More Student Feedback
A Year & A Day:
53 Weeks to Becoming a Wiccan

This is just a sampling of the hundreds of letters i've received from my students... on their own initiative...

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I've been deeply impressed. Your approach is balanced and full of light and inspiration at the same time. After reading your site, and, especially, AYaAD lessons, I started to understand many things about the Christian teachings more deeply, than after 10 years in the Church.

It was a really good practice for me to calm and relax, and understand some deep patterns, that was a real obstacle for my future development both in spirituality and in my career. Not long ago I've started to notice changes in my dreams and synchronicity with some of my close friends. I'm really excited about my spiritual journey now. I've opened a door that is still providing me with invaluable information for my spiritual wellbeing.

~ Maria M., Russia

It's wonderful! I've dipped my toes in Wicca since 2011, but the 101 books never explained the WHY of the traditions or even touched upon the theology. I always felt like I was missing something big whenever I practiced.

~ Samantha S., USA

Can only give this course the absolute highest grade comparing to others I've gone through.

This is the most deep, advanced spiritual training, that took the author years and years to achieve. Have also read hundreds of books but this course covers everything. If you do the lessons properly it's an excellent way to knowledge and you can proudly be a real Priestess. It covers it all.

You have no idea how this has changed my life.

Just wanted to tell you how deeply this affects me, I have clearly always had this within me but I buried it deep inside for 15 years. Now, I am finding my way home! I feel blessed, and that this is a life-changing experience for me. I have now started laying my cards again, gathering herbs, checking the moon...also sent healing to a sad friend that absolutely felt it, though she didn't know it was me. I'm opening up and have a wonderful feeling of all that's in front of me -can't wait to walk further on what now is my life path.

I am impressed by the depth of this course so far. It seems very broad and authentic, and I really like that you somewhat "lay out the rules" but also explain that we have to find our own way. And to take that step, we need to know what questions to ask!

My dedication was amazing. I have felt the Godess near me, in me, all of the time since then. I like your way with words and how humor can be mixed up with this subject; it should be a celebration of life to engage in this -so, of course we are happy!!!

It covers EVERYTHING plus you get access to SO much more info than the weekly lessons. it's DEFINATELY WORTH IT. Many people pay money for a lot of materialistic junk/coffee or soda...many are so spoiled. Why not invest a little in our inner, spiritual growth?

~ Frida H., Sweden

If you are on the edge of deciding to take this class, i would say, "do it." You will get so much information and guidance and "how to" in your lessons.

~ Kris M.

When I was first interested in learning about Wicca, I perused the internet for courses and compared them all. For me, Wicca-Spirituality was the most appealing, so I signed up. The course is very thorough. It is apparent just how much work went into each and every lesson. For that reason, I gave it my best effort and have never regretted it. I highly recommend Wicca-Spirituality because it is so complete. Also, Erin has made everything interesting and fun.

You have poured everything into these lessons, I can see that. Thank you! I am loving every page that I read. It all resonates with life, itself. It's poetry. Such a beautiful dance! I only wish that the world could see what Wicca-Spirituality truly is and what it can do for all of our lives here on Earth

The course is jam-packed with wonderful info. It is evident that a lot of effort, knowledge, and love has been put into every lesson. It is more than I had expected. I love learning the history behind rituals and celebrations.

I cannot imagine the hours spent to make each lesson such a tremendous success.

This course has been a blessing to me. I still refer back to each lesson whenever I am able. It is a treasure I will keep forever.

It is important to understand that you can make your spiritual practice whatever you need it to be; however, it is just as important to do what the lessons say to do for that year-and-a-day in order to have a well-rounded education in Wicca Spirituality.

It gives you all that you will ever need or want in order to build your own Wicca practice.

I am much calmer since meditating on a regular basis and have adopted daily habits that have been very good for me in so many ways.

For me, this is the best way to learn Wicca. The lessons resonate with what I believe and give me the freedom to adopt their teachings to suit my purposes and life style. Erin Dragonsong pours her knowledge and spirit into each and every lesson. I feel truly blessed to have found her!

Just do it! You won’t be sorry. Erin’s lessons are amazingly well thought out and written. She doesn’t miss a thing! They are life enriching and enhancing. A great blessing!

~ Jordis Kessler

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This course holds answers and techniques I have been wishing to acquire for a very long time!

Having been psychoanalytically trained and an atheist, I was only drawn to and believed in Science and the physical world. What I saw and was tested it was accepted. I keep on testing and using the analytical mind of mine when I introduce new energy-oriented work to my psyche. I am not just an ex sceptic I feel am still a sceptic! Erin well, after 13 years of energy training, reading and relentlessly working towards understanding how it works with my heart and my mind, ERIN and wicca answered questions and touched issues that were always on my mind. Erin and this course helped me understand with my heart and my mind issues that were always on my mind and wanted answers but never got them! I Now grasp notions that eluded knowing always that my inner knowing is aligned to them. And that is the SIDE EFFECT of the training. I am transformed. I feel much more grounded free and mostly much more empowered in my female skin. It is AMAZING. Do not miss it!!!! Blessed be.

~ Demeter S., Greece

I just want to tell you how much I enjoy the course so far and how I look forward to what is coming next.

There is just so much good information in this course.

I have always felt that I was a little different from other people and about six months ago I finally figured out what I am. I have been trying to educate myself ever since and I've been doing a lot of reading and study. Your course has consolidated everything for me and reaffirmed many things which I have learned elsewhere or knew intuitively.

I really love the course and the direction it has taken my life.

I have to say I have become much calmer and more introspective since starting the course and I have become much better at noticing little and subtle things around me. I've also become much more tolerant and forgiving.

Thanks for everything you have done. You are appreciated.

The lessons are life changing.

Your course has made a difference in me. I always had doubts about formal, matriarchal religion and I always felt different. Now I know why.

I tell others that I didn't become something, I just discovered what I've always been.

~ John C., USA

I was struck by the thoroughness of the information on the website, and the intuitive way it was presented - step, by step. The sample lesson was a great indication of what was to come. After going through the first lesson, now into the "practicing" part of it, this is exactly what I found. As a solitary in Nebraska - though there are witches and pagans here, but we're pretty scarce - this resource is a Goddess-send! Blessed be - and Maria, I highly recommend it!

~ Muriel C., USA

I love this course so far! Everything has been presented clearly and flows very well! Though I have been a solitary practitioner for the past sixteen years there is so much that I have been unable to find information on or have read contradicting info with no basis for my own interpretation.

I like how this course is structured. Finding a comprehensive class on Wiccan studies is more difficult than I had expected. This is such a life saver! It covers a lot of topics and gives me a point of reference for additional subjects that I still need to do a good deal more research on! And this is only the beginning!

