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Co-Creating the New Earth, Together!

How would you like to be part of history?

Tell your story in the upcoming Gaia Arising book,
hosted by erin Dragonsong

We are living in a time that will be talked about for the next 10,000 or even 100,000 years...

The time of transformation from a world of materialism, ego, violence, and domination... to a world of spirituality, heart-consciousness, peace, and cooperation.

The Earth and all the solar system is going through an energy upgrade to higher frequencies, and for the first time ever, humanity has the opportunity to participate in this transition.


Serve the World, Serve Your Business . . .

What does all the current chaos and change means, and what kind of world are you hoping to build?

As the planet transitions into a Spiritual Golden Age, maybe you’ve come to play a role in this incredible shift!

You are invited to share your message about this time of transformation, evolution, and elevation... in the Gaia Arising book!

>  Boost your authority

>  Increase your visibility

>  Grow your email list


This series is a collection of inspiring, hopeful,
uplifting insights and stories

In your chapter, you will share...

  • Who you are

  • What a perfect world, a Heaven on Earth, would look like, in your view — how would it work? what would be different?  how would it feel?

  • How can we start building that, collectively? 

  • How can we begin LIVING it now, individually?

  • What do you see as our responsibility, our part in building the Spiritual Golden Age?

  • What is your story that wants to be told about this topic

  • Your mighty message or lesson that you want others to know

Let Your Voice Be Heard !

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This book is titled:  Dawn of the Spiritual Golden Age

NOTE:  There is only room for 25 contributors, so CLAIM YOUR SPOT today! 


🤩      BENEFITS . . .     🤩

Be a bestselling, published author!

>  Enhance your credibility as an expert

>  Invite an international audience to YOUR services   (Share your freebie / lead magnet)

>  Share your important message with the world

>  I'll put you in front of my quarter million followers!  

VALUE:  $2997

But you pay only $497 for this
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

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Be On TV!

As a free bonus, you can be interviewed on the new Gaia Arising TV Show which will go out multiple networks, like...

  • the new Intuitives TV Network
  • my own New Earth Rising TV Network
  • Rock You Academy TV Network
  • Heart Talk Network
  • Transform Your Life TV Network — with hundreds of thousands of viewers!

This is real TV... available on Roku, AmazonFire, Android TV, Smart TV, Apple TV...

The program also goes out on multiple Vodcast / Podcast platforms.

What does this mean for you?

Your message, and your product, goes out to a global audience! 

And talk about a credibility booster!  You can tell people not only are you a bestselling author, but you've been on TV!

VALUE: $2000  (Actually... PRICELESS!)

Bonus Bonus: 

You even have the option of getting your own TV show! 

If you're in the book, I already know you'd be right for my Network's Mission to change the world.  😍

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Watch the Video for More Info...

NOTE: The contribution date is actually Jan 31.

Get Your Message Out Into The World...

erin Dragonsong

It's time to share your insights with the world!

I’m erin Dragonsong, one of the leading Pagan teachers in the world. I’m a spiritual teacher and author, a mystic and a seer, among other things

I’m also the founder of Wicca Spirituality – a Nature-based spiritual practice of transcendent awakening, which is firmly grounded in physical life. 

My dream is to help humanity raise consciousness, connect with Nature & Spirit, and tap into the miraculous powers that are every human's birthright.


Because this is how we launch the Spiritual Golden Age NOW. 

And i know you have a piece of this puzzle to share! 

You are one of the Earth-healers, who've come to help usher in this beautiful new world. 

It's time to share your message!  The Earth needs your voice now!

Let Your Voice Be Heard !


Gaia Arising anthology #1 book cover

Click here to get on our VIP INVITE List
for more information
and to tell us your story idea!


Gaia Arising anthology- world is waiting for you

⭐️   Being on TV  ⭐️

⭐️   Being a Bestselling Author  ⭐️

  ⭐️   Speaking on Podcasts  &  Video Shows  ⭐️

These are powerful ways to establish your credibility and build your audience!

You automatically engage the know - like - trust factor that leads people to want to work with you. 

People get to know who you are, what you do, and why.  You build relationship with your audience, which is the cornerstone of business success in the New Earth.

You are invited to share your free gifts with the readers of the Gaia Arising book, as a way to invite them into your sphere, share your wisdom, and expand your reach.

Show the world what you have to offer!

The world is waiting for your story and your gifts!

Join me in the Gaia Arising book series
and help herald in the Spiritual Golden Age 💖


What if I’m not a great writer? 👇

That’s fine — that’s what the editors are for! 😊

Your story, your message is what’s important! The world needs to hear from you! It’s the publisher’s job to make it good enough to publish.

How can this be guaranteed to be a bestseller? 👇

Through the power of our connections! Our publisher has connections she uses to create consistent bestseller status. It’s already a done deal, before it even gets to our participation.

Add to that, erin will market to her audience of over a quarter million people, as well.

As a bonus, everyone who contributes can share this with their friends and audience... the leverage of all of us together has incredible potential.

With all of us together, we have an incredibly powerful marketing team!

Will there be a book launch? 👇

You bet! The plan is already underway!

It’ll be a virtual Gaia Arising book launch, on Zoom, so everyone can attend and share it worldwide.

And YOU, as one of the contributing authors, are invited to speak at the launch and share your message with a larger, global audience!

Who pays for publishing? 👇

We’re using a hybrid publisher rather than traditional publishing. There are two key reasons for this. 1) So that we have full control over our book AND 2) So that we can get it out onto the shelves fast — both for the world’s benefit, and because as authors, the sooner you have a published book, the more you can do with it.

Hybrid publishing means that we pay the publisher to publish it properly, and get the book out everywhere it needs to go.

For this service, everyone chips in a small amount to cover the cost, specifically $497.

Will we make money from the sale of the book? 👇

Indirectly, yes.

You're probably aware that books are not a source of income in themselves, but through the greater visibility and credibility they provide you.

You'll be able to leverage your authority as a bestselling, published author to boost your business opportunities and income.

Additionally, you can grow your audience and email list through the contacts you can make with the increased visibility.

For example, inviting people to get your freebie / lead magnet or check out your offers through...

  • Your bio in the book
  • The book launch party
  • The video / audio podcast
  • Connections you make with other authors in the book as JV partners
  • (Get creative! There are many ways this can be lucrative 😀 )

If you're a speaker, there’s nothing like having a bestselling book to get invited, and PAID, to speak... online or in person!

Don’t have a product or service yet? You can always offer an ebook or whitesheet on your topic, an expanded article, a workshop or online class based on your topic, one-on-one coaching....

When is the deadline? 👇

To submit your contribution to the Gaia Arising book: Jan 31, 2023

When is the publication date? 👇

The projected publishing date: March 2023

How can I participate? 👇

NOW: Sign up on the list for more information. Imagine what your message, your story for the Gaia Arising book could be. And start making notes or writing it out.

After that, participate as much or as little as you like! ...

BEFORE PUBLISHING: Share this invitation with others who have a message, who want to help the world, and / or want the sparkling bio that can claim bestselling author status!

BEFORE PUBLISHING: Build anticipation! Tell everyone about the Gaia Arising book and especially WHY IT MATTERS. Tell your friends and family, everyone on Facebook, all your followers and lists. This is something to boast about! Let them know you have something exciting coming out.

AFTER PUBLISHING: Spread the word! Participate in the launch and podcast opportunities. Invite everyone you know to buy the book — you can offer bonuses and gifts for those who do. Especially encourage and reward them to get the hard copy from a local bookstore!

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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