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Silver Chalice Wicca 'Zine #43: Sacred Sexuality — Energy Field Shift
February 01, 2015

Silver Chalice Wicca 'Zine #43

Sacred Sexuality: Energy Field Shift

February / March 2015

Editor's Note

Merry Meet! Welcome to the Silver Chalice Wicca 'Zine!

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There's just one big topic for this issue: sex.

Ordinarily, I'd save this for Beltaine. Wicca-School Winking Witch © But there's something huge going on, and I'm being Called to share it with you now.

The feature article is actually an Energy Field update, explaining what's going on and how it's affecting our sex lives, as well as our perception of ourselves in gender roles. It's long, but I think it's worth the read!

There are also a great resource being brought to your attention this month, so check that section out for sure. It's not sex-oriented, but I'll bet you won't want to miss it. (Although, yes, you can use it for sexual issues, too!)

Enough chit-chat... On with the sex issue! Wicca-School Smilie Witch ©

With Bright Blessings,

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Table of Contents

Events & Announcements EFT Free Tapping World Summit Catching Up With A-Year-And-A-Day
Website Highlights The Great Rite & Sacred Sexuality
Feature Article Sexuality Shifting to the New Paradigm
Fave Quotes Sexuality, Sensuality, and Pleasure In Spiritual Context
Energy Field Barometer Mercury Retrograde
Word on the Street Understanding of Myself and a Reason Why
Silver Chalice Details  

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Events & Announcements

Tapping World Summit — Free

The EFT Tapping World Summit is coming in February! And the best part: it's free!

You've probably heard me talking about EFT. It's a simple, fast, and incredibly effective way to release emotions, heal traumas, overcome blocks and inhibitions, and reset your subconscious programming.

I've used it for years, and I never miss the World Summit. They offer 2 EFT workshops per day (and I often do both).

To get the most benefit out of it, tap as you listen to the whole thing. (Just on its own, 45 minutes of Tapping a day does wonders!)

They haven't released who, what, or when, yet. When they do, I'll definitely let you know! Wicca-School Smilie Witch © Wicca-Spirituality

</p><p><br clear=

Want to Catch Up with the Year & A Day?

A Year And A Day: Becoming a Wiccan  ©
I'm sure you know that A Year & A Day: 53 Weeks to Becoming a Wiccan has already started.

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, January was the perfect time to start — you can go through the course as you go through the Sabbats.

However, it's not too late to catch up!

If you still want to take the course in time with the seasons, and you're willing to move quickly through the first lessons, I can arrange that.

I think it's worth it! Here's what the students already are saying about this course:

"The lessons are fantastic! I'm really enjoying this whole experience." — Tina C.

"I love what I have read of the lessons so far. Thank you!" — Linda C.

"WOW! I totally get it! It just seems to make so much sense!" — Ian K.

"I am blown away sometimes by the insight and how much my intuition is coming more clearly! I cannot wait for the next lesson!" — Anastacia Wolfstone

"I love everything so far, so much new information, and this is exactly what I want. Your way of teaching is wonderful, I feel like I'm listening to you instead of reading your words." — V. M.

"From what I have read so far, this course is way ahead of anything else offered online." — Charles V.

To join and find out more here, please see A Year & A Day: 53 Weeks to Becoming a Wiccan now, because once everyone is too far ahead, it'll be too late to join.

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Table of Contents

Website Highlights

Spotlighting some of the Wicca Spirituality articles you may not have seen yet!

Beltaine: The Great Rite

Beltaine is the Wiccan ritual of the Great Rite. At this Wiccan festival, we join with the Goddess and the God in Their generative Dance of Life.

The Divine Creative Force manifests in every being. And one of its most powerful manifestations is sexual union.

"Union" is not a euphemism, nor an empty phrase. The sexual act, properly attended, helps us transcend the personal boundaries that keep "I" separate from "you" ... and from "Divine."


Why I Love Wicca


The greatest sacrament and most joyful mortal pleasure is sexuality. And the Wiccan Goddess blesses this.

The Goddess gave us sexuality for a reason. Procreation is only the smallest part of it.