I will certainly recommend this course to any of my friends who are looking to further their studies. It is well worth the low cost and I consider this to be a great investment. I am glad I could budget this!

Thank you so much for your time and all of the effort you have put into making this course possible!

The course itself is wonderful. The weekly classes and extra bonus material is very well organized and easy to follow. I used it as a brush up for information I was already familiar with as I have been a practitioner for a good 19 years. In my opinion, it is a very good beginner course that will help lay a broad foundation for further study.

~ Elizabeth S., USA

I am amazed by all of the belief that I have that are similar. I feel like this is what I have been waiting for for a very long time.

Thank you for making this possible.

I was reading the dedication. I was on #3. I was also drinking and listening to music I love. It felt so good, arousing and happy. I'm still smiling from it. I think I was feeling so strongly and was so open that I might have inadvertently did the actual dedication without the circle or washing. I'm not sure what that could mean. The experience was amazing.

~ Ledora J.

Amazing, incredible, absolutely fantastic! You have connected all the 'dots' I have collected over the years of searching for MY path. I wish I could afford to contribute what this is worth to me :). Cannot wait for the next lesson- thank you so much for sharing your wisdom!

~ Stephanie K, USA (midwest)

Allow me to begin by saying, "I LOVE This Course!" I do not believe you should change a thing. There is an abundance of information in this course. While it can be overwhelming at times, each and every one of your serious students, (like me) will take exactly what they need from it to travel their path. This course has been an amazing journey for me so far. One that I willingly, sometimes a little grudgingly :), spend most of my free time doing.

I love the information! I find the questions especially helpful, ( I Always complete All of the questions)as they help me retain info and guide me to the info for my Grimoire and BOS.

I spent several years searching and reading many, many books. I have a vast “how to” Wiccan library. What I got was a lot of information I didn’t know what to do with, or how to use. I became extremely overwhelmed, and very intimidated. This was just waaayyy too much work, and took way too much time. Made my head spin. So... I continued to be a “pretend Wiccan”. Which means not practicing Wicca, just using a few things that I did understand, and ignoring the rest. Never feeling complete. Always wanting more. That has all changed, thanks to you, Erin. Incorporating your teachings into my spiritual practice has been easy and joyful! I am not intimidated. I am excited for the next lesson every week! Your teachings resonate with me like none other have! I read what you say, and I’m like, “yeah I can do this!” Wicca Spirituality is truly changing my life!

Completed my Dedication yesterday! It was the most beautiful, gloriously awesome experience! Thank you so, so very much for giving me this opportunity! I have been trying for years to connect with the Goddess, with limited success. I have known for a long time my path is with Her. I have also fought it for a long time. Last spring I accepted fully my path with the Goddess, but did not know how to proceed. I have been following your e-zine for a couple of years. I can't tell you how excited I was when you revealed your school! I knew this was for me. Exactly what I needed to show me the way.

The feeling in my heart was the absolute deciding factor.

You and your school have been a true Goddess send to me! :) Yesterday was a profound experience! Without you, I would not have achieved this. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I know you are very busy, and have limited time. No response is necessary. I just wanted to share with you, and let it out because I am ready to bust! I can not wait for the next lesson! You rock!

This course is perfect for me. I feel as though you are speaking directly to me. Everything is explained very well. Any questions I have had are answered as I go along. It is exciting and fun! I look forward to every lesson. Can't wait for the next one.

Have I mentioned lately how much I Love, Love, Love this course?! Well I do! Thank you so much for all of the time you obviously spent and still spend on this course. It is perfect! It is changing my life! It is exactly what I was looking for, and what I needed. I look forward to each new lesson with excitement I haven't felt in years! I find it exceptionally validating, and amusing, when I discover that I have been doing a few things you are teaching, already on my own. Not with the polish I am learning, but still the seed was planted and is now growing. (does that make any sense to you? Hope so.) I can not thank you enough for this gift you have given me. May the Goddess bless you with abundance, health, and happiness always!

I can never thank you enough for what you have given me the ability to do. This is so awesome! Initiation was great! Your teachings have changed my life. Along with giving birth to my son, and getting married, this has been one of the most important days in my life! Certainly THE most important in my spiritual life!

There is so much info, and it’s kinda’ like reading a good book – when you read it again, you notice things you missed the first time. Divination, I’ve always stunk at it, and tried Tarot several times with much frustration and disappointment. This lesson and all of the preceding prep lessons( meditation, shifting consciousness, etc. all helped tremendously) I have had amazing results so far! And because of all those prep lessons, The Water/West lesson was the best meet the Elements lesson so far! It was so cool for me, that I would like to revisit the other Elements again with my new found consciousness!

I have battled the fears that come with my Christian upbringing for 30 years. So every time she says something, I am unsure again. I have very little confidence in myself spiritually. I was concerned that this was the Christian god’s way of telling me I’m being a bad girl. I don’t understand my own doubt, and why I can be thrown into self doubt so quickly. Christianity brought me nothing but pain, guilt and fear. Wicca does none of those things! Especially since taking your course. I’ve felt nothing but joy and wonder at the beautiful things that are being opened up to me. That is why I love and need this course so much! I know this is the right path for me. I need a voice of Wiccan reason!

This has been one heck of a year! So many positive changes. Thank you for all of your hard work in creating and administering this class. You are a Goddess-send. This has positively been worth all of the effort put forth by all involved.

I’m sorry, I can get pretty wordy. I really can’t help it. I haven’t been this excited about anything, in a lot of years! This is not work. I am happy to devote my time to this awesome learning experience!

There have been Huge changes in my life and my spiritual experiences and practice! I am have truly amazing connections with the Goddess and more recently the God! So Cool! I have searched for this path for 30 years, everything about you as teacher, and this course resonates so deeply within me! You and this course are the best things to have happened to me and my spiritual life ever! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My spiritual practice has become my spiritual life. It is who I am. I love this. This course engages me in my daily practice like nothing else has. Believe me, I sometimes need motivation. My only worry is, what will I do when the course is finished??? It too has become a part of my life. I hope this helps you. You have certainly been a blessing to me. I am sooo excited for the rest of the year!

Please tell me there's a Year & A Day 2!

~ Lisa Kershner, USA

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I love everything so far, so much new information, and this is exactly what I want. I feel different when I'm outside, I love Nature, I know this is for me. Your way of teaching is wonderful, I feel like I'm listening to you instead of reading your words.

~ V. Marrero, USA

The course has by far met my expectations and then some. Before taking the course I bought every book I could find about Wicca but was unable to make the mis-mash of information make any sense.

I did buy a lot of books trying to learn on my own. I also tried to follow some You Tube classes but they seem to lack depth or are just a mish-mash of topics that never really made a complete comprehensive picture for me.

