6 Things You Need To Know
About Your Life Mission

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Has something has changed for you recently... an inner PUSH to live a life that makes a difference, that MEANS something to the world... and to you? 

Do you feel like you're no longer willing to settle for an unfulfilling, inauthentic life?

Are you asking yourself...

"Is this really what i'm willing to spend
my precious days and hours on? 
Isn't there more to life than this??"  

The good news? 

There IS more to life! 

Your search for your Life Mission is the response to this increasingly-irresistible Call that's going on in the world.  It's a Call from your soul... to live a life of...

  • Meaning
  • Joy
  • Enthusiasm
  • Fulfilment

— the life you were created and destined for!

There is a beautiful Mission you've come here to do -- that only you can do!

And it's more important than ever that you start soon.

So please join us for this free, one-time-only workshop and step into living your Life Mission now!

Start Living
Your Life Mission!

In this free  1.5-hour workshop, you'll learn the 6 Key Things You Need To Know About Life Mission.

Including the BIGGY...

What to do if you feel scared, uncertain, or unconfident when starting your Life Mission... or even contemplating actually doing it. 

You'll come away with greater clarity about how -- and why! -- to start living your Life Mission.

This is a one-time only event
so don't miss out!

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This is the 3rd in a series of free workshops on Living Your Life Purpose & Life Mission:

  1. 4 Quick Steps to Living Your Life Purpose Now!
  2. The #1 Secret to Discovering Your Life Mission
  3. 6 Key Things You Need To Know About Life Mission

You don't need to have attended the first 2, though... each workshop stands alone.

Why Your Life Mission Is So Vital Now

Mother Earth is now calling all Her Champions into action.
If you've been feeling this compulsion to DO something — for the world, or maybe for your own advancement — She is Calling you, personally!
Mother Earth NEEDS you to start activating your Life Mission!  

Because you have a critical piece to the puzzle of saving this planet and helping humanity emerge, like a butterfly, into the dawning Spiritual Golden Age.

Please do join us!  For your sake... and for all of Nature!

When & Where

This enlightening, interactive workshop will be held live online.

Saturday July 24th at 11 am (Pacific Time)

( 2 pm EST / 7 pm GMT )
( Check what time this is in your own time-zone )

Join one of the world's leading visionaries and change-makers* to discover your Life Mission now!

* GalacticAge.org

Enroll for free here

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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