Wicca has always celebrated the divine sexual union of the Goddess and the God. It is their ecstasy in this Great Rite that gives birth to the universe, and sustains life.


Lover of the Divine


The spiritual relationship is with the Divine as your Beloved, and you the most impassioned Lover.

Anyone who is fallen freshly in love knows what this is about. Your every thought is of your Beloved, you praise your Beloved all the time, you give your Beloved gifts out of an excess of devotion to their desires. You become self-less: you think only of what you can offer, not what you hope to receive. Your needs become a distant second in your list of priorities.

The spiritual practice here is devotion, worship, celebration, and complete disintegration of barriers between you and the Divine.


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Feature Article

Sexuality Shifting to the New Paradigm

There's an Energy Field shift that's happening all over the world, as we move from the Old Paradigm to the New Paradigm.

One aspect of this shift has been showing up in sexuality.

It's happening at different times for different people, over the course of months or even years.

This is manifesting in various ways, including lack of sexual desire or arousal, difficulty in getting erections (for men), and sexual passion fizzling out before resolution... or even before it really gets going.

You may not be experiencing this yet, but read on, because at some point you're going to find yourself sitting up in bed with puzzlement and frustration, wondering what's gone wrong.

There are mainly two things playing out in this shift. This article explores both, and suggests things you can do to ease this transition for yourself and your sexual partner...


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Fave Quotes

Boredom between two people… doesn't come from being together, physically. It comes from being apart, mentally and spiritually.

~ Richard Bach, Bridge Across Forever

Through sacred sexuality, the spirit is worshipped and celebrated through the body, and the body is illuminated through the spirit.

~ erin Dragonsong (is it okay to quote myself? Wicca-School Winking Witch © )

We talk too much as if our sexual tastes were fixed. That, too, is a defensive habit of mind. For we all know that we grow and change sexually as we do in every other way, if we allow ourselves to.

~ Jane Rule, A Hot-Eyed Moderate

You do not have to be good.

You do not have to walk on your knees

for a hundred miles through the desert, repenting.

You only have to let the soft animal of your body

love what it loves.

~ Mary Oliver, Wild Geese

The ground of possibility for any transformation of sexuality is the recognition of it as an impersonal power. The maithuna aspect of tantric yoga makes this clear. It is not my sex and my pleasure and my orgasm; it is a force that flows through me, a force of play, joy, and creation.

~ Gopi Krishna

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Energy-Field Barometer

The Energy Field reading for this issue is so big that it's the feature article this month, so if you missed that, please look above. Wicca-School Smilie Witch ©

You might also want to know that our old pal Mercury is Retrograde again. Gasp!! Wicca-School Winking Witch ©

Nah, it's okay. It can be a challenging time, but also a very useful and productive time. As long as you use it right.

If you're trying to forge ahead, make new plans, that sort of thing, then you're paddling against the current.

Instead, prepare for future forward momentum by reflecting on the past: where you go depends a lot on where you've been, and even more on where you ended up now.

And this is the perfect time to clear your metaphorical plate of whatever has been left, um, uneaten. Finishing up old projects makes the way clear for new things to come.

And just to be on the safe side, back up your computer and phone and all. Wicca-School Smilie Witch ©

*   *   *  

Notice or suspect an energy field going around? Can you confirm this reading, or shed more light on it?

I'd love to hear what's happening for you! Please let me know.

What to do about being caught in an unpleasant energy field? Click here for tips.

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Word on the Street

What People Are Saying About

Thank you for creating this site. It has helped me gain an understanding of myself and a reason why.

Finding out that I am a highly sensitive person has explained a lot that is going on in my life.

Wicca was mentioned to me about 15-20 years ago but I never really looked into it. I've never really blocked out the things that happen to me but I have never embraced it either.

Now that I find myself way out of balance, like I'm being pulled in a million directions, Wicca was the first thing to come to me to start healing myself.

I am excited to start this journey and I am grateful for this tremendous resource I have found in your site. Thank you.
-- K.C. in USA

Thanks for writing!! I appreciate hearing from you! : )

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