I have really enjoyed all of the steps to create a circle. Understanding the elements and the corresponding natural relationships we can develop with each one. Each step…meditation, being present in Nature, and listening to my own inner intutition regarding the Devine have brought everything together for me.

I have started eating better being more conscious about the food I buy and eat. I have been riding my bike to work as much as possible.

I love it when I seem to be called to listen to the Elements around me. Learning to listen and creating relationships with each. Being guided in dreams and meditative insights by the Goddess and God.

You are a wonderful teacher!

The lessons are fantastic! I’m really enjoying this whole experience.

Very enlightening experience for me. You have put together a puzzle that has stumped me for a very long time.

~ Tina C.

I am absolutely thrilled. Thank you so much for your knowledge and wisdom and the heart to share it with us. Thank you for your incredible hard work. It is really blessing me.

~ Alyssa M.

Appreciate your hard work and comprehensive approach to learning. Looking forward to the journey as I've never really followed a sequential course. Knew yours was the one! Felt the fit and recognized your genuine spirit. Blessed be,

~ Jan F.

I love this course. I loved it!

I have been in the craft since I was 16 I am now 62 and I have never seen it laid out so plainly. I am loving relearning some things, finding out new reasons for doing things and learning brand new things, Thank you for that.

I must tell you this is the BEST course I have ever taken and I have taken a few. I have learned a lot of things even about things I thought I knew very well. Your course is clearly written. it leaves no questons about what you have been talking about because you have places to go that explain it further if need be. Mostly I love your course because you make it fun to learn. It is not cut and dry. You inject humor, which has value when you are learning. I am so glad I found you and your course. It is worth every penny I am paying.

I learned so much more in this course then in any other I have ever taken. I was trained in the Corrillan Tradition first, so learning from you seemed not only easier, but you explained things very completely so it could be understood and remembered. I just want to say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! I look forward to the next course

I am so glad I got this course. I have never learned so much detail in a course as I have in yours. Thank you for your time and effort to put this type of a course togather

~ Linda C. USA

I just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying the class so much. I did my dedication last week and it was wonderful. I made a circle from all different colored silk ribbons that I tied together and my large candle holder had all the same was very magickal.

~ Robyne B., USA

I love it thus far. I have actually been studying and reading on Wicca for several years. I started a book of shadows a little over a year ago and have read several books by Scott Cummings and Buckland but really wasn't completely understanding. I have been reading your site for awhile so when you offered the course I signed up asap!I am so excited to get started and have even found my witch name, Anastacia Wolfstone, I have been asking my inner self and it actually came in a meditation I was in and I've been asking the Goddess Dana who has appeared in several dreams nodding when I asked her if this was my magickal name! I am blown away sometimes by the insight and how much my intuition is coming more clearly! I cannot wait for lesson one next week!

Thank you so much for the time and effort you have spent doing this I am so excited to learn from you!

~ Anastacia Wolfstone

WOW! I have read it through and I feel that I totally get it! It just seems to make so much sense!

I'm just so glad that this wonderful course is there waiting for me. It's the great source of comfort and strength to me. Thank you Erin.

~ Ian K.

This course is way ahead of anything else offered online.

I want to express my gratitude because this is really an amazing course. So well structured, so well written, so full of very practical information. This course is just WOW. I have seen other home study courses about Wicca, but your's is really outstanding and I dare to say far better than the others. I will certainly recommend the course to people who are interested in the subject. Thank you for making this available for us :-)

Learning should be fun. Your lessons are a joy to read and makes you hungry for more. It is full of in depth explanation of specific subjects around the general lesson subject, It is full of practical information, to integrate the knowledge in your daily life. It is fantastic that we get new lessons each and every week, so we have exactly the right amount of time to absorb the knowledge, practice it and make it a part of our life. If I compare it to other courses, first of all your weekly lessons are far better structured, very well organized, and very clearly written in a style that is very appealing and clearly understandable. Second the lessons are exciting, where other courses almost make you fall asleep and look like you are studying law books, which I did in the past and for me became the ultimate form of boredom. But absolutely the best where you excel in compare to others is the content in each lesson which I can only describe as outstanding and fascinating, so very well explained, so easy to understand. Thank you Erin for this fabulous course/

~ Charles van Veen, Netherlands

"There are times I wish I had someone close by to sit and chat with, but then I realize I have you right here"

I just have to say thank you for being here for me and the many others. When I first answered my inner self and went about reading and doing more reading and using the web for research on Wicca, I felt alone, until I tripped upon Erin and Wicca Spirituality. While I knew enough that I was going to be a Solitary Wiccan, I didn't feel alone, finally.

I am a solitary Wiccan and you have guided me from the very beginning, helping me to do my own homework, follow up and read, learn, grow....and read some more. There are times I wish I had someone close by to sit and chat with, but then I realize I have you right here Erin has helped me better understand and accept my calling. No hidden agenda, straight from her heart, in plain English. Each day I learn something new and grow, and I love the words of wisdom given here...

Easy to read, and to follow. I feel awesome.

I have become more confident and more comfortable with myself since starting this class, and I smile a lot more.

My inner self has finally found peace with some of my long time turmoil since starting your class

I look at things differently and worry a little less. I will never be able to thank you enough. I thank the Goddess and Divine every night for you.

Erin has helped me better understand and accept my calling. No hidden agenda, straight from her heart, in plain English. Each day I learn something new and grow, and I love the words of wisdom.

Things I never thought about now mean something to me, and I have a much better understand of Sabbats, and this is only into second class. While I am a Solitary Wiccan, I don't feel alone.

It has changed me, my soul and my spirit smile greatly when I think of things I've learned, when I ground myself I feel so light, and I'll admit a bit giddy sometimes when done. You've allowed me to feel comfortable with who I truly am. I know know my gifts are just that, precious gifts that I'm now learning to use correctly and that being me is just fine. Your classes are easy to read, easy to understand and I've learned oh so much and we are just into week 6!. All the books I've purchased and read do not hold a candle to what I've learned thus far. I thank the Goddess for helping me stumble upon Erin.

The course is what I expected and more. I needed confirmation of what I was feeling which I have received 3 fold. In that, the weekly lessons are…..a bit more then I anticipated, in a very good way.

I have read it once, will read it several times, makes me smile and feel happy and positive and excited inside. Easy to read, and to follow. I feel awesome.

My inner self has finally found peace with some of my long time turmoil since starting her class. I look at things differently and worry a little less. I will never be able to thank her enough. I thank the Goddess and Divine every night for her.

You lay things out in a way that it is very easy to follow, in plain English, with explanations beside areas where there may be some confusion. So I don’t think that you can compare you’re a Year & A Day with other ways of learning Wicca, yours is the best, the easiest to follow with support all around.

