Wicca Calendar of Full Moon Dates

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Every Wicca calendar needs to have Full Moon dates marked in. Here for your assistance is a list of Full Moon and New Moon dates for the next few years, as well as both solar and luncar eclipses and Blue Moons.

Plus, it lists the exact times of both Full Moon and New Moon.

This will help you to plan the dates for your Wiccan rituals and esbats.

Bookmark this page so you can find it again next month!

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See this page for a list of Dates for the Solstice and Equinox Sabbats.

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NOTE: All Times = Universal Time (Greenwich Mean Time). To find out how your time zone converts to UTC, check out this site. (Link opens in new window.)

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January New Moon Jan 20, 13:15 Full Moon Jan 5, 4:54
February New Moon Feb 18, 23:49 Full Moon Feb 3, 23:10
March New Moon Mar 20, 9:39 Full Moon Mar 5, 18:07
April New Moon Apr 18, 18:59 Full Moon Apr 4, 12:07
May New Moon May 18, 4:16 Full Moon May 4, 3:45
June New Moon Jun 16, 14:08 Full Moon Jun 2, 16:22
July New Moon Jul 16, 1:26 Full Moon Jul 2, 2:22
  Blue Moon Jul 31, 10:46    
August New Moon Aug 14, 14:55 Full Moon Aug 29, 18:38
September New Moon Sept 13, 6:43 Full Moon Sept 28, 2:52
October New Moon Oct 13, 0:07 Full Moon Oct 27, 12:06
November New Moon Nov 11, 17:48 Full Moon Nov 25, 22:45
December New Moon Dec 11, 10:30 Full Moon Dec 25, 11:12


Mar 20 09:36   Solar Eclipse -Total

Apr 4 12:06   Lunar Eclipse - Partial

Sep 13 06:41   Solar Eclipse - Partial

Sep 28 02:50   Lunar Eclipse - Total

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January New Moon Jan 10, 1:30 am Full Moon Jan 24, 1:46 am
February New Moon Feb 8, 2:39 pm Full Moon Feb 22, 6:20 pm
March New Moon Mar 9, 1:54 am Full Moon Mar 23, 12:01 pm
April New Moon Apr 7, 11:24 am Full Moon Apr 22, 5:24 am
May New Moon May 6, 7:30 pm Full Moon May 21, 9:15 pm
June New Moon Jun 5, 3:00 am Full Moon Jun 20, 11:02 am
July New Moon Jul 4, 11:01 am Full Moon Jul 19, 10:57 pm
August New Moon Aug 2, 8:45 pm Full Moon Aug 18, 9:27 am
September New Moon Sept 1, 9:03 am Full Moon Sept 16, 7:05 pm
October New Moon Oct 1, 12:12 am Full Moon Oct 16, 4:23 am
  Blue Moon Oct 30, 5:38 pm    
November Full Moon Nov 14, 1:52 pm New Moon Nov 29, 12:18 pm
December Full Moon Dec 14, 12:05 am New Moon Dec 29, 6:53 am


March 9   Solar Eclipse - Total

March 23   Lunar Eclipse - Penumbral

Sept 1   Solar Eclipse - Annular

Sept 16   Lunar Eclipse - Penumbral

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January Full Moon Jan 12, 6:35 am New Moon Jan 27, 7:08 pm
February Full Moon Feb 10, 7:33 pm New Moon Feb 26, 10:00 am
March Full Moon Mar 12, 10:54 am New Moon Mar 27, 10:59 pm
April Full Moon Apr 11, 2:09 am New Moon Apr 26, 8:18 am
May Full Moon May 10, 5:43 pm New Moon May 25, 3:46 pm
June Full Moon Jun 9, 9:11 am New Moon Jun 23, 10:32 pm
July Full Moon Jul 9, 12:08 am New Moon Jul 23, 5:47 am
August Full Moon Aug 7, 2:12 pm New Moon Aug 21, 2:31 pm
September Full Moon Sept 6, 3:04 am New Moon Sept 20, 1:30 am
October Full Moon Oct 5, 2:41 pm New Moon Oct 19, 3:12 pm
November Full Moon Nov 4, 1:24 am New Moon Nov 18, 6:42 am
December Full Moon Dec 3, 10:48 am New Moon Dec 18, 1:3121 am


Aug 21   Solar Eclipse - Total

Feb 11   Lunar Eclipse - Penumbral

Feb 26   Solar Eclipse - Annular

Aug 7   Lunar Eclipse - Partial

Now you can plan your Wicca calendar through 2017!

With Bright Blessings,

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