Spiritual Supernova!
EarthBlessing Event

Want to do something special for this magickal super-potent day of March 28th?

You are a PARTICIPANT in a pivotal moment for humanity! 

We are living what could be called the Apocalypse — the final battle between good and evil. Death-dealing forces are making their last and most concentrated effort to turn this planet into a living hell. But life-giving forces are working to break us free... a freedom that will last for thousands of years.

There are 2 aspects of this that affect YOU now...

1.  Hooking Into Divine Consciousness & Peace

Stress, despair, loneliness, helplessness, grief, frustration, anxiety, and depression — these are taking their toll on our well-being and health, as well as our enjoyment of life. 

You need to feel hope and peace to keep yourself strong and well, and fit to face the challenges of these times.

This is the most intense period humanity has ever experienced!  It's a privilege to be present for this unprecedented transformation.  But it's not easy to stay afloat and avoid getting sucked down.

We all need help staying positive and empowered.

The Spiritual Supernova™ and the EarthBlessing™ each works to...

  • elevate your energy field,
  • heal your mind and body,
  • soothe your emotions, and
  • reconnect you with your Divine intelligence and power!

Doing both of these powerful practices together multiplies the effect many-fold!

2.  Healing & Saving Mother Earth

We all play a part in our planet's future.  It's vital that we do what we can to strengthen the life-giving potentials. 

We need to do what we can to help our planet.  And on March 28, our most powerful contribution will be our MAGICK.

Here's the thing: Together, our magickal power is multiplied astronomically! 

So let's gather together on this fateful day and give Mother Earth a much-needed boost into the Spring of the new Spiritual Golden Age!

Here's your chance to gather with other lightworkers and Earth Healers online, to celebrate this day in serving to the world. 

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What Others Say About The Spiritual Supernova...

When you said that we were receiving an upgrade to our spirit, you were not kidding.
Today (the next day), when I meditated and did a grounding, I actually felt my energy begin vibrating and I felt my heart soar, just like Saturday.
It only took a few minutes to raise my vibration! Its as if I was already there, but became conscious of it. It was so much clearer and stronger than ever when I meditate.
It gave me deeper connection with spirit.
As a matter of fact, I've actually begun to actually hear my spirit guides talking to me. ❤ ” 
– Linda

“I feel very clear right now.  Any anxieties that I've been dealing with during the week, I was able to release and it just feels wonderful.”
– Vicki

“I love that it is such an incredibly powerful energy. I felt tingling and lights and lots of beautiful manifestations of changed frequencies. A very, very wonderful experience.
And the blessing of being able to be a healing source for the Earth and for the universe – it's incredibly empowering, and blissful. 
It's a very sacred opportunity.”
– Ania

“My body right now is completely just vibrating. I'm like super-charged.”
– Erica

What Others Say About The EarthBlessing Experience...

“I enjoyed it so much and tears were just flowing down my face. I was just so in awe. I have never done this before and it was just so meaningful. Thank you!” 
– Beth

“It was just so juicy. It was really exceptional, really powerful. And I feel a lot more hopeful — this is the most hopeful I felt in a while. It feels good to be in that place of hope again and seeing that possibility for the planet and for all of humanity. Priceless.” 
– Kimberly

“Lots of tingles… I definitely feel the energies moving.”
– Erica

“Incredible — so healing and uplifting!  A beautiful way to start the day!”
– Anna


When & Where

This uplifting magickal experience will be held live on Zoom:

Sunday March 28th at 5 pm (Pacific Time)

( 8 pm EST / 12 am GMT - sorry! )
( Check what time this is in your own time-zone )

You'll also have the opportunity to connect with other lightworkers & Earth Healers, chat, and share the power of this beautiful event.

Please bring a friend and join us!

And experience a brand-new potent magickal practice with one of the world's leading visionaries and change-makers.*

* GalacticAge.org

Event Programme

   5 pm - 5:10  Check in, Connect

   5:10 -DOORS CLOSE, Introduction

   5:15 - 6:00  Spiritual Supernova™

   6:00 - 6:30  EarthBlessing™ / Healing for Mother Earth

   6:30 - 6:50  Sharing with Community

   6:50 - 7:00  Wrap-Up *

I hope to see you there!

These times may vary depending on the flow of the group.

All times in Pacific Timezone - check your local time here

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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