You never speak down to us, you are always uplifting with so much encouragement and sometimes a bit of humor thrown in which always gets me giggling. There is no sugar coating, just straight knowledge. It is obvious you want to get your students to feel good in their calling and give them as much information as you can to allow them/us to grow.

I have come away from each lesson with Spirit all around me. I understand the underlying factors/issues/rituals/magick so much more. I look at things a bit differently. I understand the inner spirit feelings more now than before. My heart is lighter and fuller all at the same time. This has been a wonderful experience for me, and I feel so grateful to YOU for all that has been done for me/us throughout this course.

I don’t doubt myself when it comes to Spirit visiting me. I am a more relaxed person, more satisfied with where I am in life and much more comfortable in expressing my ‘Wiccan’ support to others and myself. I have started to open up more to Spirit, which is exciting for me, it makes me smile a lot, inside and out.

Have I ever noticed changes in myself! I don’t doubt myself when it comes to spirit visiting me. I am a more relaxed person, more satisfied with where I am in life and much more comfortable in expressing my ‘Wiccan’ support to others and myself. I have started to open up more to Spirit, which is exciting for me, it makes me smile a lot, inside and out.

It has changed me, my soul and my spirit smile greatly when I think of things I've learned, when I ground myself I feel so light, and I'll admit a bit giddy sometimes when done. You've allowed me to feel comfortable with who I truly am. I know know my gifts are just that, precious gifts that I'm now learning to use correctly and that being me is just fine. Your classes are easy to read, easy to understand and I've learned oh so much and we are just into week 6!.

I don’t think that you can compare you’re a Year & A Day with other ways of learning Wicca, your’s is the best, the easiest to follow with support all around.

Emails are informative, the webpages are laid out so that it is easy for those not computer savvy to follow. You are down in the culvert with us helping us to get over that hump, I can feel you with me in every lesson.

You speak plainly, while you give us a lot of information in each class, you lay it all out so it is easy to follow. You never speak down to us, you are always uplifting with so much encouragement and sometimes a bit of humor thrown in which always gets me giggling. There is no sugar coating, just straight knowledge. It is obvious you want to get your students to feel good in their calling and give them as much information as you can to allow them/us to grow. while it is like being in school except I am sitting in my home doing my lessons at a time convenient for me, I have come away from each lesson with Spirit all around me. I understand the underlying factors/issues/rituals/magick so much more. I look at things a bit differently. I understand the inner spirit feelings more now than before. My heart is lighter and fuller all at the same time. This has been a wonderful experience for me, and I feel so grateful to YOU for all that has been done for me/us throughout this course.

All the books I've purchased and read do not hold a candle to what I've learned thus far."

~ Margo Rathbun, USA

Yes, I want this! Take me to the Purchase Options (click here)

Thank you so much for creating this class! It has been so helpful and I am really enjoying soaking it all in. :)

I also must tell you I have never felt more at peace than when I am doing my spiritual access alignment! I wish I knew this exercise ages ago it gives me this wonderful feeling that I don't really have words for, but I'm going to try to describe it and maybe you have felt it too and DO have the words :) -

I used to get this feeling every once in a while growing up - it's like I feel myself inside my physical body and I can feel this disconnect between the flesh on the outside and my energized self on the inside. I hope it doesn't sound silly, but these spiritual exercises I have been doing from your course help me to feel this feeling and it makes me feel like I'm home and just pure happiness.

Anyway, I just thought I would let you know I truly appreciate everything you have done/do for me through this course!

~ Samantha S., USA

I'm loving every part of this course. My manifestation abilities are growing and my connection to the Goddess is a real thing now. I wasn't sure when that would happen.

This course is exactly the way I wanted to understand & appreciate Wicca. The content is so deep & rich with history & humor that it's a joy to study. You took a complex subject & broke it into bite size pieces.

I truly appreciate all you are doing & am happy to continue on with whatever you are teaching.

I feel it's important to take the time to say a huge thank you to Erin Dragonsong & her team. Each week I get the lessons & I am amazed at the extent of the content, side references & thorough nature dealing with the topic. I initially had a curiosity but you have ignited my passion. To understand the history along with current practical application is much more than I hoped for with this course. I've had a couple of "internet glitches" on my side & needed personal assistance. Your response has been prompt, polite & wonderful. I must admit I can't always keep up as life gets in the way, but you make it so easy to go back & pick up lessons I missed. Thank you again. I can see that you put your heart & soul into this program. I am grateful that I found you & am learning the Craft from you personally. I truly appreciate you!

~ Kim Drusch

I am extremely pleased with the course so far. I am excited and amazed. I feel like I am finally finding my place in this world.

~ Dierdra W., USA

I adore it. The lessons are the perfect length and difficulty. The material is thoughtful and well written. I am enjoying it very much.

You are a wonderful teacher and I'm so grateful.

I really am loving the course. I've actually been studying Wicca for a year already but it's so nice to have it broken down in such a wonderful way. Eating the elephant bite by bite! Love it! Thank you so much for it all.

~ Kate B.

AYAAD is offering all I wanted and so much more. It makes life complete. I like the thourough way of your course. The adventures are really great to do...... Dedication was a powerful and beautiful experience. Feel so blessed :)

Thanks for your course and guidance Erin

~ Ellen V., Netherlands

Thank you for offering this magickal course I’m enjoying sooo very very much <3

Much warmth and many blessings,

~ Liliana E, USA

I enjoyed the lessons and it's a great course. Thank you! ~ Colleen P.

Awesome, really! I can tell that the material comes from a place of understanding and support. Also it can be repetitious, but in a good way, introducing some of the same core ideas but in multiple formats giving depth to the topic. Subject aside this is well written material.

~ Gary M, USA

Love the course and am reading it for the second time around.

The course has changed the way I look at things and has helped me to better connect with myself and my world.

Thank you and I want you to know that you have helped me make profound changes in my life. I have been troubled that something has been missing and now I know what it was.

I have enjoyed the course and intend to take the next one so please let me know what needs to be done.

~ Dusty R., USA

I am enjoying the course so far. I have been reading different Wicca books since I was 16 but never "practiced" Wicca. I think it was partly not sure where to begin and also I wasn't really in the right place emotionally. I am 36 now and my spiritual path continues to grow and fill with positive energy.

~ Kristen A, USA

Thank you so much for everything. Your course is really complete and has everything anyone would want to become and be a Wiccan.

~ Angela G.

I have found the lessons I have done so far very empowering. I feel like I have control of my life and can get control of my health. Thank you for taking the time to write these lessons, they really mean a lot to some of us.

With the Happiest flower filled Blessing,

~ Beth J.

