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Eostara • Article: Plant Magick for Springtime ✦ [Silver Chalice Wiccan 'Zine]
March 21, 2019

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Editor's Note

Energy Fields & Astrology -- March Energies

Wicca Students Speak Out

New Article - Plant Magick for Springtime

Sabbats & Esbats & Other Wiccan Rituals - Eostara

Quotes - on Springtime


Editor's Note

Merry Meet! Welcome to the Silver Chalice Wicca 'Zine!

I'm feeling the energy of Spring this year — the new possibilities and creation energy. Most likely, this is linked to my health, working with my assistant, and (wait for it…) developing new online courses!

In the past few years I've been so preoccupied with caring for my health and the little bit of administrative work I've been able to do, that I hadn't the time or energy to even consider doing another online course (though Goddess knows I've wanted to!).

As my health settles down from Defcon 1 to Defcon 3, it seems I’ve become more available for the Divine to send me insights again.  And one of those is a magick-working course.

It’s so fun to be Catching again!  This is one of the things that makes me feel most aligned with my Mission.  So I’m very excited about bringing this new course to the world, and expanding the Wicca School’s curriculum. 

Another exciting thing that’s been coming through recently are daily inspirational videos.  I’ve been calling them 'Secrets of a Spiritual Life', and they’re really about living every day as a Wiccan / spiritual seeker.  I can’t wait to share them with you!  (I just need to figure out the uploading process. 😉 )

So the energy of Spring is flowing fully through me, with new creativity and new life coming forth. 

I’m so grateful to have you folks to share it with! 

Plus, my super sidekick (assistant) is chiming in with her own article this month… in what I hope will be an ongoing Silver Chalice collaboration.  She will be sharing her knowledge of plants in magickal and health aspects.  This brings a lovely new dimension to the value of this ‘Zine, so I hope you enjoy it.  (Don’t be shy about letting her know that you liked it! She’s new to this, and just a bit timid about it all.)  😊

I hope that the Spring brings inspiration and exciting new things to you as well.

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Energy Fields & Astrology:

March Energies

This month, the full moon and the equinox were on the same day - Wednesday March 20th - leading to powerful energies for setting intentions, energizing projects, and putting things into motion. (Reminder: In general, honouring a sabbat a day or so on either side of the Sabbats makes no appreciable difference whatsoever.)

Now is the time to check in with yourself:

  • What am I creating this year?

  • What do I want more of, or less of, in my life?

  • What areas of my life feel heavy and like they're dragging me down?

  • What areas feel light and uplifting?

    There is a lot going on right now, as new things try to emerge; be aware of possible feelings of doubt, futility, despair, etc. Sometimes your body (or ego) is scared to step into a new story — a new version of you — and tries to keep you in your old story, your old habits, because it feels safe there.

    Keep your eye on your goal, trust your path, and allow your emotions to pass through you. You are not your emotions. Your emotions are an experience. Stay grounded, connect with nature, and listen to music or authors who inspire you and connect you to your true self. Move from inspiration, rather than from fear.

    Next New Moon: Friday April 5th @ 1:50pm PST, 4:50pm EST, 9:50pm GMT

    Next Full Moon: Friday April 19th @ 4:12am PST, 7:12am EST, and 12:12pm GMT

    Sources consulted for this article: March forecast
    Phrasing from Kyle Cease's online courses


    Wicca Students Speak Out:

    "I don't know other methods of learning Wicca except reading about it. I'm so happy I found Erin and Wicca-spirituality. I felt guided throughout the process but also encouraged to use my intuition and explore. This combination really allowed me to make this learning process my own and personal.

    As a result of taking the 'A Year & A Day' course:

    - I felt I was less affected by others energies and stopped being drawn into dramas

    - At times I felt so connected to the elements, the divine and the guides/deities I called in. It went from intellectual to experience and once you cross that line then it never felt like I was going through the motions

    - Often I used to have negative chatter about myself but now I realise everything is energy. I am more mindful of being gentle with myself and grateful for what I have."

    - Maria H., Dubai, United Arab Emigrates

    "I wish the course went on to level two and beyond. I'm already missing the weekly lessons."

    - E.D., USA

    "I liked that Erin does not try to push anything as absolute fact that I have to believe, and that I am my own spiritual authority. The acknowledgement of my free will and that Wicca Spirituality is my chosen path to form as I will is wonderful.

    And, one thing that has happened that is truly amazing to me. Over the course, as I starting expressing what I wanted to have happen in my life, I started to SING and found out I have a lovely voice (my husband comments on it). I never knew that and am finding I love to express myself in the freedom of song. That is something I definitely did not expect!"

