Bird-Headed Snake Goddess

 Bird-Headed Snake Goddess, Goddess in Prehistory ©

This Bird-Headed Snake Goddess comes to us from predynastic Egypt (Africa), ~ 4000 BCE. She beautifully combines two powerful totems: the Bird and the Serpent — both ancient symbols of birth, death (the soul's life), and rebirth.

She represents unity: fusing together the realms of Air and Earth, spiritual and tangible... and mortality with eternity. In fact, the Bird-Headed Snake Goddess is in herself a form of World Tree, a bridge connecting and mediating between the planes of existence.

She is therefore a Creatrix, a Mother Goddess, a Great Goddess Generatrix — the ancestress of Isis and Eurynome, among others. Her body has given birth and suckled young. She offers us fruitfulness. And so much more.

In a posture intimating dance, her arms raise high with a sense of triumph and celebration of life. The Bird-Headed Snake Goddess personifies feminine power — not of violence or domination, but the power to create, nourish, and sustain life... as well as to ease our transition into the Other World at the end of life.

The Bird-Headed Snake Goddess dances the universe into being... she IS the universe — everything is contained within her; nothing is outside of her.

She illuminates a way of being, simultaneously, both the Universal self and the personal self... and the joy and power that comes from dancing through that point of balance.

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