Erin, your course is way more than expected. I am only on lesson 8 and am totally overwhelmed! I don't want to miss out I felt I needed to let,you know and keep going an log in the lessons as they,come... The lessons have so much information and Erin has written so that they are easy to understand and unlike other books I have gotten, her whole conversation is non threatening to a beginner. Erin makes you

Feel comfortable with your learning. you write so clearly. It is like I can hear you. Thank you for all your work.

~ Terri R., USA

I am excited to be taking this journey with you and appreciate all the hard work and diligence that went into the course. It is truly life-changing.

~ Tammi M., USA

I have really enjoyed the experience of your lessons, they are very illuminating and I feel very welcome and at home.

I am really charged in my spirit, i feel called to this, i cannot explain it in words, it is a deep affinity is as best i can describe the pull.

Anyway, I feel like such a newbie. I am 46 and I read and read books about wicca and magick but I am not sure how to start, your lessons so far have helped and as I said, made me feel welcome and at home.

You make me feel very comforted and welcome. You also make me feel like i belong here, that to me is heartfelt and genuine.

~ Damon E., USA

I'm loving the online course. It's beautiful!

~ Mandi W.

I have been looking for something my whole life. I always felt separated from others, but connected to something I could not see. I tried religion. I will try to keep this short....I was a little scared at first. Thought maybe I was doing something wrong and GOD would be mad at me.

I have been dabbling with magic for a while but no real training. The first time I lit the candles and formed a circle, the hair on my arm stood up and I felt full of light. It felt right.I knew I had found what was missing in my world. My very good friend is trying to convince me that magic is EVIL. I don't think that I am evil or have bad intentions. I asked her "where is that written?". she said nowhere but the highway to hell is paved with good intentions...I don't believe in Hell. She "is not religious" It bothers me!!Why? Even me...I get nervous sometimes cause of all the negative crap I have been taught. Tell me this is not "evil" or why everybody thinks it is "dark". love ya and TY How do I get past all the negative stuff.

So far this has been very helpful. It's a bit off cause its August, not February so I did the dedication for personal growth not for planting seed n the earth so to speak. There are a lot of diversions(other informative links) offered as I read thru the info. I get a little side tracked sometimes. I am also in college so I am taking on a lot. I do not like computers !!!!! Meanwhile my classes are on line also. But I think this coarse will prove to be very helpful. If only people could feel what I feel; it wouldn't have to be so secretive. All the secrets make it feel wrong IF YOU LET IT.

~ Deborah K., USA

I've read tons of material, I already have a bos, an altar, all kinds of "tools" etc and know the reasons/uses for them.

My issue has been I have not really been "active". I am looking to your course as a guide to getting off my butt and actually practising what I've been learning. As you've explained in the intro course. All the knowledge in the world doesn't do any good if you're not putting it to use. Plus I have always loved your site for information. I like your style of presenting it and I agree with pretty much everything I've read of yours for the most part. That also helped making the decision to try out your course vs another.

Let me tell you about my dedication ritual. I used what you presented but tweaked some of the words to personalize it a bit.

When I asked the god & goddess to join me I knew immediately when they arrived! The air in my circle became very light. My candle flame began dancing wildly as though in a strong breeze although there was no air movement. I then had a feeling that made me tear up a bit. Not a bad tearing up but happiness, love and gratitude. After I took down my circle I felt greatly uplifted.

~ Matt D., USA

Yes, I want this! Take me to the Purchase Options (click here)

I am loving the course!! You did an absolutely amazing job putting the lessons together. It feels like your right in front of me when im reading them which makes it so much easier to really focus on it and not get bored while reading. Theres so much content in them and I want to put as much of myself into the adventures and my answers as possible that I have found myself behind a few lessons.

Ive never felt so in tune with myself and the idea of religion before.

~ Jenna L., Canada

I performed this ritual tonight, my first full moon. It was spectacular! The light that filled my chalice moved like liquid moonlight, sparkling with stars, and I could feel it drench me when I lowered my arms. Thank you for this site! It's been incredibly helpful and very inspirational!

~ Leah C., USA Thank you, thank you your course so far is down to earth

~ Terri R., USA

I did my dedication ritual yesterday and I did not expect to feel it so strongly. When I felt the presence of the Divine it was such a feeling of coming home that I burst into tears. I really feel that I have been guided towards Wicca this spring. Until recently I didn't even know that Wicca existed, but my whole life I have been searching for something without knowing what. felt there was something missing.

I suddenly felt I had to evolve spiritually.

I always loved magic but never really allowed myself to believe in it.

I am very inspired by the lessons!

~ Susanna S., Sweden

Oh my goddess! Erin I deeply LoVe the On-line Wicca Classes, you're an Amazing, Free-Spirited, Magickal Deep Souled Witch/Teacher and I am so very thankful & grateful to you! Just from the few lessons that I have had its opened my soul and soul growth much deeper that I'm really board with a lot of my friends in my life, b/c their not anywhere as deep souled! I guess that means that it's time to need some new friends that are really deeply sold! :-)

Thank you very much for your classes and witchy teachings!!!

I absolutely Love, love, love your classes they are so deeply soulful and magical and within two weeks of reading it has open my soul growth and ignited my witches fire from within and I am a different person, and I even look so different to me within the last 5 days I've even changed in my face. I look so mysterious & Magickal, my demeanors even changing in such a profound deep magical way. Thank you, thank you, thank you beautiful soul!!!

PS I see through all people even more vividly now through their words & action, I can feel, hear & see their inner dialogs know if they're speaking the truth or not I feel so much more protected and powerful it's beyond amazing and I'm so thankful and grateful!

Blessed Be,

~ RavenMoon )O(

Honestly,my head is swimming with all the wonders of AAYAAD lessons What a blessing they have been and will be as I hope to audit them again this year. Thank you Erin. You are a brilliant teacher.

For weeks I have been contemplating what I would say to you as the lessons neared the end. So much has happened this past year not the least of which is I have rediscovered my “wonder” gene. It is hard to explain what the lessons have done for me, what they have meant for me without explaining to you where I was at in the beginning... A year and a few long days ago. In the past ten years I have been actively at least actively trying to reflect Divine Light into the world.

