please don't give up now.

You Deserve More!

You're on a profound spiritual journey, and you deserve the whole benefit of this.

Sometimes the ego wants to distract us from that growth, telling us we're too busy or bored, it's not right for us, it's too much effort, we already know everything, or whatever.

A big part of any spiritual journey is learning not to listen to the ego's distractions! Wicca-School Winking Witch © Wicca-Spirituality.com

And if you're falling behind, please don't let that stop you! There's a lot of information, but you can skim if necessary, or only open the lessons that are most important to you.

The benefits of Wicca, like any spiritual practice, only come if you are consistent and you actually use it.

I believe in you! I know you can do it! And the Earth needs as many of us as She can get, in Her corner.

I truly hope, though, that you’ll reconsider and stay with it, to receive the full benefit of this training... for you and for the well-being of the Earth!

However, if you still want to stop your Wicca lessons, please click here and then fill out the form below:

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I'm sorry to see you go. I hope to see you around the Wicca School again some day, or around our online community at least.

Merry Meet Again!

With Brightest Blessings,

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