    - Dana Coventina, USA

    2019 class is underway. Click here to learn more about A Year & A Day: 53 Weeks to Becoming a Wiccan


    New Article: Plant Magick for Springtime

    Springtime; the re-awakening of the Earth. We see it in the weather (right now, for the Northern Hemisphere), we see it in animals coming out of hibernation, we feel it in our bodies (spring cleaning, anyone?) and we see it in the plants.

    Our plant allies are gearing up for another season of growth. Some of the flower bulbs in your area may already be budding or flowering. Here in Canada, the sugar maple trees are being tapped and the beautiful sweet water is flowing and being collected.

    The biennial plants and the perennial plants are gathering their energy to start another year of life—buds on trees starting to make new branches, or a weed starting to wind its way up out of the earth.

    We can feel the stagnancy of winter sloughing away, as we shed our winter wear and enjoy the sunlight.

    Two things I want to draw to your attention about plant magick is:

  • tuning in to the life force that is coiled and ready for action in the buds and roots around you, and
  • that this is a fabulous time to use plant allies to nourish your body.

    One way to bring the energy of Spring into your home is through softwood cuttings that will root in water (such as willow trees). This can decorate a space, uplift the energy of a room, and also help you stay connected with the Earth as she is warming up. If you live near a sugar maple (or birch tree) you could look into sustainably tapping the tree to honour the season.

    Also, if you're doing spells at this time of year, you could link the energy of your spell to the growing life of a plant, e.g. pouring water from your ritual around the trunk of a tree.

    As for nourishing your body with plant allies - did you know that your liver is a primary source of life-force energy? This means - if your liver isn't functioning well, it could be affecting your energy levels. What are some of the first plants to appear in the spring? Dandelions. What are dandelions good for? Supporting your liver!

    So, if you live near some healthy dandelions, consider throwing a few leaves in your salad or munching on them when you're out for a walk (being mindful of pesticides, toxins from nearby roadways, etc.) What better way to connect with the Earth than the intimacy of sharing her body with your body?

    You could also dig up dandelion roots - right now, when the energy of the plant is focused in the roots, before new growth has really set in - and simmer them on the stove to make a decoction (kind of a strong tea), and drink that to support your liver.

    Burdock root (after first year's growth - when the leaves are near the ground, before the second year when the stalk shoots up and the plant makes burrs) and yellow dock root are also excellent as decoctions to drink to improve your liver. [Disclaimer - please consult a medical professional before trying anything mentioned here, especially if you have a diagnosed liver condition.]

    Above all else, check in with your intuition, and connect with the Earth and the plants yourself: follow your inner guidance when working with plant allies.


    Sabbats, Esbats, & Other Wiccan Rituals:


    Eostara is primarily a fertility festival, celebrating the Earth's fecundity.

    The four other energies 'flavour' this Sabbat and make it unique are:

    1. Rebirth and Renewal

    2. Perfect Balance

    3. Creative Tension

    4. The Ascendancy of the Light

    All these sub-themes weave together, creating the tapestry of energy and symbolism that gives us the meaning of Eostara.

    Here are some of the most common ways to partake in this turning point of the Wheel:

  • Flowers on your altar and around your house are symbols of blessings coming your way.

  • Images of rabbits and baby animals bring abundance and prosperity.

  • Ritually bless and plant seeds as intentions for things you want to Call into your life or qualities in yourself you want to develop.

  • Decorate your house or your altar with the colours of spring — these are typically light green, bright yellow, pastel pink, and purple… but look around you, and see what colours the Equinox brings to life in your locale.

  • Bonfires are very much a part of this season, especially at dawn.

  • Do your spring cleaning — inside and out! Scrub out the dust and cobwebs, throw away the clutter of past months. And clear away the dust and cobwebs in your mind and emotions as well. Get rid of old, unwanted, unproductive beliefs and habits and see how much better the rest of your year goes!

    Celebrate! The Goddess AWAKENS! You are invited to the gala which is Life on this beauteous, gracious, luscious.

    This information about Eostara is from parts of Lesson #8, "Eostara: The Spring Equinox Sabbat" in A Year & A Day: 53 Weeks to Becoming a Wiccan.



    on Springtime

    "Nature is not about preserving old things, but about creating new ones. New life. New ideas."
    - Gemma Malley

    "I love better to count time from spring to spring; it seems to me far more cheerful to reckon the year by blossoms than by blight."
    ― Donald G. Mitchell

    "Spring is nature's way of saying, 'Let's party!'" - Robin Williams


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