I was filled with vim and vigour in the beginning... so joyously open to the new experience spirit brings, often unexpectedly. But it all slowly unravelled a bit and my joy dulled and I felt in a strange way I had lost myself while helping others find their spiritual feet and move on to where ever Spirit guided them. I felt like such a hypocrite in one way but on the other hand... what I encouraged about spirituality was the truth... I knew it.. .I had experienced it... it is our birth right. But the harder I tried to force my own spirituality into my little teeny box of understanding...the more quickly it wiggled out like one of the tire track eels we used to sale at the pet store. I couldn’t understand it... everything worked before...why not now and the harder I tried to force it, the further away the Divine felt for me. So I drifted into one of my protection mechanisms. Besides, I could still help others, right? Love is one of those amazing qualities that is all encompassing in its complexity. So I put it out of my mind, yet growing a little less spiritually plump as days passed into weeks, months years as my own neglect to self slowly took its toll

One night I prayed with all the umph I had left for guidance, for direction, for help in climbing out of the slippery hole I had made for myself... I prayed with all my heart and soul and I knew that it was heard... So I kept my eyes wide open and that’s when Wicca surfaced. I devoured the articles on your site for days and when I read about the AYAAD lessons I was overjoyed as I had a “knowing” that this was the “Divine life preserver”.

I am ever so grateful to you... for these awesome lessons that so obviously you have put your heart and soul into. We do feel it... as they speak not only from your own heart but that of the Goddess as well... I tentatively took my first baby steps into the strange and wonderful world of Wicca Spirituality and was surprised by how comfortable the path felt. This coming from a former Lutheran and current Urantian Wiccan... Before beginning, I wondered if I would I be able to reconcile what felt right about the past, what feels right about the present and what feels right about the projected future. But like water, Wicca flowed into all those nooks and crannies... filling the gaps and blending seamlessly. It also helped, I suppose, to have had some previous practice “building bridges” of understanding between beliefs and our constructs which make God/dess real and ever present in our thoughts actions.

But in all my thoughts as to what we would experience during the year of lessons...I never expected to find my inner child again. But there I was, hiding amongst the dusty ways of being inside myself.... all young and shiny with fresh face and excited child-like enthusiasm once again. I felt like a kid in a candy store every Wednesday when the lessons arrived... was amazed when I was able to bounce energy from one had to the other and then direct it to others in healing that stretched across the seas. I was awed as I stood out under the stars with hands raised to the heavens and could feel Goddess energy filling my body’s Chalice in a great wave. I delighted in the inevitable, an ever deepening closeness with nature... surprisingly even insects who for some reason do not look upon me as the enemy anymore. This past year there have been moments where I can feel a part of the beating heart of Mother Earth. And though I have only begun. (again) it is an absolute joyful beginning and it is your lessons that have made it so...encouraging me to take a tentative step and then another and another into the heart of the Great Goddess.

The lessons have changed me... no doubt. They’ve given me confidence again... confidence in the Divine’s Desire to be close to me, the unfathomable unconditional love, and confidence in myself too as I look more kindly on that little girl... my inner child. I feel the hum of life and the distant roar of God’s presence in a funny kind of way now and they are sort of one and the same with all parts of creation, all parts of the same whole. “I am me but I am also one with all life within the One, the Great Goddess.” This knowledge alone, the experiencing of it has gently sanded the rough edges of my life... smoothed out the nicks I’ve placed or allowed to be placed on my inner wall.

But of course, I am still a work in progress as I read and practice the lessons and gratefully sign up for another year’s access to the lessons. Thank you... it was most generous of you and much needed in my case as there is so much to know, practice and live.... but it is a joy...and absolute joy and I apologize that I should have told you these things when you asked in August. I cannot imagine how busy you are and so I try to learn quietly without taxing your attention. But that in no way denotes a lack of respect or gratitude for who you are and what you are sharing with the rest of us hungry students. We couldn’t ask for a better teacher. And as one on the receiving end of the AYAAD lessons, know that though they flow great distantness from your hearth to ours, the warmth arrives just as assuredly. So much so that when we read and participate, it is like you are with us, even answering the questions that appear in our heads with your comments off to the side. We are blessed.

And with this long winded testimonial... I conclude with the offer that if there is ever anything I can do for you in the years to come... you only need ask. I find myself humming and singing the chants throughout the day and they really have the ability to uplift even if I sound a bit like an off key bull frog. And I just want you to know that my dedication ritual was one of the most moving things that has happened to me. So I can’t thank you enough for putting this amazing Wicca course together! The effort you put into it is obvious and I hope you are uplifted every time you receive a thumbs up from people like me who you help bring ever closer to the Divine.

And so, I will excitedly review the welcome lessons again, looking forward to a year of new insights as I prepare for the advanced Wicca course in 2017. Thank you Erin, from the top, middle and bottom of my heart!

~ Sandra Barnard, Australia

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I am excited for the journey to become a more spritually enlightened Wiccan. Thank you for taking the time to start this program.

I come from a deeply religious background, where asking questions outside of my families religious beliefs is considered to be a "sin" or "bad". I have always considered myself a witch and have had the desire to know the different Gods and Goddesses that I know exist. Most importantly, I want my children to learn that spirituality is an individual process and that it is necessary to explore what you are drawn towards.

Thank you for providing an environment to do this. I look forward to learning more from you.

~ Sally D.

I have dabbled in Wicca for 20+ years. I am looking to understand how to stay calm and connect with MY inner divine in order to help others without getting drained.

I have done spell work and read books, but nothing that I have committed to. So I am so grateful for your class!

I love the way you present everything and always gently remind us that we are the true one who decides how to practice and to trust our intuition.So important.

~ Laura R.

Enrolled in your Wiccan course - so immersed and feeling growth in a multitude of ways that I could go on and on about

I've gone through such a metamorphosis in the last six months. I barely recognize me. Yes, I'm still a mother, a nurse, a friend, a lover....but now I'm no longer that woman who is frazzled and full of anxiety.

I just started a new job as clinical director and I have never been happier. I'm meditating every day, working with my crystals, have affirmations everywhere

~ Beth B.

I'm learning so much from this course, it is amazing how much is out there and available to connect with the Gods that I was painfully unaware of. I'm grateful that the Gods sent me on the path which led me to this class.

~ Kellyann P.

I've been wanting to tell you that having started the course last year and re-enrolling this year, I've noticed the changes, upgrades and additions to your lectures as far as I got in the course. And I appreciate it. It fortifies my trust in you and your ethics to see that you do not just let the course go on autopilot (as many college campuses do...wink,wink). Thank you so much for you.

~ Saranna A.

I very much enjoyed the lessons I was able to do.

I have dabbled in Wicca and magick in the past, though I’ve always stuck to the white side, I’ve not been much for the full rituals. I’ve also trained in Reiki and find working with energy fascinating, especially with crystals. However, I am not sure how good I actually am at it.

I signed up last year just in case you decided not to do it again, even though I knew I might not be able to keep up. So I am really happy to have the chance to follow along again.

~ Mary F.

I’ve been meaning to drop you a line at some point since the course started to say hello and thank you…

First I’d like to say how much I have been enjoying the course and I think it is packed with relevant and useful information!

