How To Start A Web Site That Really Works

If you've read other articles here, you'll already know the two most important things about how to start a web site.

  1. Get the training to do it right, and
  2. Get the tools that make it easy and help you succeed.

Here's why these are so necessary, if you're wanting to really make money on the web.

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The Right Tools & The Right Training

Making money on the web is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You'll be making a real business.

It doesn't matter that you might not be selling anything solid, like T-shirts or other products. It's a business, just as real estate agents are in business. You will be "selling" information, more than anything else.

And like any business, you need to know what you're doing.

Training and Technique

Would you open up a restaurant without any idea about how to cook, or about what people want when they come to a restaurant? Would you jump in without a business plan, or bookkeeping knowledge?

Well, some people do. But those are the same people who are filing for bankruptcy 18 months later.

Luckily with a web business, you don't have to invest as much cash.

But you still need to invest the time in finding out what it takes to succeed.

What do you need to know, first of all? You need to know what you'll need to know! When you're starting out, you hardly know what the questions are, let alone the answers.

You need guidance from the experts -- people who have already successfully done what you want to do. Even better, people with a proven track record at helping other people succeed!

Ideally, these experts will be there to call on whenever you hit a snag or have a question, to give you dependable advice.

With solid guidance like this, it's hard to fail!

And what's the first thing the experts will tell you?

Well, the first thing is "Do your research." And then they'll tell you...

Get the Right Tools!

Sometimes the right tools are drills or trucks or computers. Sometimes it's getting skilled people to work with you.

For a website, the tools are computer programs that...

  • Help you do the research, and accurately interpret the results

  • Allow you to do the basics, like writing your content, answering email, and uploading web pages

  • Make creating web pages easy enough for a talented gorilla to manage

  • Do all the tricky, finicky work, like making sure all your links keep working

  • Connect you with the things you'll need for your website to get found on the websites, like finding good link partners for your site and feeding the Search Engines just the right amount of information, not too often and not too seldom

  • Make sure that your pages meet all the (constantly changing) Search Engine criteria

  • Provide statistics on your web site's traffic, where it comes in and goes out, and each page's ranking with the various Search Engines.

  • Keep you updated with summaries of major changes in the Internet that can affect your site.

  • And all the other minutia of successful web site management

Don't Do It All Yourself!

What it comes down to is, if you want to know how to start a web site that will succeed, you can't do it by yourself.

No successful business person ever has!

The difference between a business success and a business failure is having the intelligence to get the best help you can.

So the answer to how to start a web site is ...

Start with SBI.

It's the best tool available for the job. And it comes with the best training, and ongoing superlative support in the interactive forums.

Going It Alone Is Like
Shooting Your Online Business In The Foot

You see, if you're doing it without SBI, you have to be able to ...

  • figure out what keywords and site concept and target niche will work,

  • create and manage a website,

  • find the traffic -- especially the traffic that wants to buy from you,

  • spend countless hours researching the ongoing changes to the Search Engine and Internet world,

  • waste many more hours doing the infinite tasks of pinging, notifying the right Search Engines ONLY the right amount of times, checking your links, etc etc,

  • constantly be reinventing the wheel, rather than taking advantage of thousands of peoples' experience and know-how

  • AND know the ins-and-outs of the techniques needed for online sales.

Well, for myself, I DO know how to do all those things. (SBI taught me how.) But I still would never have another website without SBI, for a very simple reason.

I'd much rather spend my valuable time in effective ways, than waste innumerable hours doing the grunt work, when SBI will do that for me, even better than I could do it.

Even if the most efficient use of my time is reading a novel under the trees. : )

You Don't Need SBI If...

There are certain instances where SBI is not what you need.

If you don't need a real web business, or you are terminally attached to your computer by the neurons, you probably don't need SBI. For example,

  • If it's strictly a hobby or a site just for your family and friends to look at, and you aren't aiming to make money.

  • If it's simply an online business card for you to refer people to, by word of mouth or advertising.

  • If you are an experienced webmaster, who already knows how to do all the menial complicated stuff (plus the next two points).

  • If you prefer to spend a dozen or so hours per week keeping up with all the changes in the online world (plus the next point).

  • If you are skilled in the specific requirements of online sales and affiliate marketing, and only need the website itself.

Here's The Really Surprising Bit

Are you worried that SBI might not live up to its promises? Fair enough! I worried about that too. I'm actually very reluctant to buy things online. But I did my research, and here's what I found out.

There are a lot of schemes out there to "help you make a web business," but there really is nothing that does what SBI does for you.

And they have the evidence to back it up -- tons of successful web businesses started by everyday people with a dream of making money online. You can read some case studies on this page.

The amazing thing, I think, is that SBI does it all for a price that is hardly more than the cost of static online hosting -- the kind that's necessary for a real online business.

It even includes a domain name!

Too Good To Be True? That's What I Thought, Too!

I know, it sounds too good to be true. I thought so myself. I didn't start with SBI for 4 years after I heard about them, because I didn't believe it.

It's ironic, but my own scepticism was because it didn't cost enough! If it really did everything it claims to, I thought, it would have to cost a lot more than web site hosting.

Well, it turns out that it is absolutely true, and I just wish I'd started 4 years earlier! I'd be on my third SBI website by now, instead of my first.

But it's not too late. Check it out for yourself.

If you try it and then think I was exaggerating, write me and I'll publish a formal apology.

I'll happily put my reputation behind this, because I'm living proof that it works.

SBI Proof And because I'm excited about the opportunities it offers to other people, like you!

You can make money on the web.

I completely believe that anyone can do this. It's a fantastic opportunity, and one that is way under-utilized.

Be Warned: It's Not Perfect

Of course, it's not perfect. I'm not thrilled with the mail program, for instance. But that's easily overcome, and they're always tweaking SBI to make it better and better.

And even with its few flaws, it's totally worth it! To finally be successful in a web business is worth a few frustrations, in my opinion. After all, nothing's perfect.

And if you know of something better, believe me, I'd be happy to hear about it.

But in all my years of creating websites, I've never found anything else that even remotely comes close.

If you have ever thought you should make your own web site, or if you dream of a starting an online business that will make you money while you do other things, you owe it to yourself to check out SBI's service.

See the video quick tour. It's the best introduction to what SBI offers.

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With Bright Blessings,

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