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Wicca & Spirituality Masterclasses!

What Exactly IS a Masterclass?

These are advanced-level classes for highly-motivated students of Wicca and seekers of wisdom... and for those who are eager to take command of their lives, health, well-being, happiness, and success!

If you're ready to take your Wiccan training to the next level and enthusiastic about your potential to create a beautiful reality for yourself, your loved ones, and the Earth, these specialised courses will give you the knowledge and tools you'll need.

They will be multimedia online courses, incorporating reading materials and workbooks for self-directed study, as well as an online students community for accountability, encouragement, and the sharing of insights.

The highlight of each course will be the time we spend together in live webinars (online seminars) and Q&A sessions each week.

Yes, you'll be studying directly with me (erin Dragonsong, founder of Wicca Spirituality), as well as learning from the Divine and each other. And there'll be extensive email support available to all students.

As I envision them (though this may change), most of these new courses will build on the strong foundation of A Year & A Day: 53 Weeks to Becoming a Wiccan — in other words, you'll need the basic skills and understanding from that course as a prerequisite for the advanced classes. (Or possibly its equivalent, though I'm not yet sure how to assess that on a case-by-case basis.)

In the same way, many of the classes will build on each other... so your mastery and expertise evolve as you progress through them, eventually leading to a certificate in Advanced Wicca.

Welcome to the Masterclass Survey!

I have a lot of wonderful new skills and insights I'd love to teach you... and which ones I do first will be up to you!

That's what this handy and comprehensive survey is for. You tell me what you are ready and eager to learn, and I'll create that class first.

So . . .

Please let me know what you're most passionate about investing your time, energy, and financial energy into attending.

As a thank-you for participating in this survey, you'll receive a discount on all Masterclasses when they launch.

(So it's not necessary to mark everything that sounds interesting... instead, focus only on those that you are really dedicated to learning AND wholeheartedly motivated to invest yourself in now.)

*NOTE* Only those you're really committed to should be checked, otherwise I may waste time developing courses that you aren't actually going to take! Wicca-School Winking Witch © Wicca-Spirituality.com

Wiccan Masterclass Survey

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.
Learning more about Wicca & being a Wiccan
Effective magick
Psychic abilities / Intuition / Divination
Spiritual advancement
Self-awareness / Personal development
Life fulfillment
Health / Healing
Love / Relationships
Meaningful career
Improving finances
Not fully committed to investing in myself at this time
Other(details in "Other" box below)
Living La Vida Wicca: A (perfect) day in the life of a Witch
From Canary to Shaman: Earth training for highly sensitive people
Totem Animals Heart Connection: Discover the delightful gifts of Spirit Animal companionship and relationship with Nature
Nature Symbolisms: Decoding the secret communications from the Divine to you!
My Body, My Guru: Learn to tune into the loving wisdom of your physical temple
Healing the World: Wiccan Practice as shifting paradigms for the planet
Fearless Death: Embracing the change of worlds & communicating with those on the Other Side
Into the Cauldron: A Wiccan process of grieving and healing after loss
None at this time
Other (details in "Other" box below)
Energy-Crafting: Developing the ability to sense & move energy to shape reality
Spell-Crafting: The Witch's proven way to harness sympathetic magick
Infinite Wishes: Making real magick that works!
QiGung for Witches: Learning ancient energy moving techniques to enhance your life, health, & magick
The Infinite POWER of Intention & Will: Enhance your ability to create the life you want with this key magickal ingredient
See It & Live It: Developing your power of creation through visualisation
From Victim to Co-Creator: Gathering Power & living an empowered life
Power Seeds: Planting a harvest that brings you all you need, want, & desire
Being Your Own Genie: Make your dreams a reality with Universal assistance
Life of Miracles: How to naturally manifest everything you want (& avoid everything you don't)
Herb Magick: Enlisting plant allies to aid all aspects of life
Power Stones: Working with rocks, gems, crystals, and Earth
None at this time
Other (details in "Other" box below)
Intuition: Accessing the true guidance of the quiet Voice within
Divine Guidance: Opening your psychic channels & reading for yourself & others
Divination: Building your relationship with the Divine
Palmistry: A Wisdom-Logic system to decoding the information in your hands
Tarot: How to develop and use your personal telephone line to the Divine
Runes: Decoding the runic alphabet & auguries
Nature Runes: Divinatory messages in Pagan-friendly symbols (created especially for WiccaSpirituality)
Pendulum Dowsing: Getting into the swing of divination
Wisdom of the Universal Mind: Channeling supernatural knowledge naturally
None at this time
Other (details in "Other" box below)
Connecting with the Goddess: Merge with & live from higher consciousness
Divine Mother Prayer Dance: Making all of life an offering to the Divine through this lovely & moving symbolic dance
Dream Work: Understanding what the Divine & your subconscious mind are trying to tell you
Following the Resonance: Slipping into the Flow of ease, joy, & grace
Invoking Divine Qualities: Switch your setting from misery to bliss, from scarcity to abundance
Heart Enhancement: Boosting your ability to love & be loved by All That Is
Invoking The Goddess Within: Liberating the healing love power of the Divine Feminine Within You
Mandala Meditation: Seeing & creating your soul's messages
Know Thyself: Explore this key mystery school teaching that brings power, peace, & positive attraction
None at this time
Other (details in "Other" box below)
Free to Be the Best: Clear blocks/patterns that hold you back
Recalibrate to Positivity: Attract more happiness, health, energy, & love
Understand the Teachings, Integrate the Learnings: Making sense of the calamities of your life to overcome your challenges
Levelling Up Your Life: Clearing inner blocks that holding you back... once and for all
What Your Parents Couldn't Tell You: The Lost Keys to love, success, and happiness
Life Mission, Life Purpose: Discover why you're here, and how to live your fullest potential
Fly Free!: Releasing emotional & energetic traumas (no matter how stuck) to move forward into happiness & wellbeing
Transform the World: Teach what you know, Share your message & mission
None at this time
Other (details in "Other" box below)
Witch Yoga: A daily warm-up/stretching/strengthening routine to improve function of body & mind
Cold/Flu Busting and Prevention: Natural, effective ways to boost your immune system and stay healthy
Spiritual Self-Healing Masterclass: Regaining and sustaining health through mastery of energy and self
Healing from the Inside Out: Avoiding & healing disease by cultivating great gut health
Keystones of Health: Learn the building blocks so sustain & enhance well-being
None at this time
Other (details in "Other" box below)
Best Possible Results: live teaching & Q&A + self-study + accountability + community support + extensive email access to erin
Balance of Price & Result: some live guidance & Q&A + community support/accountability to supplement an online self-study course
Inexpensive: online self-study with great online learning system (eg, Thinkific, Moodle, etc.)
Cheapest Possible: online self-study course on WiccaSpirituality webpages
I am interested but not really ready
I am intrigued but not certain I would take the course/s
I am certain but not eager
I am eager but not entirely motivated to really see it through
I am highly motivated but not 100% committed (depending on cost)
I am highly motivated but not 100% committed (depending on timing or duration)
I am absolutely 100% committed to investing in myself through this course/s no matter what

Please enter the word that you see below.


Thank you for participating!  I really value your input as I move forward with this next phase of Wicca Spirituality's Magick & Mystery Wicca School! 

With Brightest Blessings,

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