This course has been very timely for me as I’ve been exploring different aspects of spirituality over the past couple of years

I’ve always been interested in the Earth and her processes and studied this at school, as well as courses in Environmental Studies. I love being in nature and moved out of the city a few years ago to be closer and more connected.

All these above and many more reasons have lead me to where I am today and to this course. I feel it has made a real difference to my life, and when I stray from some of my practices, find I am much more ungrounded and disconnected.

I enjoy your writing style and the lessons are interesting, practical and fun! I've really enjoyed the lessons and have noticed shifts in many areas of my life.

Thank you for all the effort, heart and soul that you have obviously put into this! It’s very much appreciated!

~ Julie W., Canada

I did my dedication this morning and thought I'd let you know how I got on! I ended up doing my dedication skyclad, I never in a million years thought I would do this as, like most British people, nudity isn't something I feel comfortable with. However, it was the most natural thing in the world. I forgot I was even skyclad to be honest (well until I did my grounding at the end and I was hoping my bottom wouldn't be singed my the candle!) Also, to be completely honest with you, I didn't expect to feel anything during the ritual, a part of me felt silly when I was planning it, and another part of me was scared I would be damning my soul to hell! But again, it was so natural and not silly or scary at all.

As soon as I cast my circle I really could feel the air was charged with energy.

And before I had even finished welcoming The Divine I could feel a warmth flowing all through my body (and considering I was skyclad in January I really wasn't expecting it.)

I felt such warmth throughout the dedication, and even felt my heart lifted as I asked The Divine to accept my dedication. It was such a loving and humbling experience for me and not at all scary like I was expecting.

I am really enjoying the course so far. skyclad in January . There is a tonne of information and everything is explained clearly and I'm not left second guessing, like you are with so many books/sites I have read. I love the questions at the end in the summary and jot down anything I feel is important or didn't know in an old notebook, and have started writing down my dreams in it too. I actually feel like I've learnt so much over the past two days, and the information is much clearer and better explained than other sites/books I've read. (which is why I chose your course in the first place, you clearly love writing as much as I love reading!)

~ Claire M., UK

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The course has helped me answer so many questions I have had since I was a child. Feelings, thoughts, visions, dreams that I have always questioned, I am starting to understand. I can't wait to learn more with each new lesson. I have been a workaholic most of my life and the void in my spirit is finally beginning to fill.

My dedication was last night. It was an uplifting and energizing experience. I wasn't able to be outside due to the storm, but it was really wonderful.

~ Angela L., USA

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this course! I have just completed my dedication, and it was such a special and moving experience, I felt shivers up and down my arms and was very close to tears!

I am loving the course I feel that I have come home, and been given a long, cool drink of water after many years in a spiritual dessert.

So, once again, thank you so much for everything you have put into this course, and for sharing it with me, I am so glad I found you!

~ Jude M

I hope that I get to do another course with you as a teacher. It was a beautiful beautiful blessed year for me. Thank You or guiding us as initiates and being our teacher. Please accept my gratitude. Lots of Love and Light

~ Nidhii

Love it. Was exactly what looking for, Thank you so much.

~ Cindy C., USA

Thanks for your help on this and for providing the best training course I've ever seen. Your details are amazing and so helpful.

~ Karen S.

Beautiful course. I have such appreciation and admiration for all the hard work and information you have poured into this.

~ Angela M.

Love it. I feel like you are sitting here speaking to me in your typewritten text. It shows a good personality that is comfortable in her path, and a wealth of knowledge and an eagerness to share. Thank you again for having this School.

Thank you for setting up this program of study and self-reflection. I am enjoying the lessons thus far, and the Self-Dedication ritual was beautifully laid out with a good explanation of the different portions of the Rite.

~ Lori J., USA

I just really wanted to express how incredibly pleased I am so far with your teachings. I think you're amazing for sharing your experience with others and I feel so blessed to have found this course. its everything i hoped for plus more. Every week i really look forward to the next lesson and everything you say really hits home.

It's only been a couple months but I've already noticed a big change in my life as well as the way I feel daily. I really look forward to these lessons every week.

Wicca Spirituality has really made my life exciting and fulfilling. I truly do feel at home. I know you don't know me but I just wanted to express my gratitude for changing my life in such a positive way. Thank you!

~ Holly P., USA

Your course is wonderful, and I would recommend it to anyone

~ Denise L.

I loved it

Lee P.

I absolutely love the course

Michelle H.

Amazing. This is fantastic. Thank you so much. It really is a wonderful course.

Congratulations on putting together such a wonderful course for us all. Big thank you for addressing us folk in the Southern Hemisphere. It's always harder to find resources that are geared towards us.

You should make it into a book eventually.

~ Judy B., Australia

Love love love the course!! I am so enjoying you class. It is very well written and I find myself learning so much. Thank you

~ Camello

I am sooo loving this course. I have never felt such spiritual uplifting. Thank you!

~ Diane D., USA

I don't know how you complied all this data but in my humble opinion you have done the world a good turn in the right direction. I have a few books on Wicca and magic but it could not hold my interest. I do search for the connection between where I am and divinity, and your writings are enlightening to say the least

~ Steven R., USA

I love the course very much -- it is very true to my heart. You have put real effort, love and passion into your course and think you have an amazing talent

~ Rita C., UK

Just wanted to say thank you for such an inspiring course on wicca. I am learning so much in the past month that I can't seem to put my computer away. I just seem to want more and more. Keep up the good work. I wish I could of afforded more as payment for this course but I am on disability and am on a strict budget. Thank you so much again.

~ Linda G., USA

Just want to say I am really enjoying this and look forward to the lessons! Have a great weekend!

Shel H., USA

I recently signed up for your Wicca course and have been drinking up every word. I have a Book of Shadows, I did my blessing and am following through with all your instructions.

Becky W.

I just wanted to share how excited I am about starting your course, and how grateful I am to you for offering it on a sliding scale. Your belief that everyone should have access to such knowledge regardless of economic standing is beyond are both leading others by example, and enabling life's magic to flow into the people's lives who may need it most!! In short, you are a true guardian angel. :)

I am in the process of transforming myself and my life, and I am sure your guidance will prove invaluable since much of it already has. As soon as funds are available (Friday at the latest), I'll be able to begin paying the minimum per month for inclusion in your lessons, though I realize they are worth much more. (I really think the kind of work you're doing is priceless.) I believe I will soon be able to afford and pay you the difference, and wholeheartedly hope the Universe agrees with me. :))

~ Heather L., New Zealand

I have truly been enjoying this class. Love the lessons so far! I especially love the correlations to everyday life and thngs that should have been so obvious.

I feel like I have come home in my way of life and views of life. I have also experienced many moments that you are describing and didn't really have a way of connecting them and now I am.

~ Anita R.

I have been absolutely loving this e-course

~ Amy T., USA

I want to say thank you for all the writings you have in your sight. Much has helped me to be more outspoken of my religious choices and to hold my head high and be proud.

~ April W., USA

Love the course, takes me to a special place that only Wicca has been able to fill.

~ Jan M., USA

What an awesome thing you are doing. I just wanted to let you know that your e course is truly a awesome thing. Im on disability and dont have alot of extra money coming in right now but your sliding fee scale is truly a blessing ..I can only afford the subsidized level right now and will be signing up for your course when I get my check. if at any time I can afford to send you more i will deffinatly do so Thank you so much for your kindness and I'am looking forward to starting your course.

Michelle G., USA

I absolutely love the course. I did my first ritual last week and on Eostara, no less. And it was so amazing, wonderful, invigorating and I can't really find the right words to describe the awesomeness of it. From start to finish, planning to opening the circle, I just felt a sense of joy.

Thanks for this wonderful program and sharing your knowledge and experience.

~ Diane D., USA

Abundant blessings to you, erin Dragonsong, for putting yourself forward. Your light is brilliant!

~ Candace M., USA

I love this course! Everything has been presented clearly and flows very well! Though I have been a solitary practitioner for the past sixteen years there is so much that I have been unable to find information on or have read contradicting info with no basis for my own interpretation.

I like how this course is structured. Finding a comprehensive class on Wiccan studies is more difficult than I had expected. This is such a life saver! It covers a lot of topics and gives me a point of reference for additional subjects that I still need to do a good deal more research on! And this is only the beginning!

I will certainly recommend this course to any of my friends who are looking to further their studies. It is well worth the low cost and I consider this to be a great investment. I am glad I could budget this!

Thank you so much for your time and all of the effort you have put into making this course possible!

~ Elizabeth S., USA

I am very thankful for the time and effort you have put into this for myself and everyone else.

~ Chris R.

i find the course very interesting and i really look forward to i everything weekend so far

Martha H., Denmark

I see lots of enthusiasm here from new students! (Of which I am one.)

What I am most looking forward to experiencing is the unique blend of what most of us would consider traditional Wiccan teaching regarding honoring the Earth, ritual, and magick, with an avenue toward deep recognition of our union with the Divine that is, in my experience, more typically offered by the mystical orders within more conventional religions.

I am not particularly young, but before finding this course I have never before encountered a spiritual path that includes both of these - it seemed I always had to choose to emphasize one at the expense of the other.

So, for the opportunity offered here, I am very grateful.

I have just enrolled in the "Year and a Day" course, and have only yesterday finished reading the "Welcome" lesson for the first time. (I'm going to need a second reading to properly absorb all that's there, I believe.)

I'm enthused about the blend of traditional Wiccan material with guidance regarding the road to enlightenment and global transformation not often found in other schools. The year ahead promises to be an adventuresome one!

~ Todd S.

Yes, I want this! Take me to the Purchase Options (click here)

Loving the course. Bit behind (reading Lesson 4 now) but am being gentle with myself and am moving through at my own pace, knowing "everything is unfolding in divine perfection." : ) Life is much better than it was a few months ago, so I'm grateful and thrilled that I found this course and I'm on a beautiful path.

My dedication was simple but very emotional (to my surprise, as I'm normally not very emotional). Similar in many ways to an "experience" I had a few years ago where I was suddenly filled with gratitude and just kept repeating "thank you thank you thank you" over and over again with tears running down my face.

A feeling of homecoming after being away for a very long time.

~ Ginette K.

Finally felt like I found the path for me. The goddess seemed very welcoming to me A wonderful feeling for sure.

~ Eric D.

I've had a remarkable shift from within since starting the course. I'm looking forward to all that comes.

Poteet D.

Awesome!! I truly feel valued as a student and it's wonderful to know that Erin actually reaches out and does all she can on her end it's definitely made this course all the more special and motivating to me!! Thank you for what you have created and the light and blessings you share words cannot express the gratitude I have for A Year and a Day.

It has begun to transform my life for the better!!! Blessed be!!!

I'm honored to be your student and so thankful for the happy discovery of your school it's truly changed my life. Thank you. I can never thank you enough.

~ Samantha P.

I would definitely recommend this to others. ~ Susanna W.

All of my dealings with Erin Dragonsong have been nothing but helpful, easy, trustworthy and very supportful. As well as always giving a quick response to any questions. I'd recommend her to anyone and everyone

~ Holly P.

I've definitely learned a lot from your teachings. And I totally believe that I've been empowered...I've recently made a huge move to New York to pursue my artistic development, but it's time for me allow myself to go deeper by getting my own space. Thank you so much for all of the knowledge that you've shared.

I really do love the information that you've shared this far and it's allowing me to go deeper in my practice

~ Opal R.

Five Stars plus and I'll tell you why. I would definitely recommend Wicca to anyone who wants to change their lives forever and enhance their spirituality. So much wonderful information. I truly love it!!

Kimberly G., USA

I would no doubt give 10 plus 5 stars for the efficient response and well-support I've received

CC, China

I'm currently enrolled in your year and a day course, which is wonderful! Excellent. So much information, all presented in a cohesive and detailed manner that would otherwise take an enormous amount of effort to accumulate oneself. An amazing introduction to Wicca for a solitary practitioner.

I like the detailed response that Wicca School ( or Erin) provided me with regarding questions I had relating to the course. It reflects to me the passion she has towards Wicca Spirituality as well as the dedication and commitment towards her students.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Wicca Spirituality to anyone interested in pursuing Wicca. It has a treasure trove of information, that gets to the core of what Wicca is all about, the spiritual aspect. In fact, why not register in the Year and a Day Course. It delivers rich comprehensive lessons that would otherwise be lacking and disorganized if pursued entirely by yourself.

~ Carolina S.

I am learning so much from the classes. I want to jump into everything 100 miles an hour but then I realize how important it is for me to absorb what I am being taught and not to jump into action prematurely. I am beyond ecstatic that I found this course and YOU! Blessed be!

Becky W.

You have an Excellent rating from me! Yes, I would recommend this course!

Luanne W.

My question was answered in a timely manner from you the instructor yourself which is outstanding. It shows you are passionate! I would most definitely recommend this course.

Jordan H.

Thank you so very much for the personal reply. I truly appreciate it and do apologize for the several emails that I sent you. When I found your course out of all the others I have looked at, it spoke to me and really resonated with me and I loved your style of writing and speaking/educating. I am excited a honoured to take your course and look forward to the year ahead.

~ Korina A.

NOTE: These cover from the 2015 – 2017.

2018 – 2020 to follow...

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